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2/7/11 2:01 A

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I'm browsing this board as a new maintainer who is also really struggling. I hope you are doing better, but since there don't seem to be any replies to your post, I thought I'd say hi. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly (or were.) I think Spark is great, but there is a lot more here dedicated to losing than to maintaining. Also, I think the psychological angle is sometimes missed...there is a lot about getting in the right mindset to be healthy, but it is understandably complex to deal with the fallout from slowly modifying food as a coping mechanism. I have had a lot of fear and worry since entering maintenance and I have found counseling to be really helpful. If you are not in a position to pursue counseling, maybe a session or two with a nutritionist or a well visit with your doctor. Either one should be able to help you understand some of the phsyical realities of your new body and provide suggestions for getting used to maintaining in a healhty way. Also, either a doctor or nutritionist could help you to determine whetehr you are at the healthiest weight for your body and what a healthy range for maintenance might be.

Good luck! I hope you're feeling better and I hope you'll let me know how you are doing.

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11/9/10 10:49 P

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Hi everyone!

I reached my goal weight a few months ago but now I'm struggling so much with maintaining it.

I'm suffering from cycles of binging/fasting all the time. I don't seem to eat a well-balanced diet, and it seems like all the will-power that made me loose half my weight and brought me into maintenance is just fading away.

I don't know why I'm binging. I just seem like I can't resist "junk food" any more, especially sweets, and especially chocolate. I tell myself that it's OK to have a small piece of chocolate or cake from time to time, but this "time to time" has become nearly every day, and no, I don't (and can't) stop at one piece.

After a few days of binging and overindulging with chocolate and stuff, I fast, or eat very very little, and exercise vigorously in an attempt to compensate for the binging episode. But after a few days I return to binging again. It's become like a cycle that I don't know how to break.

After the binging episode I feel soooo guilty and disgusted with myself, I also feel physically bad, bloated and heavy. I keep telling myself that this is not good for me and that I don't want to get back to being fat EVER. Every time I get a binging "spell" I tell myself this would be the last, and that I should get back on track and eat healthy like I used to, but at some point I break and fall into binging again.

Sometimes I cry and I'm getting very depressed and upset with myself. I'm really mortified that I gain back the weight I've lost. I feel like I'm falling. I need help. Has anyone had a similar experience? How can I get back on track and compensate for the binging? How can I STOP binging?

One contributing factor that I know about is that I live in family whose members are all obese. They don't seem to take care of their health (although the keep claiming that they're trying!) and they have an obsession with junk food. They buy chocolates, cookies, crackers, biscuits, and chips in bulk and store them at home. I literally just have to watch them all the time walking around the house with something to eat in their hands, or munching as they watch TV or talk on the phone or study or do anything! I tried to get my own "healthy" snacks, like carrots, lettuce, and cucumbers to eat when I feel like snacking. But I used to slip and fall for their foods occasionally, which has now become much, much more frequently.

What can I do? Any advice is much appreciated and thank you all in advance!

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