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1/30/12 11:52 P

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some stores have them but you have to look real hard or ask some one about them and you have to make sure that you tell them that you want the gluten free ones.


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1/30/12 11:10 P

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Looks like you are getting lots of good advice here! I really don't bake but at CHristmas. We did just use a Bob's Red Mill All Purpose for cookies the last 2 years and they came out fine. Surprisingly good really. Otherwise I buy the rare bread I eat. I like Rudi's, Udi's and Aganst the Grain. Against the Grain is delicious, prolly cause it has cheese in it! emoticon

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1/30/12 9:26 P

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I use this formula from Betty Hagman also. I make 9 cups of this as if you are going to be baking a lot it is a lot easier.

6 cups white rice flour ( it is healthier to use the brown rice flour)
2 cups potato starch flour
1 cup tapioca flour
I mix all three (3) of these flours and mark the container Gluten Free Mix
I put this in the freezer as it last longer.

My sister sent me a recipe for French Bread; however it does have yeast and zantham gum. It is really good. If you would like the recipe, I would be more than happy to send it to you.

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1/30/12 6:35 P

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I don't bother making yeast breads b/c I need to limit my intake so those I buy. I use different breads for different purposes and the same with flours and commercial mixes. A cake needs a different mix to a bread but a muffin or tea bread should be between the two.
For 20 or more years I have like Bette Hagman's basic mix of 2c rice flour (I use brown rice flour) + 2/3 C potato starch + 1/3 c Tapioca starch. That is used in all my muffins.
I like Kinnikinnick Bread & Bun mix for bread & buns. It's so easy 1.5 c mix to 1c water and mix for 3 min. I almost always add 1/3 c ground flax and 1/4 c toasted sesame seeds for extra nutrition and flavour. My buns come out like real buns. Check out my spark photos.
I use xantham gum to prevent crumbling. Before using it, my muffins fell apart.
It drives me crazy when bloggers give a recipe calling for GF flour and then say they used an all purpose mix like Pamela's which has all the extras.

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1/30/12 2:11 P

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Haha! So, this being my day 5 into GF living isn't that weird of a question? :)

I don't like baking with yeast ANYWAY and I kept seeing it again and again! So, what you say makes me HAPPY. I'd prefer doing quickbreads as that's what I was raised baking. I'm just crap with yeast!

Just a note: from that page you linked (THANK YOU), there's a downloadable pdf...

of why/ how some flours work where others don't -- they don't translate gm by gm.

I've never really liked sandwich bread (can go months and months with a loaf in the fridge. BUT I do like to bake (especially for others) and I like specialty breads, like foccacia, ciabbata (probably spelled both wrong, can't be bothered to look them up) occasionally. Oh, and bagels ;p

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1/30/12 1:51 P

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Oh boy, this is the million dollar question. Everyone who goes GF ends up asking this question. :) For me, the best GF flour blend I've used is one I made myself. The basic recipe is found off the website of Gluten Free Girl and the Chef:

Scroll down to the section named "Our All-Purpose Flour Mix". I prefer to make my own flour mix simply because I can control what goes into my flour. As you can see, this flour blend does not automatically add xanthan gum, so you can choose to add it to your baking if you so desire.

I've used this flour both with and without xanthan gum, and it seems to perform well in most applications. I even made devil's food cake and it turned out OK! Even without xanthan gum. :)

The gums (xanthan and/or guar) are meant to replace gluten as it somewhat mimics gluten's structure. But you know, I don't know as it's really necessary. I've even seen a bread recipe that used fruit pectin to try to take the place of gluten.

In my personal experience, GF yeast breads are difficult to do because there is no gluten to trap the bubbles made by the yeast. It doesn't rise as well as quick breads do. As you can see here, this "sandwich bread" isn't really all that suitable for sandwiches, it's too short!

But there are some good yeast free bread options out there. I like these ones from The Gluten Free Spouse:

Good luck!

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1/30/12 1:28 P

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Amber: thanks, I'll put it on the back burner then!

ONICAM: I'm not looking to buy it, I was wondering if it's necessary with all the other stuff.

JENCORINNE: Thanks for the recommend. I'll add that site to my google reader. I already use flax, chia and a bunch of things, so that's cool. I'd rather keep things SIMPLE til I start to figure things out. I live very remote. A lot of sites mention GF bakeries and I want to laugh in their faces. You have to drive 52 miles here to get a gallon of milk.

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1/30/12 1:21 P

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It used to be believed that the gluten was the "glue" that held baked item together and without it they needed to add xanthum or guar gums to hold together. Since many people react to the gums and started using alternative binders it has discovered that gums aren't necessary. Some items do need binders some don't. eggs or chia or flax seed "eggs" work in most items.

I love Gluten Free Girl and she has written several posts on the use of gums since she found that gums bother her almost as much as gluten does. Here's what I think is the 1st post about cooking/baking without gums

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1/30/12 1:17 P

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I think we bought it at whole foods if I remember right. It is not in most stores at all.

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1/30/12 12:57 P

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Xanthan gum can definitely help with texture, but I haven't found it necessary. Which is good for me since I'm more intolerant of xanthan gum than I am of gluten!

Really, I've found that the best thing to do is to just experiment with trying different flours and mixes to find what you like. Each kind leads to a different texture and consistency and only you know what you'll prefer! I have never used yeast or made quick breads, so I can't help you there, sorry!



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1/30/12 12:35 P

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This is VERY new to me, I thought doing myself the favor of buying a pre-mixed flour would be smart but...All GF recipes I see call for xantham gum, potato or tapioca starch and then a mixture of rice, grain or bean flours.

This one contains:

garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, whole grain sweet white sorghum flour, fava bean flour

This is a tad daunting (and I thought I was making it easier!).

I'm thinking xantham gum is added to recipes for binding but shouldn't the potato starch and tapioca flour and egg do that???

Also: many ask for yeast but I grew up making quick breads (with gluten, of course) using baking soda and / or baking powder. Can I generally use yeast OR baking soda/ powder if I'm not that interested in loft (like for THIN pizza crust/ cookies?).

I REALLY appreciate ANY help since I already bought (gulp) a 5lb bag of this flour blend!


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