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11/24/09 2:39 P

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Good job at finding sparks and keep up the good work. The #1 thing to work on with you workout is getting into the habit of doing it. Sparks did do a artical on how much these numbers can vare. The way I look at it is, I did it 4 days and while I am on that machine I ask, Am I making good use of my time or can I work harder? What level did I work at yesterday?, How many Min? Can I add 5 more min?
Keep up the good work. Cal burn will go down as you get lighter but you will be working at a higher level. I think sparks has to do an average of some kind. I don't remember who said it but I too put my own numbers in

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11/24/09 1:03 P

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When it comes to the machines, I use the machines calculation for calories burned; all other times I use my HRM, and then enter calories burned manually on the fitness page. When I'm on the elliptical I usually burn 10-12 calories a minute, but I'm using it for speed and don't use a lot of resistance, so you might be burning a lot more. I have found that the spark calories burned is usually off by 10% to 15% but not by 50%, weird.

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11/24/09 12:10 P

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A heart rate monitor will really tell you how much you're actually burning.

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11/24/09 10:01 A

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Get a heart rate monitor also.

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11/24/09 9:23 A

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Hello Dave, wow I don't know a whole lot about your situation, but this is what I do: I manually entered my treadmills calories burned, the time, and distance for each setting on MY machine, onto my fitness page and put them under "my Favorites". that is the machine I use so I trust it. I realize it may be "off" a bit, or different than the Spark calulations, but so what.
I do rely on the Spark calulations for how many calories I should take in and the other nutritional information, and how many calories I should Burn too. So I try to burn that many calories a day, but go by what my machine says, and I track everything I eat no matter how small. Spark is working for me. I am moving more and much more aware of what,how much, and why I eat so I am changing my life not dieting anyway, I always have a new day to start. namaste

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11/24/09 9:08 A

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I am new here and hit the ground running and have some issues with my calories. I am using the Spark BMI calculator which states that I need 3300/day to maintain and I am also using their food tracker and fitness tracker. My problem is that I am not confident (not bashing, just looking for answers) in the calories that Spark says I burn during various exercise. I think THEIR number is a lot more than what I am really burning. i.e. they say that I burn 600+ on the elliptical in 30 minutes where the Precor machine states about 350 when I put in my height and weight. Added over the course of a week, this differential can really mess up my expectations/results and even put me off track.

HELP! What do you do when tracking calories burned use the machines number or Spark?


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