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11/5/13 10:56 A

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I think because I have been overweight most of my life and I had WLS that caused me to lose weight quickly, I have some skin remaining. I have it around my stomach, thighs (though this has improved using the stair master tremendously) and arms (this too has improved with the use of weight machines, hand weights and using my body weight). My skin is not as bad as others I have seen that have had WLS maybe because a year before surgery, I lost 84 pounds on my own more slowly. But to be honest it doesn't bother me much. I wear shorts (as long as they don't ride up and are mid thigh) and short sleeved shirts with confidence. If other people don't like what they see.........only thing I can say is don't look. I live in Florida and its way too hot to wear long sleeves, long pants..............

I think the biggest things that have helped my skin is the stair master and using Kelly Coffey's DVDs especially her plateau busting and boot camp DVDs. It seems heavy hand weights work better for my body than weight machines at the gym.

Overall, I am very happy with my results considering I have lost 200 pounds. I happy to be healthy and to exercise for as long as I want and still have energy, to be off my medication except one (I think I need to lose 20 more pounds for that to happen), and to shop in the regular section of the store, to not worry if a chair is going to fit me at a restaurant or a movie theater, etc. Shopping is fun now rather than a task!

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10/29/13 3:57 P

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As others have said, everyone's experience is different. Here's mine. I was chubby as a kid, almost 200 pounds by the time I reached high school. Around 20 years old I gained up to 255. I lost down to around 225-235 and stayed around that weight all through my 20s. I hit 199 one single day when I turned 30 and never saw the 100's again. I weighed in at 299 the day I gave birth to my son at almost 31 years old. I was 275 when he turned 1 year old. When I finally started losing the weight, I had been obese for well over a decade. Right now I have a little bit of a saggy stomach and my arms have the slightest flab underneath but I would definitely compare my arm skin to the average woman's over 30 now. We all seem to have a little bit of a sag no matter what. What has made the big difference for me is proper diet (not a bunch of processed junk that my body has no idea what to do with, lots of healthy fats and proper hydration) and muscle, muscle, muscle! Along my weight loss journey, my skin got super super saggy for a while but that is when I was still overweight and the fat was weighing the loose skin down and not allowing it to pull back up a little. (I actually have a post about this on my own blog page and I THINK it's on my sparkpage too.) So, is my skin perfect and taut now? No. Of course not. I'm 36 years old, was obese the majority of my life and had a child at 30. However, I am absolutely amazed as more time goes on at just how good my skin (and body in general) look.On good days, I can rock a two piece and look good in it. Just keep fighting the good fight and enjoy the process and all the things that are RIGHT about your body at the moment!

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10/27/13 4:10 P

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I believe it depends on age, genetics, and where you carry your weight. When I was in my 20's and lost 70 lbs, I had no loose skin. Add a decade and waffling between 80 and 100 lbs lost I go- WTF. I have loose skin. Even with all the hardcore exercise and lifting I like to do. However, on me because of my body shape my belly is not bad at all, and I have definition in my back. For me it is my arms and legs. Legs due to the perils of being pear-shaped. I am preparing myself for it to only look worse the closer I get to goal.

I'm living my life and enjoying every moment!

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2/26/13 9:54 A

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Just a thought. I recently lost 65 pounds. Everyone in my small town complimented me. Here is the strange thing. I thought I looked big. At a size 24 I didn't think I looked big, but at a size 16, I thought I looked big.

Imagine you are at a swimming pool at goal weight and a clone of your heaviest weight is with you. Which one of you feels better? I think even with the baggy skin I would feel better thinner. Which one of you is healthier? Which one of you is in less pain?

Our focus is on the details, but other people look at our overall appearance.

The scale doesn't measure improved health, reduced pain, and a better lifestyle.

