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4/23/10 3:42 P

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Sometimes it's hard, I found an envelope with 143,00 euros in a drawer at my workplace and had it sent to the person in charge, nobody thanked me afterwards and I thought maybe I should have given it to poor people , in all cases I was tempted to use the money as I wanted....luckily I had strenght though Jesus.

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4/20/10 9:00 A

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Honestly...there are times when I actually hear a voice say " You know what is right"...That is my mother reminding me that "God sees"
Thanks for the awesome post...makes a person think!

"Create in me a pure heart,O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within me..."
--Psalm 51:10--

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4/20/10 5:24 A

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Thanks for sharing, Shelly. It's for certain, the One we cannot hide anything from is God!

Gaye / Michigan


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4/19/10 11:16 P

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What are you doing....

when no one else is watching?

How do you act....

when you know you won't get caught?

- a commercial for Joyce Meyer


The devil makes it too easy for us to sin. When it falls right into our laps, don't be fooled how it happened. Temptation is never greater than when we can "get away with it".

About a year and a half ago weird things kept happening to my husband and I. Now, I know that everyone has been in situations were you were under charged for something, or you may have been in a situation that you found money, however, for a whole year and a few months (every month to two months) these types of things happened to us! Money would fall right in front of our eyes. We would go to a restaurant and the waitress would give us a bill that was not ours, yet lower. All kinds of things happened, in all different kinds of ways. My husband & I were at Lowe's last year and we were under charged $40.00. Now, I've returned money plenty of rimes at the register, but after coming home, when I realized I wasn't charged the right amount, I wasn't too excited about returning the money. I couldn't understand how it happened. I told my husband, " I watched her scan it!" It took us awhile "to find the time" to return the money, but I know that we wouldn't have to look for time if they over charged us $4o.00. After explaining to the clerk why we owed the store money, he only made us pay $8.00 back. he said, " Because you were so honest I'm not going to make you pay the full amount," One time our health insurance mailed us a check for $150.00. I knew that it was a mistake simply because we don't pay a deductible for our health insurance. There was no explanation for our insurance company to mail us any amount of money. I called the insurance company and explained that a mistake had been made, that we were not suppose to receive the check. She insisted that I was wrong. I explained that even if I had a surgery we would only have to pay a $20.00 co-pay ,and it would cover the surgery , & a few appointments before and after the surgery. No matter want I said to her she just kept saying the check is yours. Finally I said,"I will not cash this check, it is not MINE! I wish you would fix this problem because someone is talking on the phone with someone from this insurance company trying to receive their money that you are trying to give to me!" My husband and I just threw the check away bewildered. This actually happened two other times within about nine months. Each time I was on the phone for awhile trying to explain to them that the check REALLY was not meant for Me. The last time they sent us the check I asked to speak to a supervisor, hoping that she would do the right thing; listen to me and correct the problem. However it was like talking to a brick wall. After hanging up a phone a little frustrated we laughed about the situation we were still dealing with. We threw the check away again and hoped that they would not send it to us again. It was the last time it happened. Another time, a cashier at a grocery store gave my husband $20.00 more than what he was suppose to receive. He gave the money back to her, & explained about the mistake and we walked away. Another time at the grocery store we were walking out, there was a lady that was about 15 feet in front of us. It was very late at night and there were only like, three people in the whole store. As we continued to walk toward the exist door my husband reached to the floor and said,"Oh no, that Lady in front of us must have dropped this!" He ran outside to try to stop the lady in her car who was driving away. John thought that if he ran towards her car she would stop, but she was not paying attention and drove away from him. We walked back inside the store and John explained to the cashier that she rung our groceries up, and another lady's groceries who was in front of us. He explained that he this lady must have dropped $20.00 dollars from her wallet.

John and I never kept any money that was not ours. However, it happened so much it became to nuisance. We would be on our way some where, or wanting to leave a restaurant, and be delayed because we owed the waitress ten or tewenty dollars more because she did not charge us for something we had ordered, or because she gave us someone else's bill which was at least ten dollors lower than our own bill. Or some cashier would've given us too much money back again! We would just say, I can't believe this is happening AGAIN! It got to the point that I said to John," Is the devil trying to tempt us to steal, or is God testing us?" Another situation was when I was at a clothes store. I had a coupon that stated if your bill totaled $150.00 You could pick out three accessories for free. I picked out a watch, a bracelet, and sun glasses. However, you had to use the store's credit card to pay for it. I felt bad spending so much money on clothes, however, we had the money and as my husband said, I needed pants and shirts that fit me. We don't use credit cards, but received one there to save 15% percent on my bill at the time a year or so ago. When the cashier started to ring up my clothes I told her I did not have my credit card from the store with me. I asked her if she could look up my account for me if I gave her my drivers license. She said yes. Many months passed and we had not received a bill. I went to the store and talked to the manager and explained that I wanted to pay the credit card off. She called the home office and talked to someone, gave them my information and they said I did not have a purchase from their store. The balance was zero on my credit card. I thought to myself, you got to be kidding, not again! I went home and explained what had happened to my husband. I asked him if he had paid for my clothes, or if the bill had come. He aid that the bill never came and so he could not have paid for the credit card. I called the store and talked to a manager a week later, determined to find a way to pay the store what I owed them. She told me that there was nothing she could do for me, & gave me a number to the credit card company. My husband and I both talked to the person who worked for the credit card company. We both explained the situation to him. I told the man,"Hey, I would love to receive $150.00 worth of free clothes, but I want to pay the store what I owe them. I don't want to steal." I asked him if I sent a check would the store receive it? He said there was nothing at all on the my credit card. There would be nothing to connect the money I send and a bill. (I would probably just receive a credit.) John and I prayed to God that he would help us come up with a way to pay for the clothes. We had the money, just did not know how to pay for the clothes. We had done everything we could, so we stopped trying to pay for the bill.

God rewards good behavior on this earth & in heaven.


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