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11/24/11 3:34 P

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Hi Jessica, congrats on shedding the weight! I know what you mean about still having insecurities even when at your GW. I don't have the excess skin you're talking about, but I do have the stretch marks and cellulite. They haven't gone away! There is nothing much I can do about that either, and I believe that the most you can do for your excess skin is either tone the areas where the excess skin is, or through surgical procedures. There are many factors that come into play about whether your skin's elasticity will improve through time. Genetics, age, how much water you drink, sun protection, diet-- all come into play. It's great that you run 6 miles three times a week, but cardio isn't strength training. Try to add a basic strength training routine, see if lifting weights or doing calisthenics will improve the appearance of your skin. Drink lots of water, eat many many greens (Vit A, Vit E, Vit C) and make sure to apply sunscreen. Moisturizer is a must when you run out in the cold seasons. It's also about your self esteem. Once you start to weight train and see how much the appearance of your skin is improving, you will feel so much better about yourself! Your skin looks and feels different when toned, and it's a big esteem booster. Hope I helped!

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10/19/11 2:48 A

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So I'm not entirely sure where this belongs, but its something thats been on my mind and I posted it as a blog on my page. I think I'm just looking for feedback and if you have any suggestions from reading this(what I put on my blog) of some great sparkteams to join, please mention them! Sometimes I feel like once you lose the weight, there isn't a lot out there for maintainers and we still have plenty of struggles with our new bodies!

"So I've lost the weight and I'm much more active and healthy now than I've ever been, but it still doesn't feel right.
I've gotten to a point where I'm running/jogging three times a week and going almost 6 miles each of those times. I've gained a few pounds, but I'm teelng myself it has to be muscle because I lost some muscle to get to my lowest and I've of course gained muscle from running.
I'm finally in a healthy weight category and my BMI is right in the middle of healthy. I was always overweight starting from probably 4th grade and the very early beginnings of puberty.

I'm super thankful that I'm taking better care of my body, but I'm not completely happy with my body. I have new problem areas that really get me down. Areas that are perfectly hidden behind clothes and so I am the only one that sees them currently. I sometimes surprise myself with how great I look in some new outfits, but then i put on a bikini and I feel like I have to be super careful to make sure that I'm wearing it just right.

No one told me that losing the last 20 pounds would leave me with loose skin...I wasn't prepared to get to my goal size/weight and still have the muffin top going on if my pants don't sit just right or a droopy butt.
I'm trying to do everythng right and just giving my body time, but I worry that what I have now is the best that I can have without expensive and dramatic steps of having plastic surgery.

I know its vain and I should let go of the vanity of it all, but I can't help but be concerned that I'm going to give a guy a false image because dressed I look a lot different than when I'm down to just the essentials and a whole lot of me is uncovered.
Its something I need to work on...accepting the new me and not worrying about things that may never even be something that will never actually be something to worry about later on when the situation comes up."

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