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5/1/07 12:33 P

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I'm pretty sure I read in another forum that user entered foods used to be added to the database. Unfortunately, it became too overwhelming to double-check the nutritional information and eliminate double entries. Just too much workload for a very small staff.

This leaves us with several options. You can simplify your search so that Awesome GF Scone becomes "scone" Pick one that is nutritionally similar and use a percentage or multiple servings to match up your caloric intake.

Or, you can add your food item to your own list. There is an area to click and do this at the top right of the Food Search window. This works well for packaged foods that have nutritional information listed. It is also good for restaurant items as many chains have their standardized nutritional information available online. I do this for all the good stuff that I think I may eat frequently through the year. This stays as your information and doesn't become available to other users, unfortunately.

Another way is to enter it as a recipe. Enter all of the ingredients and the number of servings and the nutritional calculations are done for you. I've only done it this way once... and I think I got there from the SparkPoint page, clicking near Submit a Recipe. There should be a few other ways to this tool, but I haven't searched for them yet.

It takes quite a while to set up foods since we eat a more specialized diet. But, if you plan to track your intake, it is well worth it.

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5/1/07 10:37 A

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I think that Sparkpeople members can add food to the database. Those are the ones with a * at the beginning of the title. Maybe we can add GF to the title so we can all search on that. What do you think?

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4/30/07 2:03 P

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Thanks for that, I will remember to keep the labels off the food I eat. I wondered if I was missing some obvious key word... perhaps a word that us New Zealanders didn't know... but thats all good. It isn't a hassle at all to add the food myself, and as you say it is there whenever I need it. Thanks heaps, Hannah

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4/30/07 7:56 A

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The list of foods is for those who have no dietary restrictions like we do. I also have just added all my foods into my favorites list, and then it is there for me to access whenever I eat. It only takes a few minutes, if that, to enter one or two foods at at time, then the next time you need to record it, it is already in your favorites list.


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4/29/07 12:12 P

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Hi Hana...

I've noticed that there's a lot of items that aren't in the database yet, whether they're gluten-free or not. So I usually sit down with the package and enter all the information I can myself. And then, I save it to my favorites list so I can easily access it in the future. But before doing that, check to see if your item is in the database by entering as little information as possible. Perhaps just the word 'scone', or the name of the manufacturer. Sometimes it's just in under a name you would never assume.
I'm very new to Spark too, and I'm really enjoying it. Especially having a gluten-free forum!
Best of luck!

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4/29/07 2:55 A

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Hi there,

I just have a quick question, I was wondering is there some special word that can be entered when trying to search for gluten free products on the nutrition search thingy. I am new to this and was trying to enter my gluten free scone but had no luck finding any scones that were gluten free. It made me wonder if there was a special gluten free word or something. Thanks, probably the answer is that I have to figure out the energy content myself but wonder if anyone could give me a hint...

Thanks heaps, It is so nice to touch base with others who are managing their weight and are gluten free
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