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5/24/12 3:01 P

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You do not say how many years but i assume a few.

I have an urostomy.

I had mine done in 2000 and now it is

just my body. I do not think of it as an appliance nor do i give it a funny name. It is just part

of who i am.

Why it was easy for me ,maybe not help you, but i say so you will know.

When i had my one child in 1974 i had a prolapse of my bladder. I had what they call

a fast birth. All came out of me my womb and bladder . I had it all put back 3 weeks after

delivery as i could barely function till it was done. It was pushed back in with an appliance

till then.

So my first surgery lasted about 5 years alto i had issues on and off with bladder.

Years went my i had more and more as it kept falling out and pouring etc. I had over 13 to

save my bladder of major surgery's. Not counting tests and outpatinet ones.

I lost my health insurance for a few years and it caused my issue to become a disease called

icc. Infection inside the lining of the bladder.

I had hunters ulcers and stones and just could not void or i went every 3 minutes or i was

in terrible pain.

Often it stoped totally and i would walk to mail box and doubled over to try to get back into

my yard.

So, after being homebound with pads, diapers tests and surgery and constant pain over

all those years i had it removed in 2000.

Took me one year to recover and with out my daughter i never done it or made it.

Since then i had one more surgery as i got a hernia in it and stoma was accidentally cut off

in surgery so had to have a new stoma. I have what they call a flat one

and i have had no issues with it working at all .

Hernia had wrapped itself around the

stoma stopping the flow.

Now i live painfree, dry and i do not have to shower ten times a day. In florida only three now

due to heat not due to i am wet.

I can ride in a car, sit when invited to and rise no fear what i leave behind, I can sleep with out

plastic on my bed if i so chose, and no pain .

I had about given up on fluids and now i can accept liquids when not at home. That in itself

is a big deal when you have gone over 20 years saying no thank you .

Or no i stand i am resting my back . Your afraid to sit as you can not get up unless

you wet. Ostomy supplys are better than pads and

diapers as they work.

I am less a burdon on my daughter now as before we go to mall or stores it was to buy

pads or diapers or even towels to sit on to get me home or clothes to change into.

Never worry of it no more it has been done probably to save your life or make it better.

Embrace it and say if i was born in the last century i probably not even be here.

All in all a good trade for a body part that no longer works.

You have your arms to hold that darling and your here for her so be happy in that.

If mine had stayed in much longer it would been cancer as already rotting inside me .

Just my thoughts and not meant to say they should be yours.

Here if you need me emoticon

"When we die, people will ask what did we leave behind? angels will ask , what did we send on ahead."

Quotes i read and love .

"People will not recall what you wore or what you did for living when you die...they will recall how you TREATED them"

leave a good memory you may get only one chance.
10/25/10 2:30 P

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I have Urostomy.. I have have had it for years now. Still to this day I am trying to come to terms with it. I am hoping this team will be able to help

Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.

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