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6/24/12 11:38 A

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i used to eat while i worked at the computer but ended up eating as fast as i was working--bad idea!

now i still eat when i do mindless things [still a bad idea] but my keyboard is cleaner.

maybe someday i'll just eat.

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3/24/12 12:02 P

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I have to watch myself. I was a nurse for years and if I got to eat at work it was very fast due to time restraints with my patient load. I no longer do that but the habit is hard to break. I still tend to gulp my food down even though I know better. Sitting my fork down between bites helps but I don't always remember to do that esp when dining alone!

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10/27/11 5:39 P

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I've heard to count how many times you chew each mouthful, which can also be kind of annoying and something you really don't care to do when you're hungry and cranky, but another awareness point. I've heard we should chew each bite around 30 times, you even discover new flavors that come out of food if you keep it in your mouth longer. Also your digestive process begins in your mouth and gets a better start - with more chewing there is less work for your stomach and intestines, it's easier to digest food, and maybe you will feel full faster that way. I try and eat a little something while I'm cooking... a handful of grapes, a piece of string cheese, etc. something little so that I'm not totally ravished when I finally get to eating my meal which leads me to wolfing my food also.

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8/21/11 3:00 P

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Good job running the mini! I am from Indianapolis and have ran it tons of times! Not easy! So way to go! Gonna do another one?

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7/31/11 3:18 P

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You have to find what works for you, I eat watching TV or at the table while talking with my hubby - so the food is gone in no time, sometimes I eat all the food on the plate other times I have some left over and I'm just not hungry.

You might try drinking a glass of water 15 minutes before you sit down to eat or something to that effect it might help you feel full faster, doesn't work with me but then I have my own issue of under eating because I'm not hungry most of the time (and when I am well there isn't always the food in the house to eat so I just stay hungry most of the time - hence why I'm not always hungry because I've gotten use to not having food when there is nothing to have regardless of how hungry one is).

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7/30/11 7:16 P

This is such a crucial thing to preventing overeating (which I am prone to). Another trick that helps is making a point of taking a huge gulp of water every third bite. Not only does it slow you down, the water helps make you feel full, too. Plus hydration is important! Also watching for that moment where you put your fork down for a minute is a good one - you really do tend to put it down when you should stop, even if the plate's not done.

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1/21/11 11:14 A

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I am sooo guilty of eating too fast. It is the military upbringing in me I guess.

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2/24/10 6:00 P

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Hehe I like that.

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2/24/10 9:52 A

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Ever had one of those days - everything is just going at a whirlwind pace??

I get them often, and then it carries over to my eating - I wolf down my meal - the meal is healthy, the portions are correct, the meal is also tasty - and I have just basically inhaled it.

So 1)
I didn't get to fully enjoy the flavors and
2) I AM STILL HUNGRY as my brain and tummy have not caught up to each other

So what can you do to fix this

Option One)
ok you can go back for seconds, after all, you are still hungry right?? This time you eat slower as you are not as starving the first time round, so you even get to enjoy the flavors.

But what are the results - 30 minutes later you are sitting there feeling overstuffed as the brain and tummy have caught up to each other, and oh yeah and the calorie count for the day is on the higher side (ICK!!!)

Option Two
You can sit there hungry for that half hour - which makes me cranky, and also in the end leads to me getting derailed - I call it the "if I have to be hungry all the time is this really worth it syndrome"

OK - now I am not really hungry and it is totally worth it, but it still makes me cranky

So option 3 is my new option
again - this is an idea from the magazines I am finally making time to read
It forces you to go slower, you get to enjoy the flavors of your meal, and as you are eating slower your mind & tummy are more in sync and the satisfied feeling comes as you are finishing your meal

Yes, it was my lightbulb moment on this last night

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