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TOPIC:   Going for an Angiogram? 

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4/2/12 3:51 P

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Yep. This is a big problem for me. Both my parents died of heart disease (my bro has already had 2 'heart incidents' he calls them). Also, I can't check my heart health with a stress test because I'm one of the few who gives false positives on treadmill tests, so the only way to check is via contrast dye/nuclear meds tests (although not an angiogram).

I saw my cardiologist in the fall for my bi-annual check and he said no go - we are waiting another 2 years in hopes a different option becomes available. But, mostly, my heart is a ticking time bomb with no oversight. I have high cholesterol too although well managed with Lipitor.

Thanks for the article!

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4/2/12 1:41 P

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Going for an Angiogram? Ask About Your Kidneys.
When doctors look at your blood vessels with an imaging test, they may need to inject a dye. Contrast dye is used for many procedures such as a CT scan with contrast or coronary or heart x-ray (angiogram). But, sometimes the dye can cause serious problems in the kidneys. Find out what can be done before the procedure to help protect your kidneys.

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