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6/17/12 8:56 P

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I agree with what the others said before, especially the comment about emptying out your gut. You always have several pounds of food weight in your body, except when you can't eat anything but liquids for a few days like that, so the "weight" you lost and put back on is probably mostly digestive weight. Also, when you get sick like that and can hardly eat, your body goes into a protective mode where it holds onto as many calories as possible. You dont' feed it a lot of calories, so it has to survive during those days. That just means that when you go back to eating normally, your body has to adjust to not being in protective mode. Most people, after a huge sickness drop like that, will find that they rebound back to their old weight quickly, but after a few days of eating normally, your body will readjust and you'll start losing again. It's not permanent. :)


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6/17/12 7:47 P

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I agree with the others that you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. What is great is that you know what went wrong and are making changes to fix it. emoticon

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6/17/12 4:15 P

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Don't be too hard on yourself. You have a game plan in place for the week, stick to it and you will see results. emoticon

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6/17/12 2:09 P

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You know, Beth.. when we are sick and only taking in broth and such, we totally empty our bodies of what we were eating before. I mean, not to sound gross, but.. if you were only taking in liquids, then you were truly "empty" by the end of it. Now that you can eat again, your body still has inside what you've been eating the last day or two, right? That's all.

You are very right though. We have to put good things in and do good things if we want those good things in return for our bodies. It's true! I follow my rule "If it can go bad, it's good for you.."

You can get back on track. I have faith in you and the scale WILL do what it's supposed to do! YAY! Glad you're feeling better. xoxo


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6/17/12 11:52 A

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Dont be too hard on yourself, being sick and not eating much means you weren't really losing the right way so even if you had been good a bit of it might have come back. It is good that you realize that you weren't really on point his week and now you can correct it. Good Luck!


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6/17/12 10:41 A

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Two weeks ago I was sick battling a sinus infection. I was out of work more than I was in; didn't eat much and exercised even less. I did manage to drink tons of water, but that was about it. Food intake consisted mostly of chicken broth and soup. So, I was surprised when I got on the scale and lost 3 lbs in about 4 days.
Step on the scale this morning and 2.8 of those lbs are back. This past week, feeling much better, I ate like I felt better. In review of the week, I made lots of bad choices, didn't exercise anywhere near where I should have and didn't track my food. Why can't I stay faithful to tracking my food!?!? It drives me CRAZY!!

So the lesson from my week is that I slacked off and got exactly what I worked for. You know the phrase "garbage in, garbage out" doesn't just apply to computers; it applies to everything in our lives. I put garbage in my body and treated it like trash, so that's exactly what I got at the end - trashy feeling and weight gain.
Well this has certainly equipped me to do it better this coming week, starting right now! I will be tracking my food and workouts and next week that scale will go down again!

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