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3/6/16 10:12 A

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I just had a hysterectomy and was in the hospital 24 hours, gained 10 lbs!!!

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1/3/10 2:53 P

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First I wanted to say that I am glad you are doing better. I know how horrible it is to go through an appendectomy. I saw my husband go though that.

Now I had a C-section last Feb. I was on IV's for 3 days. My legs and feet was so freaking swollen from the fluid it was almost impossible to walk or stand. Before c-section i was 330, I dropped down to highish of 280, I know becase I was weighed in 3 days later to take out the staples. A week later, I was down to 275.

You will know when you are starting to lose the fluids once you have to go to the bathroom constantly. Drink your water too, it will help get rid of all the fluids.

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1/3/10 1:50 A

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most definitely yes, your body will retain fluid post op. I had surgery on my right knee August 28, followed by the left on October 9... swelling/fluid retention is typically an issue for me especially in my legs and with surgery it's become a major issue...and will continue to be during the next 6-7 months of my rehabilitation. (use them too much and I swell like I'm going to blow!)
Word of advice, allow yourself to heal and recover. Keep your eating in check, work on eating healthy to fuel your body for healing and stay away from the scale. Give yourself a break here, you just had surgery, were pumped full of fluids and are trying to heal... that's a lot for a body to go through! Best of luck on your recovery, hope it's a speedy one!!!

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1/2/10 4:39 P

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I'm sorry Hon, but really I don't think the extra gain will stick around- it's got to be water retention. Hope you're feeling better and maybe a good idea to stay off the scale for awhile.


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1/2/10 12:27 P

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Don't know if it's true or not but someon once told me the body fills the tissues around any kind of wound with fluid to protect itself from further injury.You might ask your doctor or his nurse what would cause that much weight gain after your emergency surgery.

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1/2/10 12:07 P

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if you want an even scarier story and can tell you my experience ,you might not want to hear it though.if you dont stop reading NOW!
i had my third c-section in november last year,also had a lot of fluid retention from the drips,that went in a couple of weeks.complications set in from the operation(to horrific to go in to details lets just say i am lucky to be alive)to cut a long story short they carried an emergency operation out on me on new years day last year,nice way to spend new year huh!to this day from that last operation i have at least 50lbs(so the specialists reckons)of body /wound fluid in me,it is so heavy that my stomach as shunken as a i have this great stomach that just hangs down where it should be.the specialiats(i have seen several)said the fluid can only be got rid of by an operation and the damage caused by the weighti.e.streched skin hanging down can only be fixed by a tummy tuck.but all the specialist have refused to do the operation as i am tooheavy and it is a risked,even though i am over 70lbs down from the last op. they still wont do it.the last op as they say was a matter of life and death this now you know why i am at loose my weight and look at least halfway deceant.
glad your operation was a success and i am sure the water build up will go down eventually and your scales will go back and some more.but if you are worried about you should consult dr.let us know how you get on.


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1/2/10 11:33 A

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I had surgery in August and gained 10 pounds in 2 days during my stay in the hospital. It is all just water weight.. it does go back down. You will feel back to normal in no time. Good luck with your healing after your surgery. take care

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1/2/10 11:29 A

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YOW!!!!! I'd yell at them to put it back in....haha. Man that's rough.

I don't have any experience with this, but you are probably right...your body probably did not gain that much fat unless they were feeding you over 13,000 calories a DAY.

Your body is probably in shock and with time, you'll probably get back to normal.

Hang in there and realize that it is (more than likely) temporary.


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1/2/10 11:24 A

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About 9 years ago, I had an emergency C-section, so the weight gain I can't speak to, but the swelling I sure can!
I was on an IV for almost all 6 days I was in the hospital and suffered horrible swelling! I was on a liquid diet for several days too. I don't know if it's your body's way of responding to surgery or what. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else had the same side effect.

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1/2/10 11:14 A

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I wrote a blog about this...but I wanted to create a post to see if anyone else has had the same experience because I am really kind of freaked out. I thought I had a horrible stomach flu last week, but it turn out it was actually appendicitis. I had to rush to the emergency room Sunday night and have my appendix removed. I was in the hospital for 4 days, on an all liquid diet and i.v. fluids. When I got home, I stepped on the scale because I just KNEW that I had lost weight from not having solid food for 4 days, and because I am now missing a body part. But it was a 15 POUND GAIN!!!!! 15 POUNDS IN 4 DAYS WITH NO FOOD!?!?!? I almost had a nervous breakdown...that is half of the weight I have lost!!! I was quite shocked to say the least!!! People responded to my blog and said that it has to be from swelling and fluid retention, and that if you're on an i.v. that can cause water retention. I know that there is no possible way I gained 15 pounds of fat in 4 days. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this??? I'm about to pull my hair out...

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