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TOPIC:   Kidneys Donated After Cardiac Death can be Success 

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8/29/10 7:59 P

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Thank you i did not know this. Hope every one is doing good .

Im starting to take control of my life today. I will take care of me, love my self., be good to my self, I am strong, i can do this.

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8/29/10 11:46 A

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Kidneys Donated After Cardiac Death can be Successfully Transplanted

An article published in The Lancet reveals that kidneys donated after cardiac death from withdrawal of life support function as well for recipients as kidneys donated from standard brain-death donors.

The UK study calls for the kidneys to become a part of the country's donor allocation system.

Professor J Andrew Bradley, University of Cambridge, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, and team examined the outcomes for kidneys after controlled cardiac death versus brain death, and aimed to identify factors affecting graft survival and function.

The researchers gathered information from the UK transplant registry to select a cohort of deceased kidney donors and their corresponding organ recipients, aged 18 years or more, for transplants carried out between Jan. 1, 2000 and Dec. 31 2007.

The study revealed the following information:
9,134 kidney transplant operations were performed in 23 centers.
8,289 kidneys were donated after brain death
845 kidneys were donated after controlled cardiac death.
First-time recipients of kidneys from cardiac-death donors (n=739) or brain-death donors (n=6759) showed no difference in graft survival up to 5 years, or in kidney function (filtration rate) at 1 to 5 years after transplantation.
For recipients of kidneys from cardiac-death donors, increasing age of donor and recipient, repeat transplantation, and cold ischaemic time of more than 12 h were associated with worse graft survival; grafts from cardiac-death donors that were poorly matched for HLA (a blood antigen) had a non-statistically significant association with inferior outcome, and delayed graft function and warm ischaemic time had no effect on outcome.

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