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Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free

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MARGIE100%PURE's Photo Posts: 1,500
6/21/13 3:04 P

MARGIE100%PURE's SparkPage
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Welcome Neezy108 and good for you.

In my world denial hit hard stayed long. Denial clouds the mind the thoughts and built animosity and anger of unknowns and just stops positive forward progress; I took a long time to draw the line. My G-F only food intake is great now but the kitchen cross- contamination was a dozy for me to overcome. Making homemade things for others was a highlight of giving for me; I was good at it. We like being in the kitchen while others cooked. It is considered a common place to chat. Being in the kitchen while someone is working with dusty gluten foods is a sure fire way to hurt myself; especially when gluten flour hits the air the floor my lungs and skin. I am mostly an intolerant but oh so sensitive since I went G-F 6 years ago. For someone like me with just gluten sensitivity kitchen privileges are rare. There are no bells whistles lights or noisy alarms. I just need to get out of there and know my own limits better. I must shift the talking to anywhere but that cross contaminating room while exciting powdery gluten things are go on. My family is learning to accept this. They miss my sharing conversations in the kitchen and doing food prep for them. They were spoiled and so was I.

I like your open mind but sorry you had such a later epiphany discovering G-F to feeling good and sleeping well. Beauty sleep looks good on you!

DJ4health-That was well said. We have to stop being an innocent victim to become an assertive informed prevention specialist.

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The greatest love story is your own.
If you miss out of life to the fullest; they win.
You are the happiness master of your own mind.
Thought is an active dynamic energy to harmonize and corrolate good.
Clear all paths to love thru forgiveness.
I may not recognize the significance until some time later.
Is my resistance to change really that strong?
Impatience does not provide the time to learn the lesson;
Awaken new ways to approach the dissolving of a problem;

DJ4HEALTH's Photo Posts: 36,798
6/17/13 11:35 P

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Some people do and others don't but watch out for hidden gluten and also check all products that you put on your skin too. Shampoo, lotion, toothpaste etc


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KNYAGENYA's Photo Posts: 6,167
6/17/13 3:31 P

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Congrats on feeling better. I felt better in three days so it is possible. I agree that you have to be really consistent with reading labels on everything.

" The road to success is always under construction."- Lily Tomlin

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6/17/13 12:46 P

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It's great you're feeling so much better already. As you go learn about all the places that gluten can be hidden so you keep feeling better - places like vitamins (are those gf?) medicines, stocks, soy sauce, a lot of processed foods.
Good luck!

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Love and light Rebecca

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6/17/13 11:13 A

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Some effects will begin right away. (I have a friend who thought everyone went to bed with a stomach ache every night. When she gave up gluten, that went away immediately. ) Other things take time to clear up, like my skin issues. It is exciting to find out the great improvements being gluten free can make!

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6/17/13 11:05 A

NEEZY108's SparkPage
I just found out that I am sensitive to Gluten. Started eating the right foods right away OMG
is it normal to feel better right away??
I slept all night last night and its been years. I am taking some vitamins that were recommended for me. I sure hope this is the answer to my health issues.

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