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8/15/13 11:31 A

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I just read the book, "the blood sugar solution." Tons of information, plus a sample diet w/recipes for you to follow. the author is Mark Hyman, MD. Since he recommends ditching gluten, his recipes are ok.

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1/31/13 4:36 P

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Hello Fruitbat3 insulin resistance is common in processed foods diet sweeteners and cane sugar intakes. Limiting and removing is a challenge. It took me over a year to find it and stop that but you are up to it! I found that cane and beet sugar has a higher sulfur content that challenges my immune system and my body hates these days. I stopped eating sugar and anything corn soy grape or yeast. I use no artificial sweets or carbonated anything even vitamins and minerals like calcium carbonate supplements. I sparingly use honey and xylitol as my replacements ((averaging 2or 3 tablespoons total per day) but the weaning steps from high sugar to a low limit of these took mental effort as the body accepts the change. I have no negative reactions except to bigger volumes of them.

Awesome guide already suggested is getting to know which foods are better in the glycemic index and to eat well of low glycemic foods and making them the habit. I put my list in bold print on the refrigerator and carry and review it with my shopping list.

It had been said that diabetics and most people do better with slightly bigger volumes of vitamins like B vitamin complex, C, D3 and E. My nutritional doctor guided me through all of these changes. I love the new me for this.

For dessert I like clean whole fresh fruit or cut in fancy patterns eaten with a gourmet fork on special dishes often stemware cut crystal or favorite ceramic shapes for a nice display. Have you seen a simple apple cutting into the shape of a turkey? It is fancy.
d-apple-turkey/. And gets easier with practice
My really strongly sweet favorite is the bite combination of 3 to 1 of fresh pineapple and banana (high glycemic!) pureed and frozen together in a sorbet. After doing without sugar and high fructose corn things, this is wonderful.

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1/28/13 11:28 A

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Thanks Everyone for your suggestions. I am in the healthy bracket of the BMI so weight isn't an issue. I wonder if it might be a slow burn to type 1 diabetes as with two autoimmune diseases (celiacs and hashimotos) I am at risk but the tests, which aren't very sensitive, say that I don't have it yet.
I will start using the Glycemic index more. The treats you all suggest sound fabulous but I have had to cut out dairy with the celiacs as at the moment I am very intolerent.


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1/23/13 10:09 A

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Usually prediabetes is diagnosed in overweight people but your spark weight loss ticker doesn't show that. Did your doctor not give an explanation or advice? I would suggest you look at the glycemic index of foods because it is the sugar and how fast they metabolise that affects diabetics. All white flours, sugars, white rice, etc would be a problem. Plain yogurt with a half tsp of a jam without hfcs is a good treat. Pre-mixed or flavoured yogurts are very high in sugars. And that remeinds me, read the nutrition label, esp the grams of sugar. Increase your fiber.
good luck!

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1/23/13 5:30 A

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I'm pre-pre-diabetic, you should come on over to my Living Healthy with Insulin Resistance group for food ideas.

My favorite dessert is chocolate whipped cream, I make it myself from real cream and cocoa powder and just a tiny amount of sugar that is balanced by the fat in the cream. I freeze it in little 1/4 cup batches and have one when I'm really craving ice cream

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1/23/13 2:37 A

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for the pre-diabetes - eat small amounts of protein every 2 hours and why we're all on this site, lose some weight. emoticon Just doing those 2 got it off my chart.

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1/22/13 10:32 P

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Most desserts have lots of sugar in them but you can make frozen smoothies and if you use frozen berries you can make it like ice cream but with out all that other stuff that the store bought ones put in. I use yogurt and frozen berries along with some stevia and some vanilla. That is my dessert


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1/22/13 9:02 P

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Anyone else?

I feel quite overwhelmed with the next round of changes. I am reducing my carbs and have ditched the kind bars :(

I no longer have sodas because of the links with autoautoimmune diseases.

What else should I do? Any fabulous desserts anyone can recommend?


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