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2/25/13 10:51 A

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a little mind boggling this 'early' in the day....but good info for sure. Is this the same kind of calculation SP uses when determining your calorie range? I have to admit, I like making the fitness tracker 'yell' at me when I burn more calories than I've set as a weekly goal emoticon
Oddly, however the days I work out hard are the days I'm less interested in overeating!? I'm more likely to over eat on a day that I feel lethargic and lazy...odd, right?
I think I've been balancing it out pretty well though over all.

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2/6/13 10:07 P

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Okay admit it, how many of you got out your calculators to figure this one out? I'll do it later.

I've got to get into the habit of checking more than the Town Square for threads again. Thanks Camille, great share!

Okay curiousity got me, so got a piece of paper, a pencil with a big eraser and did it the old fashioned way. .

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1/29/13 6:23 P

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great subject for sure
and another thing that might be cosidered is serving sizes those calories are based on a 2000 calorie diet and higher and i don't know many of us in that high calorie range for sure
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1/29/13 6:19 P

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Caloric intake based on activity level. Need to determine via conversion of weight into grams (g) The formula for this is weight divided by 2.2 = weight in grams. Lets use me as an example. I removed the ounces to keep weight even in number. 172 divided by 2.2 = 78 (g)

An average norm activity level for women is ,8 - 1.1 calories (burned) per minute

To be considered: Low activity vs High activity days.

Low = (my g weight) 78 x .8 x 24 (hours in the day) = 1498 (rounded up) calories needed

High = 78 x 1.1 x 24 = 2059 (again rounded but this time down - 2059.2) calories needed on high activity day


Sedentary 1.0
Low Active 1.12
Active 1.27
Very Active 1.45

I am considered "Active"

1498 x 1.27 = 1902 calories on a "Low" Day
2059 x 1.27 = 2615 calories on a "High Day"

These are the calories needed to keep body functioning properly. A "low" day may be normal activity perhaps going to church then taking a nap. "High" may = active day is working out but not hard core gym 7 days a week...remember the more active you are the more calories you need.

Now to recognize the type of caloric intake needed it is divided into calories, protein, carbs, fats. Normally ratio for protein intake is 15-30%, Carbs 50-70% & fats 10-15%. For weight loss however these numbers are moderated. The equation is 1 to 1 ration between protein and carbs therefore the protein is increased to 35%, Carbs are lowered to 35% and fat is increased (fat keeps you full!) to 30%. now to understand how much is needed of each for weight loss in grams the following formulas apply:

Low Calorie Day High Calorie Day

Calories 1902 2605

Protein - 4 calories in every gram of protein
1902 x 35% divided by 4 = 166 g (low day) 2605 x35% divided by 4 = 228 g (high day)
These numbers are how many grams needed on high vs low day of protein

Carbs - 4 calories in every gram so calculations are going to be the same
166 g (low day) 228 g (high day)

Fats - 9 calories in 1 g of fat
1902 x 30% divided by 9 = 63 g (low day) 2605 x 30% divided by 9 = 87 g (high day)

Remember "Good Fats" - Avocado, guacamole, almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanut butter, almond butter...

This was all so much easier via the video however the video would not come across. If you guy have any questions as I may not have presented it well...kept going back to video LOL!

Just thought this info huge and wanted to share as it helps take the mystery out of CICO. Next week Steph is talking about portion sizes in relation to the above...that too (to me anyway) is a huge thing as I tend to go too big or too small never just right LOL!

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