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3/4/12 10:23 P

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Hi, I'm in London, Ontario and my dd and I are gluten free for a week! I have not had too many problems finding gf products. Obviouly, the selection does not compare to the us I am sure! My biggest concern is figuring out what to pack my dd for lunch.

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1/13/12 11:25 A

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Hi to all you Canadians! I'm in the South Okanagan of BC and am one of the group's leaders.

There are lots of places with gluten free products, meals, etc. I'm so surprised when Clagary is mentioned as hard to find products because when I visit my sister, we always go shopping for gf products and she has a list of places to eat.

Visit the Canadian Celiac Association website to find your local chapter. They usually list where to buy gf products and where to eat. Joining a support group is a great place to learn about the hidden gems and to find support.

Google your city and the words gluten free. I travel extensively and always do this to find the local places as well as the support group pages for information.

Many major grocery stores have GF lists. Safeway has a long list of their own products and has recently installed a gluten free section in many of the stores. Just check out the Canadian site.

Pretty well all the natural food stores carry gluten free products.

Boston Pizza makes awesome gf pizza from Kinnikinick pizza shells as well as other items on their gf menu. Check it out ahead of time by asking to look at it. I'm not sure if it is online.

Wendy's has a great gluten free list. Ask for the hamburger without the bun and they make it on a tray. Their chilli, potatoes, ceasar salads (incl dressing but w/o croutons) are all gluten free.
Check the Celiac Scene provides free maps to celiac-endorsed restaurants across Canada. and the chains
Be sure to do your own checks as I've found people have different ideas of what is gluten free.

I make awesome hamburger/sandwich buns from the Kinnikinick Bread & Bun mix by using a straight sided muffin top pan. so easy 1 1/2 c mix to 1 c water, then beat for 2 1/ minutes, bake at 375. I've made them when I get up and make a sandwich before I left for work.
good luck,
Barb (gf 31 yrs)

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1/13/12 11:06 A

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Thanks for the welcomes and some more ideas of where to look. I was able to find a gluten-free bread mix at the Longos near my work so tonight we're going to try making our own gluten-free pizza.

So far the GF hamburger buns were gross, but the GF ancient grains bread was as good as my non-GF brand and the GF blueberry muffins were delish (all by the same company Udi).

The bonus has been the increase in home-cooked meals with lean meat or fish with fresh veggies and rice or quinoa.

Have a great day in the U.S., Canada, or wherever you're from!


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1/12/12 9:14 P

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Hi and welcome to the team., Hope you find some I know that it is still hard to find it here in the USA but it is getting better.


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1/12/12 1:54 P

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Hello KatieinToronto! I am from Calgary, Alberta. I know exactly what you mean. It is really hard to find food!

My biggest struggle is finding places to eat out. Milestones is good but expensive. I would love to find some "fast food" type places.

Sobey's is good here too, altough I really get upset with the prices. They are so HIGH.

I have done a fair amount of shopping to the States and find that the products are much more reasonable and main stream. Did you know you can buy gluten free Bisquick and Rice Crispies there? They are only about $1 more per unit.

Have you tried the gluten free pizza at Crazy Crazy? We don't have that here.

There are a couple of members e.g. Fuzzy1too who lives in T.O.

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1/12/12 1:50 P

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I'm American but my best friend is from Edmonton and has a mild wheat allergy so does GF on occasion. She said the stores in her area have GF sections.
I remember when she 1st came down she went to the regular bread section looking for GF bread. I told her it's kept in the freezer here, yep, it''s frozen here too.

Have you tried looking at Kinnickkninnick's website to see where it's sold in your area? It's made in AB. I'd do the same thing with Glutino.
If you can't find something in your area could you ask for them to carry something. A lot of the stores here will do that.
Trust me the mixing of GF and gluten products is common here too. 1 of the national chains started a GF section right next to the "health food" section. Most of it was all mixed together and some other products were in the diabetic section on the other side of the store. I complained to the manager and got a gift certificate and it got a little better. I still worry about newbies getting gluten products on accident.

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1/12/12 12:46 P

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I'm finding a lot of the published books on gluten sensitivity or celiac is American, which means the information about food labelling and places to grocery shop or eat out don't always apply North of the border.

The biggest struggle I've had to date is finding a grocery store with GF products. I did as much research as I could online. I found one place that advertised GF products had only 2 products - crackers and macaroons. Another health food/organic store was great except the gluten-free was buried in with other options so it required a lot of time to sort through, plus the breads were frozen. Happily, my local Sobeys of all places has a gluten-free section including fresh breads!

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