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If you're like me, you'll find wading through tonnes of emails and sparkmails takes up too much time. There is a way that you can reduce these easily by adjusting the settings.

1) From anywhere on SparkPeople, hover your mouse pointer over the "COMMUNITY" tab on the main (orange coloured) toolbar at the top of the page. Click on SparkTeams.

2) In the section headed "My SparkTeams" there will be a list of your teams and two red buttons. Click on the one saying "Manage my team emails / settings".

3) Each team you are a member of will appear on a separate line under the heading "My SparkTeams". You can adjust the settings for the amount of SparkMail you receive by UNTICKING the check boxes under the relevant heading for each.

Please remember, if you do uncheck the Team SparkMail box, you will not receive ANY of the circular emails sent by us. However, any important notices or changes being made will be posted in the team, either under the Change is Afoot! thread or in it's own thread as is relevant.

You will still be able to receive SparkMail sent on an individual basis directly to you from either a leader or other team member.

And no, we won't know that you've turned your Team SparkMail off....

Unable to walk? Recuperating, disabled or wheelchair bound? Then chair exercise is for you! All are welcome to join our wonderful team. Disability or not, we will help you get moving!!

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Collecting Sparkpoints

The easiest way to get all the Sparkpoints you are due for each day is
Click on – Sparkpoints – accessible from the yellow My Trackers Bar – at the top of the page
A new page opens – it has a list of where you can get Sparkpoints and on the right of each one is a link that you can click on to be taken to that item.
As you work down the links you will see the number of points that you are collecting
In this section you will also find the Wheel – spin it each day to get points and when you have accumulated more than 25 points that day you will be awarded a bonus spin – you can find the link to this next to the other daily wheel at the top of the page.

Why do you want Spark points??
To buy virtual Goodies to give to yourself or friends – it’s a nice way to show friendship and encourage people!!

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Make a Sparkpage if I haven't got one

Go to Sparkpoints - accessible from - My Trackers - on the yellow bar at the top of the page
Scroll down to –
One Time Challenges
The first one on the list is –
Create a Sparkpage
On the right is a link –
Create Now
Click on that and you can Start creating a Sparkpage

To find how to ......?? in Sparkpages
Go to the FAQ on Sparkpages

The Sparkpages section is found by scrolling down and look on the left hand side

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6/12/11 1:11 A

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Using Recipe Calculator

Calculate the nutritional information of your own recipe :
Check you are logged into the SP site and go to – Spark Recipes – recipe calculator – then:
1. Search for and add each ingredient.
2. Enter the total number of servings that your recipe makes
3. Click the "Calculate Info" button
4. To save or share the recipe, fill out the recipe box below the calculator.
5. At the bottom of the page decide if you wish to share the recipe or keep it The recipe private – to keep it private “UNTICK”the boxes
6. Then click the “Save Recipe”
7. When the recipe comes onto your screen as a finished recipe- look under the Nutrition Panel
8. Click on “Add this recipe to the meal planner”
9. Follow the instructions and the serve will appear in you Nutrition Tracker, and as long as you tick “save to favourites” it will be in your Favourites list of foods to use another time.
10. To Find the recipe again – go to –Spark Recipes – My Recipes – and your own recipes will be there
11. As far as I can see its possible to have any number of recipes saved

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How to ….. do a photo blog

There are times when you feel a photo blog is a good idea – or even to just enter a single photo or picture in your blog!! Either way it’s the same process. Its actually not hard – but writing it down it looks a real palaver – its not hard really though!!
1 – Get organised
I do my whole blog in “Word” before entering it – this way I can sort it out and get my photos in order. Also I can edit the photos before I use them and I reduce my photos in size as there is a limit as to how big the site will take them – I make mine – 6” x 6” or about that depending on proportion (don’t change the proportions)
The other advantage in doing the blog in “Word” is that if you unaccountably lose it half way through posting – you have a copy!! (any other word processing program will work as well)
As you edit the photos – put them in a separate folder on your computer so you KNOW where to find them during the entering up on SP
2 – Having got the blog drafted – and photos in a folder all ready we can start!!
3 – Open the – Add a blog entry – window
5 – Copy and paste the first section of writing from your draft to the blog window – stop at the position of the first photo
6 – To add a photo – click – Add picture – up the top of the window
7 – A separate window will open – click – browse – another window will open – find the picture you want to enter in your file that you saved earlier – click on the picture
The address of the picture will appear in the narrow box next to the Browse button
Click – Upload now – under the narrow box
The address of the photo will appear in your blog – it can take a little time depending on Internet speed and other things!! The Browse window will disappear when its in your blog – DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING UNTIL THIS HAPPENS
The address will look strange in your blog at this moment – with just letters and characters – don’t worry – that’s correct!!
8 – Copy and paste the next set of writing from your draft
9 – Repeat as often as you want to construct a complete blog. adding words then pictures!!
When done - enter the heading – I only enter the heading at the end as the blog won’t load without it and if you press Enter the blog by mistake – as is very easy – then you can enter it before you finish!!
Then after the blog is done and the heading in- click – Enter the blog!!
At this stage I take a deep breath – then check its all ok – when the photos appear!!

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1/22/11 7:37 P

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How to ......Add a live link

When posting messages in the team threads and also when doing blogs, or sending Spark mail – there are times when we want to add a live link to another article or page on the web!!

So how do we do this?
1 – Open the page you want to link to the message
2 – Copy (using the directions below) the address of that page – the address is found right at the top of the page and usually starts with – http www.
3 – Minimise the web page
4 – Open the message you are posting – and write what you want on it until you get to where you want the link to appear
5 –At the top of the message frame is a button – add link – click on this – a separate little bit will open
6 – Paste the web address into this little bit, then check the whole address is in it – if not try again until the whole address is there as otherwise it won’t work
7 – Then click – add a link
8 – The link will appear in your message – it looks strange – it has link each end of the link – that is correct!!
9 – Finish your message and click – Post – or Send Message depending on what you are doing!!
The person receiving or the posted message will appear with a live link that transports a person to the article /Spark page etc you are talking about!!

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These instructions are for WINDOWS only


How To Copy and Paste:

1)Take your mouse, and place your cursor at the beginning of the text you wish to copy

2) Then click and hold the left mouse button, while pulling your mouse over the text. This should highlight the text.

3)Now release the left mouse button.

4) Now, with the cursor over the highlighted text, right click the mouse for options, and select 'copy'.

5) Now over where you wish to place your text, right click your mouse again, and select 'paste' and you will have copied and pasted the text. :-)

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