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12/26/12 9:27 A

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My favorite pizza is Papa Murphy's Gourmet Vegetarian with pizza sauce (not the white) and NO cheese. Every time they reach for the cheese and if we weren't watching they'd have to make a new one. I always hear "Who eats pizza with no cheese?"

The funny thing is my SIL thought it was so weird and told me he'd never eat pizza with no cheese. Guess what pizza is now his favorite from Papa Murphy's.


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12/26/12 1:09 A

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It is not only what people say - it is the looks of complete and utter amazement when I saw I am a vegetarian (and when my daughter says she is too the subtle exchanges of glances as if to say poor child is being deprived and I am obviously a bad parent). And then the inevitable question - Why? What do you eat?
And how astounded some people are when they come for dinner or I take a dish over and they want seconds and it is delicious. Favourite is my standard barbecue dish that I take so I won't just have a white roll and lettuce... I wrap in foil a range of veggies in small pieces with a piece of garlic always and tomato and mushroom to create juices and put some feta and haloumi inside. It is juicy and delicious cooked on the braai - and often have meat eaters having some (picking up the foil parcel unknowingly) and saying with complete astonishment "but this is good"

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12/23/12 6:07 A

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This happens every time with my parents. They do not understand why anyone would voluntarily become a vegetarian. Whenever they cook a meal, they always call me to eat and, usually, I can't eat it. When it comes to fish especially, when I tell them I can't eat it, they have this puzzled look on their face. "But it's okay, it's fish. I cooked it so you could eat it." I appreciate them thinking of me but it seems like I have to explain to them every week that seafood is a no no.
Another one I remember, someone I was studying abroad with was asking about what I ate. She then told me, "I'm surprised you're not skinny." Uhm, hello, I don't starve myself, I eat healthy.

9/7/12 3:20 P

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Child: "Dad, do I have to eat the tomatoes?"
Me: "Yes, they're good for you. They have good stuff in there that helps prevent cancer."
Child: "But I don't have cancer."
Me: "Eat the tomatoes."

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9/7/12 1:09 A

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emoticon unfortunately (or fortunately I suppose) there's no peeing my pants emoticon. Some of those are priceless!

"I'm a vegetarian ... OMG, I'm having another grandchild!" I really don't think my brain is nimble enough to make that mental leap.

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9/6/12 7:56 A

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On a plane home from Turkey to Scotland when they came around with the meals and asked if I wanted beef or chicken, I asked for a vegetarian one. I had pre-booked it at the time of booking my holiday, but the air hostess informed me that they did not have any vegetarian ones. She then proceeded to offer me the chicken one again... I said politely, "no thank you, as I said, I am vegetarian..."

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7/4/12 4:55 P

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These are very comical. It's like when you break away from 'the fold' that you have begun a new strange religion ............ I am so glad I no longer eat like a MOO ....... That is how I
felt after eating the bull ......... Funny thing was every time I ate steak (MOO) I was always
hungry one hour later ........... NOT TO mention ........... did you ever see a herd of cattle grazing on beef? .............. NO ......... even THEY have sense enough to graze on plant life ............ I eat my foods from the pasture now ........... emoticon

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7/4/12 9:46 A

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Those conversations happen weekly with me!!! It just cracks me up.

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7/4/12 9:44 A

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My husband and I were at a popular chain restaurant (a steak house) for a nice dinner and date night. My husband ordered something dead from the menu and I ordered a pasta dish, "without the chicken please". Seems pretty simple, yes? The server looks at me like I have just spoken tongue to her. I say, "well I'm a vegetarian so I don't eat meat". She replies, "umm, you DO know you're at a steakhouse, don't you?". My husband about spit our his beer and quickly replied, "yes, please put our orders in, thank you". I was so mad and stunned at the same time, all I could do was laugh! I never push my vegetarian beliefs on anyone yet I get ridiculed constantly if people find out I'm a vegetarian. Go figure. emoticon

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7/4/12 12:19 A

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Me: What's that pink slice on top? Is that meat?
Cafe worker: No, that's not meat.
Me: Oh, OK. What is it then?
Him: It's prosciutto.

