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TOPIC:   First Day of Winter, December 21, 2008 SUNDAY! 

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12/21/08 11:13 P

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Hi All!
I had a great day again today.
Lisa picked me up around noon and we went to the beach. We are strange women, we were eating apples and carrots and grapes on the beach . We then came home and showered and dressed and went to Olive Garden for dinner used my gift card I got for giving blood and shared an entre of chicken Marsala and garlic mashed potatoes and salad. Was delcious. Then we went to the drum circle we were supposed to meet Bob there and he wasn't there by 6:15, I was concerned and I didn't have his phone number with me so we went home and called him from there he must have gotten to the drum circle right after he left so he met us at my apartment and Lisa and Bob finally met. Was nice. So now I am sleepy and it is hard to believe the weekend went so fast.
I am off to bed plan to get up and go to yoga and Sue's spin class in the morning and probably do something with Sue and her boys afterwards. ( Sue's cancer surgery is scheuled for Jan 15, 2009 ).
Hope you all stayed safe and warm.
Sweet dreams.

Roz when do you get the results of your thyroid biopsy? If something is going on with your thyroid that will make you exhausted too not to mention all of the stress with the house thing you have been going through. Big hugs hon. No kayaking today Lisa's neck and shoulder are not happy told her we have plenty of time while she is here to do so.
Hi Kari, Marcia, Donna, Lorra and who ever else I have forgotten.
I am off to bed.

FULLY and in the MOMENT!

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AMARASMOM's Photo Posts: 1,083
12/21/08 6:49 P

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Hi all. We've had a pretty lazy day today. My in-laws were here and took Amara to his family christmas today, she'll have 8 cousins to play with, so she'll be in heaven! We got a little time to ourselves- anniversary dinner, finished up some shopping errands, etc.

Well- I survived my first 2 big holiday to-do's. I managed to mostly leave the sweets alone- but I do like the regular food. Hopefully baby metabolism will help me keep from getting too bad.

Amara is going to grandma and grandpa's for a little while tomorrow while I go get a flu shot and run a couple of errands. I may try and get to the Y while I'm free of her. I probably haven't been in 2-3 weeks. Hopefully as I get out of first trimester, I'll have the energy to start going again.

~ Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states. ~ - Carol Welch

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ROZAROONEY58's Photo Posts: 1,319
12/21/08 5:02 P

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Hi Donna, Lorraanne, Martie and Pjoy.
We have a pile of snow here too and it will only get bigger! Cold, yes it is that too.
Pjoy, I am sorry to hear of your discomfort last night. Enjoy your outing this evening. Hope you get to go kayaking with Lesa soon, the weather sounds great for it.You know how I love to kayak. That is a passion we share! Remember to watch out for those bugs!
On the subject of co-leader, you would be my number one choice. I think you would be great at it. You certainly are inspiring, I have always told you that. It does involve a lot of time I think, so if you cannot, we would all understand. Great job on your exercise yesterday, pilates and weights and such. WTG girl! I read what you wrote about Sue and her medical decision. I hope that the least expensive route will be the successful one too. Health insurance is definately an important issue. I thank God everyday to have mine. I am willing to try and return to the work force and get off my Social security, but not unless the job offers health insurance as good as what I have now. And as you all know, with good reason. I think Sue's husband is foolish in his thinking. It is far better to pay for insurance you may not always need than to pay the medical bills when you do.
Well, I just watched my Patriots beat the Arizona Cardinals 47-7. I am thinking of taking a nap. It seems that no matter how much rest I get, I am tired. I guess that is why I have to have the surgery on the 12th huh?? So I can breathe when I am sleeping and not constantly be woken up...oh well. After the nap, I am absolutely going to be getting some exercise in.
Martie, enjoy your daughter and family's visit. It has been a long time.
Lorraanne, smart thinking to reserve that room in case you two need it. Take it easy at work, as much as you can, and enjoy your walking. Good job on the tracking the food. Mine hasn't been so great the last few days, I need to get back on track. This month is very hard for me, both son's birthdays are in Dec. and it is extremely hard to bake their cakes and not indulge. That is a weakness. Good thing the cakes don't last too long!
Unfortunately, the weather caused my son's ex GF to cancel him bringing his son up this weekend. I can't blame her, it has been very bad. Mass got at least 14 inches and we got belted all weekend, so the driving would be bad. She told him she was soory and that she will allow him to bring my grandson after we move. It is really strange here. We have no tree up, no wrapped gifts anywhere. We have done no real shopping. The boys birthday gifts were gotten and Uncle's X-mas gift was gotten through a catalogue, as was my oldest boy's X-mas gift, but that is all. This is kinda the X-mas that isn't around here. We are in X-mas limbo due to the move. It really feels weird.
Okay, I am going to go now and catch a nap. Will try to check in later. Take care everyone..

Roz B New Hampshire

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RUMBLETIGER's Photo SparkPoints: (51,119)
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12/21/08 2:28 P

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Hello everyone! It's snowy here today too - but I get to stay home and hibernate.

Not doing too much today - wrapping, Christmas cards (that, yes, will be late, LOL), usual stuff too - laundry, etc.

Drinking my water though, and trying not to snack much. Hubby made his yearly batches of Chex mix today, including one for our house, so I'm trying not to munch on it much. Wish me luck!

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LORRAANN77's Photo SparkPoints: (20,792)
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12/21/08 1:17 P

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Good afternoon!
A beautiful winterland here in WA state if you're one of the fortunate folks who get to stay home and enjoy it or go play in it, not so fortunate if you have to try and drive anywhere in it...unless you have a sled and some reighndeer or a dozen husky dogs! LOL
Back at work today, ate a little bit more yesterday than I usually do but drank lots of water and did lots of walking.
Today's plan is to continue to track all food, get the water in and walk walk walk!
Hoping to be able to go home tonight, but have the room I was staying in while here at work reserved for tonight if we should need to stay. We'll see when night gets here.
Looking forward to enjoying this next week with my family, I work Christmas but it's an extra 12 hours of pay that I do not normally get, but will definitely use!
I hope you all have a wonderful day, enjoy family, friends, anything that you get to do fun today!

"What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear you speak."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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MARTIE14's Photo SparkPoints: (0)
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12/21/08 10:23 A

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Oh PJ, it is -6 here with the windchill and we are having blizzard conditions right now. We are under a 'winter storm warning' through tomorrow. BRRRR............cold! Our daughter is here from Kentucky and they are not used to all this snow and cold. But the 3 little ones are thrilled to see this much snow. I, however, am NOT!!! LOL

Won't be getting any formal exercise in for a few days.....just plan on enjoying everyone. This is their first Christmas visit in over 5 years.

Southwest Michigan

"A closed mouth gathers no feet"

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PJOY17's Photo SparkPoints: (137,913)
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12/21/08 10:11 A

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Good Morning all!

I slept 9 hours, lots of muscle spasms all night long in my legs very painful. I will be doing something with Lisa today and possibly going to the drum circle with Lisa and Bob tonight, Lisa's BF is doing the hosting of a Hanaka ( spelling is wrong ) celebration with his children and nieces and nephews tonight so he will not be going with us.
Beautiful sunny day here , will be out in it doing something.
Have a great day all!

FULLY and in the MOMENT!

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