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10/6/13 8:26 P

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I've kind of looked at it, but not in depth. I still have insurance thru work and it's pretty good. But I would like to learn more about know, just in case.


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9/30/13 12:09 P

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I too am pretty lucky, as I have my insurnce through my employment.. Actually we are expecting our premiums to drop some when the new laws go into effect. But I am the one at the office handling all the questions, and I am still learning.

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9/30/13 11:38 A

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I am one of the truly lucky ones. I am covered through my work and the will continue even with the AHCA looming. We are having our annual benefits meeting at the end of the month. Not sure how this new legislation will affect us yet.

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9/28/13 5:50 P

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Your not kidding, bumpy ride!

I'm not at all impressed with what's coming down the pike. As a matter of fact I'm downright disappointed. I am hoping and praying something is done by our Federal government and soon! The way I describe the ACHA is it's a train wreck that is coming to your home and fast!

Presently, I'm on Medicare for a disability, I have no complaints about the less than $200 yearly copay and 80-20% plan. I do take exception to not being able to get gap insurance until I reach 65 years old. That, I think, is unfair. I have Part D for medicine and it doesn't have a doughnut hole, because I have a state subsidy. The first three months my copay is about $3-$5.00. The rest of the year it's zero copay. I consider myself blessed to have this kind of insurance. In contrast my ex-husband/close friend of more than 30 years had a heart attack in the Spring. Since he cannot work he had to drop his private insurance that paid almost everything. Now, all he is eligible for is Medicaid. Most decent doctors don't accept Medicaid, because the pay rate for the doctors is extremely low. Forget about a private cardiologist, he has to go to the county clinic to see one. He has to wait all morning to see the doctor who is actually a resident doctor that is supervised by a cardiologist, with about 30 other patients. The clinic is open two days a week. There are rotating doctors, so he won't be able to see the same doctor more than once in a while. This is substandard, but it's all he can get. He was looking forward to Obama care until he found out how extremely expensive it is yesterday. He can get the Gold program for $680.00 a month! This is the program that has major medical which is what he needs. The basic program is $250.00, but it doesn't afford him specialists, only clinics. It's basically the same thing as Medicaid which stinks. So much for quality medical care brought to us by the "Affordable Health Care Act".

The way Obama care is supposed to work is the following; the younger you were the more inexpensive the insurance. It's not a reality. Barack Obama promised this, he did not deliver! The price of decent insurance is not affordable. I'm definitely not impressed with the "Affordable Care Act" insurance program.

If you know news like I do, I expected this to happen. The unions have exemptions for the ACHA, so do the major companies like Campbells and Walmart, etc, etc. Federal employees or employees of the government are also exempt. The Senate and the Legislature got a special exemption two weeks ago, also.

So, if you ask me if I like the "Affordable Health Care Act", you will know my opinion.
I sure hope something is done about this fiasco. We shall see what happens with the Legislature, since the Senate has passed the act back to them yesterday.

I am interested in finding out what other peoples personal experience is. Please do write and tell me. I'm really wondering how Obama care is being experienced by regular people. I've heard enough in the news. Now I would like to hear from real people.

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9/28/13 10:04 A

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ACA may be good news for those not on Medicare. When I got sepsis 13 years ago my insurance dropped me and with pre-existing condition no other insurance would take me. The state of Illinois had something like a high risk pool but someone had to die or the premiums get too high for someone to pay for a slot to become open. I did get in but I pay $700 a month with a $2500 deductible. Many people would have had to go without insurance. I have never been for more government but what these insurance companies have done is awful. I hope this works for so many people. I've never been for more government involvement but something needs to be done. This may be a bumpy ride.


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9/28/13 9:37 A

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The good news for DH and myself is that we are on Medicare along with Blue cross/ blue shield. We can ignore Obamacare for ourselves.

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9/28/13 9:25 A

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I was wondering if anyone else on our team is trying to understand the Affordable Care Act commonly called Obamacare. I found a site this morning that was helpful to me. The site is somewhat balanced it is from Market Watch/Wall Street Journal. There has been so many things come out trying to scare people. Considering our team I thought there were others that might be walking this new road.


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