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12/3/12 5:14 P

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Tracking my nutrition I almost never make the protein requirements. I was very concerned. Which amino acids do you track? Take what nature has to give and create something new is how I like to eat.

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11/29/12 12:51 A

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Quinoa , beans, tempeh, spirulina.
B12 - perhaps kombucha? Maybe can research that.
Plenty of leafy greens, veggies. Have some fruit too. All these foods have protein and it adds up. How many times per day do you eat?

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11/23/12 6:07 P

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I'm having to make major evaluations and shifts in my diet, particularly regarding protein. I was chronically underweight and found that my body responded to a fat/protein oriented diet rather than the complex carb one I had always eaten before where beans and rice predominated. I made many changes in both diet and exercise, shifting to a ST rather than cardio oriented exercise regime.
It worked. Since about mid-January, I have not been underweight. My energy and overall health has been better than ever.
Now, I'd like to consume much less protein. I would like to try 1 gr protein per 1 kilo lean body mass. This would situate me lower than the SP recommended level and at the higher end of the 'endurance training' level recommended by WHO (thanks IMVEGAN for the link). WHO looks at overall body weight and not to body composition. My weight is low but my LBM is high. This is a big change, I need to halve my average protein consumption. After overhauling my diet several years ago, it was enjoyable coasting on good food that worked for me. Now it's time for another overhaul. Have any of you also entered uncharted waters of finding what worked for you, what you liked and felt good on... Did you use intuition or science to help make the shift?

10/5/12 3:31 P

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Don't overdo with protein.
I don't use any soy products nor tempeh.
And I'm fine.
Eating vegan doesn't have to be about substituting animal products and keep the same "1/2-plate veggies, 1/4 potatoes/rice, 1/4 meat(-substitute)"-mentality.
Just take what nature has to give and create something new, whatever comes to your mind.

And, by the way - you don't need a special amount of protein generally. You need special amounts of the amino acids. I'm going to track those for 2-3 weeks to know what I have to change in my diet. If anything.
Don't underestimate the amount of amino acids in plant foods. Asparagine for example is up to 600 times higher in lentils than in pork.
Grain (wholefood was the key when I did my nutrition research), seeds, nuts.

I read a book that says "mothers milk: 2% protein, plant foods 3% protein in average. And if you keep in mind that protein needs is highest in growth stage - why worry?"
I'm not sure it's that simple but it's a good argument to those "And where do you vegans get your protein from"-askers.

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10/5/12 9:19 A

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Tempeh , tofu, smoothies....lots of ways to get protein


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10/5/12 6:30 A

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There are a lot of threads and previous discussions about plant-based protein on this team's pages. I would recommend doing a search.

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10/5/12 12:44 A

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emoticon Welcome to the team! I almost never reach the protein level on the SP Nutrition Guide. Some people on the team will tell you how to reset your Nutrition Guide for vegetarians & vegans. Me, I just haven't been worrying about it. I haven't reset, either.

Me, I need help on getting my folate levels up. If I don't take a multi-vitamin, which I haven't for months, I don't even get close to getting enough folate. Anybody have any help for me in that area?

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10/5/12 12:27 A

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Most women only need between 25-40 total grams of protein a day. You can easily get this from eating plant based foods without protein powders etc. All fruits, veggies, whole grains and beans contain proteins. If you were to eat only white potatoes (I don't suggest it LOL) you would get adequate protein to live. The protein tracker here on spark assumes you are a meat eater and has the levels way to high for people who do not eat animal flesh. People who eat a healthy plant based diet need not worry about protein. Here is a link (weird site but good calculator) to help you figure out your protein requirements based upon World Health Organization Guidelines

I usually eat about 25 grams of protein a day. As you exercise more you will eat more calories, thus you will increase your protein through diet. It is not a nutrient you have to worry about. As a vegetarian, protein is the least of your worries. B12 should be supplemented. All the rest will be good if you eat a colorful healthy diet. Did you know that broccolli is chock full of protein?

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10/4/12 11:53 P

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A serving of Tempeh will give you a great protein boost (22g) plus iron for us gals and not cost a whole lot. It makes an awesome vegetarian reuben too. I also eat a lot of greek yogurt and quinoa to keep my protein levels high as I run my levels into the ground on my bike all week. Nut butters too.

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10/4/12 11:13 P

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So I'm relatively new to being vegetarian, and I don't have a lot of money to work with, but I'm wondering what I should try to use for protein? I guess I could always go for the daily soy protein shake or something. But is there a good food that could take me up about 20g of protein a day? I do try to eat a lot of beans in my meals, but somehow I always fall short for the recommended amount on my nutrition tracker.

I have actually been trying to blend tofu with fruit to make some nice smoothies every day, it does really help, but I guess it's not enough.

Anyway, just asking for some advice. What do you use for your daily protein intake?
Thanks emoticon

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