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Losing the Baby Weight...and More!

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  FORUM:   General Team Discussion Forum
TOPIC:   Losing the Baby Weight...and More QOTD 06/05/2009 

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PINKCAT1980's Photo Posts: 794
6/5/09 10:09 A

PINKCAT1980's SparkPage
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I dont remember the exact names of my products I bought (shows you how much I use them lol)....The first was some kind of ab roller that looks like a chair only with no seat/legs...It did not work my abs at all

The most recent is that shark floor mop...this thing sucks, it is hard to use and the pads they give you that you put in the wash do not go very far, you would need like 10 pads to just do the floors in my house. when you hold it you can tell how cheaply made it was.

I can't believe I am down over 70 pounds since last year!

 current weight: 149.5 

MUMMAMICHELLE's Photo SparkPoints: (36,759)
Fitness Minutes: (26,955)
Posts: 2,131
6/5/09 6:03 A

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The only thing I have bought from TV is "The Bean" fitness ball that is shaped like a bean to fit the arch of your back. It was an okay buy, I have used it and would be using it now if I didn't have to find and patch a hole in it. Thinking about it now a regular ball is probably better because it's less stable and harder to stay on than the bean, which makes you work more muscles to stay on it.

 current weight: 145.6 

WALKER1229's Photo Posts: 20
6/5/09 12:46 A

WALKER1229's SparkPage
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the point and paint isnt worth it. you can get something like it but a little better for doing the edges, but a roller works way better. They tend to be super drippy, dont hold much paint, and the paint doesnt go on evenly. hope that helps!

 current weight: 190.0 

JENIFROUFROU's Photo SparkPoints: (25,411)
Fitness Minutes: (20,286)
Posts: 2,755
6/5/09 12:00 A

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Reply husband and I were watching DIY network earlier today, and a commercial came on with the guy from the oxy clean commercial advertising a product which name I can't remember, but basically it was green spraypaint for your grass! My husband fell on the floor laughing. I think all his lawn prayers have been answered :)

I am a big qvc shopper...I try to stay away from the infomercial stuff too much, though my MIL got me one of those upside down tomato holder things. I haven't planted it yet, so I can't testify to how well it works. I also have a pedegg, and don't think it works that well.

MJA716's Photo Posts: 4,695
6/4/09 10:23 P

MJA716's SparkPage
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Wow, I just went out to and I can't believe how much stuff they have on that website! LOL! I also can't believe how many I've tried or wondered about!! Okay, so here's my list:

Smart Spin - 49 pc Storage Set - I LOVE this thing! Seriously, I use it every single day for packing food for my lunch. I have even thought of buying another one so I have more containers!!

Strap Perfect™, the ultimate bra strap solution/concealer - LOVE IT! I always used a big huge safety pin to do the exact same thing this thing does so I was very happy to see a better solution! LOL!

MyPlace Pro Workstation Personal Laptap Table - I got this for my hubby and he uses it every day.

Ultra Smooth Hair Removal System - I bought this and only used it once but it seemed to work okay. (I am embarrased to report that the hair on legs was TOO LONG to use it!!!) Just so you know though, this is just ultrafine sand paper! It even says 3M on the back of it!! LOL!!

Turbie Twist hair towel - LOVE IT!! I actually didn't buy this as a "As Seen On TV" product. I got it as a gift but loved it so much that I have bought several more to use rather than a big ol' towel for when I get out of the shower. They are SO convenient!!

Dryer Balls - I bought these and I use them but I have absolutely no idea if they work! How dumb is that!?! LOL!

Swivel Sweeper - This isn't too bad but the battery doesn't stay charged for very long. The kids love using it to help me sweep up the kitchen floor!

Listen Up Personal Sound Amplifier - UGH! HUGE waste of money. I bought this hoping to use it on the treadmill in the mornings so I wouldn't have to turn up the TV too loud. All I could hear was the treadmill!!

The following is a list of products I've considered buying but haven't yet. Let me know if you have any feedback!!

- The Kid Kleen Bath Blizzard
- Point and Paint
- Bendaroos™ Magic Wax Super String

Edited by: MJA716 at: 6/4/2009 (22:31)
** Mary Jane **

"If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought." ~ Peace Pilgrim

 current weight: 166.6 

MJA716's Photo Posts: 4,695
6/4/09 9:16 P

MJA716's SparkPage
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Have you purchased any "As Seen On TV" products? Would you recommend any of them? Any that you have bought that you would warn others not to waste their money on?

The Question of the Day (QOTD) is meant to generate conversation and help us get to know each other better. Please feel free to post a response to the QOTD even if it is after the date the QOTD was originally posted!!

** Mary Jane **

"If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought." ~ Peace Pilgrim

 current weight: 166.6 

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