Meat eaters don't even know what they're eating! :)

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6/21/12 2:23 P

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I hate kids. I'm not having them... I've been a vegetarian for 6 months now and my mother finally caught on. So she assumed that I'm pregnant. I got a call from my brother and he was like: " do you have something to tell me" "well mom said youre a vegetarian now. people don't start eating healthy unless they are pregnant" -sister in law starts screaming at him in the background about how he's being stupid- Last time I saw my mother she kept smiling and mentioning how I'm "never having kids -hehe-!" same thing with my dad. They are going to be disappointed I think...

After I assured my brother that I am not pregnant he was like "so...are you total vegetarian? like you won't eat salami." I then had to explain to him that salami is, in fact, meat. Sigh.

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6/16/12 11:42 P

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When my dad was alive, we used to get together for breakfast at his house often. It was "our time" and he loved to cook. I would always remind him that I'm a vegetarian. He would still slap a couple of slices of bacon on my plate, "In case you change your mind." I would always eat the omelet, fruit and toast and leave the bacon. He never learned.

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6/16/12 11:26 P

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This was a convo between me and a Co worker.
Him- what are you eating?
Me- chicken nuggets
Him- those don't look like any chicken I have ever seen.
Me- well they are made with mushrooms.
Him- y not just eat real ones?
Me- I don't eat meat.
Him- why not?
Me- it's horrible on your body
Him- but it's just so good! You got to eat it, some, even a bite, how can you not?
I simply shrugged
He muttered, walked away, but within 5 minutes was back to try and convince me to eat meat.

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6/15/12 3:14 P

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My 4 year old nephew is a really good eater...broccoli is his favorite food. The other day while we were eating lunch, I said, "You know, I think you might be a vegetarian when you grow up." And he said, "No, I told you...I'm gonna be a TEACHER!"

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6/14/12 7:01 P

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My daughters were both raised as vegetarian. The first time we took the kids out to eat with my in-laws, my older daughter gave me a story I love telling.

The food was served and everyone began eating. My daughter (about 5 years old), looked at her grandma and asked, "Grandma, what are you eating?"

Grandma: "Chicken."

Amanda, quizzically: "Chicken??"

Grandma: "Yes, chicken."

Amanda: "Grandma, are you eating a CUT-UP DEAD CHICKEN???"

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6/14/12 11:52 A

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I say "I'm vegartarian."

They say "So, you don't eat meat."

Me: "Right"

Them: "What about Chicken"

Me: "That's meat"

Them: "What about Fish"

Me: "Also meat"

Them: "Pork"

Me: "what? That is obviously meat"

Them: "But it is the other white meat"

Me: "that doesn't even make sense. First, clearly meat. second, that is an advertising slogan."

Them "so, no burger?"

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6/13/12 11:00 A

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On vacation one year, I was at a Pizza Hut where my future husband and I ordered a mushroom pizza. Not that unusual of a request, I should think. It's all my family had ever ordered at our local Pizza Hut. The waitress gawked at me, "You don't want any meat?" "No, just mushroom, thanks." "OK." She put the order in. A few minutes later another server came out, "Um, are you sure you only want mushrooms on that pizza?" "Uh... yeeees. Cheese and sauce and mushrooms..." "No meat?" "No meat, thank you." "OK." And I'm not kidding, a few minutes later the cook came out and said, "Are you sure you don't want meat?!" "Yes. Mushrooms only, please." We finally did get our mushroom pizza, only mushrooms, no meat, but that exchange is what my husband and I always say to each other whenever I get the hairy eyeball for ordering vegetarian. "You sure you don't want meat on that?" HAH!

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6/13/12 6:28 A

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One time, when I was 16, I was talking to a person I was on a tour with (in Italy). He was defending/arguing the reasons to eat meat. He said "But it's un-American!" I do not remember my response, but I really remember thinking something along the lines of "hmm, I thought the American way was freedom of choice, not conformity for it's own sake!"

I still think this argument (that the reason to eat meat is to be "more" American) is the weakest I have ever heard.

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6/13/12 6:21 A

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I have been a long time vegetarian, and when you are, people often ask questions or respond. Sometimes, these are actually amusing or funny. This is an opportunity to share your fun and funny stories.

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