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1/22/13 2:12 P

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Vitamin E and Collagen levels are really important to keep up while losing the weight. Also, make sure you're getting enough fats and water intake to keep the skin supple. Some people say that having the body wraps periodically can help tighten up some of the loosening skin, and there is also the infrared light treatments offered by some gyms and many spas as well. This is just research that I did on my own. I'm still in the process of losing and am not really ready for "treatments" myself, but the fats, water intake, collagen, Vit E are all things I can do for myself. Oh and also exercise for blood circulation. :)

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11/12/12 4:58 P

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Hello, this is a really good question! I have lost 70+ pounds since Jan. of this year, I have some excess skin on my legs and I do have long legs being 5'10" has helped my legs stay fairly thin but, I still have the skin there, I work out almost every day through the week and I think my legs are getting the excess skin in shape, but if it will ever be perfect, not sure! now my arms, I have been doing strength training and I think the skin is shrinking but, I still have stretch marks that will never go away but, that is my fault for not taking better care of myself before, but, anyway I now have muscles and they are starting to show up nicely. now my stomach, we won't even go there, i have been overweight all my life, my stomach has never been flat, but, I am doing alot of work on my core, but, if it ever gets flat, I am hoping that it will be muscular and not skin! is that to much to hope for?

At least I am enjoying my workouts and I feel so much more healthier! so I continue because if I can't look great at least I can feel great!

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11/12/12 3:09 A

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I've wondered about this same thing. My trainer says exercise and SLOW weight loss will help but there is always the chance of having some loose skin. She recommended some different lotions but I can't recall what they were. (Helpful I know). I keep telling hubby if I get to my goal weight, he can pay for my skin removal surgery. :)

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11/8/11 12:21 P

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I've never had good skin, either, and had stretch marks simply from growing taller. My stomach is horrible after having babies, as are my legs and arms. I KNOW if I lose weight (significant amounts) I will have loose skin all over. I have no money for surgery and fear it tremendously. But, as others said, I'd probably rather be thin with loose clothes and skin than fat with tight clothes and saggy, fat skin.

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8/30/11 2:36 P

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Seven years ago, I weighed 339. over a two year period, I lost 176 lbs and was really little, except for the excess skin. I could wear a size 6-8 top, 12 pants,8 dress. But again, the skin. I had huge amounts on the "bat wings" The skin on my upper thighs hung over my knees and of course the abdomen skin. In Clothes, I looked pretty awesome, but naked or in a swimsuit, ugh. I was probably at goal weight, but did not know it because of the skin. I got to 167-172. and could lose no more. I probably had40 lbs of excess skin on me.

In losing the weight, my brain was preparing for total slim and trim. That didn't happen and it devastated me. I had worked so hard, tons of exercising walking, swimming, hiking, stair climbing, dancing but the skin was still there. At that time, I could not handle it.This was the third time I had lost over 100 pounds MY FIRST TIME AT GOAL and still all that skin!!!!

I did gain most of it back again.But it taught me something very valuable. I had to learn to love myself at both sizes AND with the skin. If I ever get that thin again, the only way it will be able to come off is through surgery. I hate surgery! My thoughts were to have the bat wings done. It's very expensive, so I will probably live with it. I think it is okay now. I'm 58 and have had a lot of good experiences. For me, I have come to the conclusion that good health is most important. I'm in terrible health, but I'm not giving up, I know what to expect if another 100 should come off again. Skin. skin. skin

I know this sounds terribly discouraging and I don't want it to be. Had I known what to expect, I could have handled it better. My skin has never been tight, but flabby and saggy. You know your own bodies. It is the brain that must change because no matter how thin you are, if your brain still thinks "fat" it will be very hard to adjust.

Don't give up. Work hard, but prepare yourself emotionally in all ways physically and mentally.

The scale doesn't determine who I am. It is made of metal, nuts and bolts. It has no feelings, no compassion.

