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5/21/12 11:21 A

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I agree with the others, we definately all have those days occasionally, and the fact that you didn't let it derail you should be a victory! Feel proud that today you are back on track instead of letting that ruin your week or even more! That is one sign that you are realizing this is a lifestyle change and setbacks may happen, but they dont define you! Great job!


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5/21/12 9:39 A

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Glad to see that it doesn't seem to have derailed you. In my past if I had a day where I was hungry all the time then I would feed that hunger and by the next day I would have surrendered to the fact that I screwed up my whole plan and have a few days or a week of eating poorly before getting back to it.

200 calories over is really nothing to worry about in the long run.

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5/21/12 9:18 A

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I have those days, too. It happens. I just make sure to drink lots of water and start fresh the next day.

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5/21/12 2:23 A

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I have days like that a lot because of my Migraines.

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5/20/12 7:56 P

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Thank you all for your comments! Today has been a much better day and my eating and hunger has been 'normal', I even have enough left over to be able to have some dessert later if I want!

MAMALOVEBUG: You may be right about my body craving something because, all day long, when I ate I would feel full but not satisfied. Also, I don't really think it was emotional. I was having a really good day and looking forward to the afternoon because DB and I had made plans to go fishing. I felt good except for the hunger.

TEACHEROF4TH: Yes, my eating habits now are a BIG improvement over the way I ate before SP!

Focus on the positive in your life, for what you focus on increases.

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5/20/12 6:15 P

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You know how its important to stop eating when you are full? I think its just as important to eat when you are hungry. You were making good choices but for some reason your body needed more - Im glad you let yourself go over 200 calories. But I wouldnt go to bed hungry - eat another 200 if you need to, or even more!

Great job on not turning it into a binge and continuing to listen to your body today!

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5/20/12 4:42 P

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The other ladies are correct we all have those days. Remember we are in this for the long haul and sometimes we just have those days. Important thing is not to let it derail you. My suggestion is heavy protein in the AM. I have been doing low carb and I found that if I eat processed carbs in the morning I am starving all day. Good luck and you are doing a great job!


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5/20/12 4:14 P

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I agree with the previous posts that you may have just been craving something, or your body was needing extra calories for some reason. I would add that you should try to not be too hard on yourself. It sounds like you only went about 200 calories over. I'm not sure how you were eating before SP, but is that probably a significant improvement over how you ate before you started here? Sparks always recommends upping your activities more over the next few days and also lowering your calories a bit, by maybe 100 calories or so, just to help yourself even out the extra from yesterday. I'd say that overall you're doing very well, so pat yourself on the back and allow yourself to get back on track without regrets.

Congratulations on your successes so far!

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5/20/12 2:14 P

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I can completely understand what you are saying. I think we all have those days sometimes. It could be a time of the month issue or it could just be that your body was craving something. Have you been eating enough protein? I find that high carb days leave me feeling more hungry than if I try to balance my carbs with protein. Also, if you find yourself really hungry and you don't want to spend too many calories, try to go for big volume foods like salad, broth-based soup with lots of veggies, or air-popped popcorn. This will help fill your stomach up and can help stave off hunger for longer.

One other thing to think about is your mood. Were you having a good day or did something happen yesterday to make you seek emotional comfort? I've had plenty of emotional eating days where I felt hungry all the time even though I was eating enough calories.

I hope that today is much better for you and that you get some good tips from everyone on how to have a plan B if this happens again. I think that is important for everyone.

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5/20/12 2:08 P

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I have had days like that but not sure what has caused it. I have wondered about hormones, stress, exercise leaving me hungry, and just by keeping my calories low my body being hungry and need to catch up.

I don't think you should worry about one day. If it turned into several days I would then worry. Maybe for a future plan eating protein and veggies. Veggies for fiber and low calories. Protein I hear also helps in keeping you fuller.

Times like these are never fun but I know you will get through it!

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5/20/12 1:34 P

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OK, ladies, I need some help!

Yesterday was a really bad eating day for me. I have done really, really good with keeping within my calorie range. In almost a month, I have only gone over my calories a couple of times and that just barely over. Most of the time, I stay on the low side of my range and don't fight hunger that much through the day. Yesterday was a totally different story. I had a really good breakfast and did good for about 3 hours, then it hit me. I felt like I was starving ALL day! I had fruit and yogurt at work. Then I had some tuna when I got home. Every time I ate, I would feel full but it just wouldn't last. And I drank enough water to float a steamship! By supper time, I only had about 200 calories left to eat and still felt like I was starving! I ended up about 200 calories over and still went to bed hungry.

Hormones could be a possibility, I am about 2 weeks from my monthly visitor. I really don't know! Has anyone else had these days?

Today is a better day, but I want to be prepared when I have another day like that. It really freaked me out because I felt like I was completely out of control!

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Focus on the positive in your life, for what you focus on increases.

"Success is not a place that we aspire to, it is a process in which we live by. Often the only ingredient being the ability to not quit"
- author unkown

One day at a time.

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