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TOPIC:   Any clue? 

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11/7/07 11:36 P

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Good Night Peopleemoticon


IVOCADO's Photo Posts: 148
7/17/07 10:10 A

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I had the exact same problem. Red meat would give me gas and tummy aches and constipation. For a while I thought I had irritable bowel syndrome or something. I grew up in Europe where beef is very expensive and it was maybe a once a month treat for my family and I didn't have those problems then. When I moved to the US I couldn't believe how cheap the beef was and that some people were eating it every day. (I now know that this is because of growth hormones and other practices that are illegal in Europe.) My new husband was a red meat lover but I just couldn't handle it. I stopped eating meat four months ago and my digestion has never been better. And I am pleased to say that my husband has taken this step with me and is complaining a lot less than I thought he would!

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5/16/07 3:51 P

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Hi EJOHNSTON4! Welcome!
I have actually heard that from many omnivors. It may be that the steak is just really hard for your body to digest. I also heard that it does not completely digest and may still linger in your colon for a LONG time. I do still eat fish occasionally so I'm not a vegan but I will tell you that eating this way is the best! I used to have a lot of stomach problems when I ate meat and I when I decided to cut out all but fish, I felt 10X better!

I'm working on becoming vegan

EJOHNSTON4's Photo Posts: 41
5/16/07 12:31 A

EJOHNSTON4's SparkPage
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Hey guys!
I'm new to this group because im not a hardcore vegetarian yet, but i hope you'll be able to help me on my way!
A few months ago I noticed that not long after i would eat steak, or beef or any sort of red meat, i'd get nausous, stomach cramps, or just feel really crappy in general. This doesnt happen when i eat chicken. So, i just started steering away from red meat and no one seems to know what might be causing this!
Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? Or knwo what might be going on?

any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

nice to meet youemoticon


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