My worth comes from who I am in Christ Jesus. I mess up too much on my own, but I can do everything with God's help.
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4/16/11 3:19 P

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im young im hoping my body goes into shape i havent been skinny since i was 8

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4/11/11 11:30 P

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This questions has sent me in to a tizzy of self examination before. I am feeling better about being willing to just see what happens. I figure if I look better dressed I am ahead of now. I'll see what happens when I get there. I try to drink water. I am hit and miss with the lotion.

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4/10/11 10:56 P

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The younger you are, the more elastic the skin so the more able it is to shrink. The slower you lose, the more time the skin has to shrink. Exercise and building muscle with weight lifting is the best way to re-define and shrink.

Lisa L. South, RN

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4/10/11 6:11 P

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That sounds horrible. I hate the idea of surgery. I'll do almost anything to avoid it except die. That is one thing that will get me to go under the knife.

I guess I will have to face that problem when I get to it.

I gained 40 pounds pregnant and never had stretch marks. I only lost abut 1/2 the weight though.

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4/10/11 4:31 P

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I think a lot of it is genetics. I have a friend who had twins (she was HUGE and gained that weight in a relatively short amount of time) and she had NO, I repeat, NO STRETCHMARKS!!! Now, I had stretchmarks as a kid on my legs from growing taller quickly... and don't get me started on what happened when I got pregnant the first time!! I think I will have skin that will only go away with surgical assistance, but hey - at least I'll look better dressed than I did at top weight, right? Not to mention all the health benefits of weight loss!! I am fearful of how it'll look when I reach goal, but I'm not going to let that stop me.

I do hear that the faster you lose it,(Biggest Loser fast perhaps) the more issues you'll have with sagging skin...


Losing weight is hard. Being fat is hard. Choose your hard.
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4/10/11 2:02 P

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Linda -

I started at 377 and I was 57 y/o when I had my surgery. I've lost nearly 200 lbs. I was going to look at your spark page to see if you had surgery or not, but I guess you don't have one up yet. So my situation is a little different, but not much. I began going to the gym 3 days a week 8 months before my surgery. After 30 days past surgery, my doctor allowed me to return to my routine. BUT you don't have to join a gym to do most of my exercises, but you MUST exercise and take in less calories than you burn off. Your body will go to the fat first for energy, meanwhile you are building more lean muscle. One draw back to that is, you know muscle weighs more than fat, so it's important to take measurements at least once a month. There were some weeks I busted my ass and only lost 2 lbs., but at the end of that month I had lost 11-13 inches. So don't just look at lbs. lost to see your progress and keep you motivated. I only work on machines for my upper body and have to do all my lower body in the swimming pool because of my knee and back issues. I can't even do water aerobics, even that is too high impact for my issues.

Okay, so #1 is exercise. #2 is burn more calories than you consume so your body will get the fat first. Now for the skin, it depends on how well you have taken care of it thus far. I tan well, so I like to lay out in the sun, but that damages some skin cells. However, I have always used high moisture, thick body lotion, at least since I was 30 y/o, I'm 60 now. I especially use good face and eye cream. I think that's why people who see me in person don't believe I'm 60. Good old Jergen's lotion is good enough for your body, Averno or Eucerine is even better, but more expensive. I use Neutragena (sp) for my face and eye cream. Anything to keep your skin moist and pliable will help. My goal was to lose 227 lbs., so I still have at least 25 more to lose. Since you don't need to lose nearly as much, that will also help with your skin.

I did end up needing a tummy tuck, but my "bat wings" on my arms and a little sagging on my thighs I can live with.

Hope that helps you!

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4/10/11 1:53 P

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I have lost over 130 pounds, and exercised regularly and often, intensely, all the way through the 3 year weight loss period. That being said, I DO still have excess skin, esp on neck, thighs and abs, that I am beginning to wonder if will always be there unless surgically removed. I look forward to hearing other members' thoughts on this!

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4/10/11 12:40 P

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I'm down almost 30 pounds. I have 100 more to go. Where does the skin go? Will it be hanging down to my knees from my waist? Are there special exercises you have to do to get rid of it. I see your before and after pictures and just wonder.

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