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10/22/13 1:57 P

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i didnt loose any weight while i was breast feeding. I read somewhere that breast feeding moms loose baby weight faster that was a lie. With the stress of a new baby, breast feeding and trying to work out and eat healthy it is crazy. I didnt really start loosing weight until I stopped breast feeding. I was scared to cut too much on the calories in fear i wouldnt make enough milk. I was stuck at the same weight 194 for 3 months. even after i really started cutting calories and working out i only lost 1lb every 2 weeks. After i lost 10 lbs i didnt loose any for a while so what worked to jump start some more weight loss is i had to go low carb. Not no carb just low carb. still trying to do that now. like everyone else has said give it time make sure you are eating as healthy as you can every meal and give it all in your workouts. Give that body time to recover from baby as well. Even though you may feel great your hormones are still crazy.

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7/30/13 4:11 P

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I just started on SP, but I have been trying to lose weight on my own with no progress. I was maintaining, but not losing. So, I had to take a hard look at myself...was I really doing all I could? The answer was no. I would clean the house and do the laundry and say that that was a "workout" because I worked up a sweat. While it was harder than I normally worked, it wasn't giving me what I needed. I just recently started working out at home using youtube workout videos (cardio kickboxing mostly). I have lost a few pounds, but the thing I notice the most is that I feel stronger. The workouts are getting easier. Saying all this to say, are you pushing yourself enough at the gym. I know that when I was going to the gym, I would do 30 minutes on the treadmill, but I never really pushed myself or got my heartrate up. The gym just didn't work for me. If you feel like the gym is your outlet, then make sure you are really pushing yourself. You know you can do it and I will send my best wishes to you while I am kicking my own butt here at home lol. I will push myself a little harder each day just for you in hopes that you will do the same. Also, remember that muscle weighs more than fat and, in the beginning, you may be maintaining because you are trading fat for muscle. Give it time and keep on it. I know you can do it! Good luck!!

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7/25/12 11:49 P

I feel you, sister! I have also been battling my own body-image issues. I recognize that my post-partum hormones have a lot to do with this. I think many women (including myself) get wrapped up in unrealistic expectations that we should return to our pre-pregnancy weight within a short period of time, and this only causes us to feel worse about ourselves. I'm trying VERY hard to be patient with myself and to set realistic goals. I was very kind to myself during my pregnancy and did not weigh myself obsessively - but now I'm becoming a bit obsessed with the scale and get frustrated when I don't see a decrease.

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7/19/12 12:17 P

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Keep in mind that your body does different things with each pregnancy...and the more kiddos you have, the harder it is to loose that extra weight. With my daughter I lost all the baby weight almost immediately. However, I quickly gained it all back and used SP to get rid of it...then, I had my son, and I didn't gain much until after, and I think I packed on fat into the little pooch I still had....and it's been hard trying to get rid of it. I haven't seen the scale move much at all....but I noticed my clothes fitting looser, pants that used to be super tight were fitting better. Don't just rely on the scale, and remember - it takes time!!!! Just because you lost weight fast before, doesn't neccesarily mean you will this time.

I came across a little "quote" and it really makes sense: "It takes 4 weeks for YOU to notice your body start to change, 8 weeks for Everyone Else to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice! Don't give up, but give it time!" Hope this helps!!!!

*Jessica Marie*

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7/12/12 6:43 P

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Hi Mommies,
I am 29 years old and had my third baby 11 weeks ago. I'm 40 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight and it seems like I've been stuck at that weight for a long time! I don't really know how much weight I've gained during my pregnancy, I've stopped weighing myself when the scale showed over 200 lbs (and I think I was around 35 weeks preggo). After I had my girl I was down to 206 lbs when she was 4 weeks or so. Now I'm at 195-196 pounds and the scale hasn't been moving at all in the last few weeks. I'm breastfeeding exclusively (on demand), going to the gym at least twice a week, counting calories and the result (if any) is very slow.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong... With my first child I gained over 70 pounds and they just 'melted away', and I didn't even have to do anything. With my second I gained just over 40 pounds and had to work a bit at getting back in shape, but not much. And this time I feel sooo fat...
Any advice?

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