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Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free

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10/23/11 1:04 P

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I believe I felt a similar form of frustration you are going through and forsaken by the people in the establishment where I lived and made my living. I was sick but uninformed as to why. I started asking a lot of questions. It took two years before the cloud lifted and diagnosis was determined and two more years before help from my over booked state health case loads materialized for me. In those four years hindsight has me seeing that: IF they assisted me early enough with toxin removal, hormone balance, energy recharge training, and foods lessons of allergy and intolerance were identified and avoided (things that should be supervised by a doctor); I believe I would be the efficiently energetic employee of my last full time job; not a handicapped useless public coffers drain. Celiac and Gluten Intolerance, Fibromyalgia, Systemic Candida, Adrenal Fatigue all make an average doctor look weak with few tools to reverse negative affects. They are working to get more training to address these politically adverse illnesses; and the evolution to success over these illnesses to ‘fix it’.

Illteacher- I understand the frustration you may be feeling in repeat treatments after antibiotic uses. Some infections are not of a bacterial nature. Empty use of antibiotics is given to assume invader elimination but naively harm gut balance in prophylactic procedural measures. My inner ear infections repeated and grew really sore until I discovered and stopped to irritants causes. I had to find all my irritating foods-medicines- and-health and beauty products and quit using them, dairy is one of the foods and so were the many cold and allergy meds over-the-counter and prescription strength versions I was offered. Under the care of a different certificated doctor the antibiotics were switched to trace sugars like arabinogalactan and non-disruptive antibiotic therapy of olive leaf extracts and high amounts of probotic supplements which was tapered off curbed back again when infection cleared. The probotics to supply fresh gut flora did help me to fortify the power of the body’s immune system. Vitamin “K” can be made in the gut when the gut is satisfied with enough bacteria friends. Broad spectrum antibiotic use kills off good stuff and bad bacteria. This other doctor recommended I recharge with 5 billion two to three times a day. This is common intake listed on the bottle. Foods high in mannose can also support the internal immune strength. *Here is a short list of foods with mannose (The asterisks represent * *highest levels*): **Aloe Vera, *Green Beans, *Cabbage, *Eggplant, *Broccoli, *Kelp, *mushrooms like shiitake-summer oyster-abalone, *Turnip, Black Currants, Gooseberry, Cranberry, Apple, Peach, Orange, Blue berries, Capsicum (Cayenne Pepper), Tomatoes, Palm kernel oil, Guar seed/gum, Green Coffee beans, Soy beans, Kidney beans, Lima beans, Locus bean/gum, Carob bean/gum, and Fenugreek seeds. Present these ideas before your doctor before using Arabinogalactan or olive leaf along with the doctor’s program. Foods naturally high in trace sugars can assist from the inside out. We need to help the doctors and the system help us.

Oh Debbie26111- I am pulling for you. I see you are striving for long range healthy tissue solutions with deep nutrient value and stronger body immunity stealth to be strong this winter. Glycoproteins (combinations of proteins-fatty acids-and trace sugar molecules) promote faster healing. Glyconutrients do not interfere with antibiotic use. Polysaccharides (more than one sugar molecule bonded in a set) and oligosaccharides (containing three-six sugars in them), as mentioned in the Lancet medical journal in the year 1996 are used to treat these bacterial troublemakers; E Coli; Bordetella pertussis (whooping cough); and Streptococcus pneumoniae; and helicobacter pylori (peptic ulcer). Twenty years later and the classic MD doctors do not offer this program, promote these facts, or practice with tools that work. I am not a doctor but this should be common knowledge to make those bugs go away and stay away. Of the doctors that use and supervise this protocol: 500 milligrams of arabinogalactan (gum sugars) and stabilized aloe vera taken with water half hour before meals have successful recovery; the instructions say half as much for a two year old. These glyconutrients do not kill invaders they are the necessary sugar coating to protect cells and enhance immune stealth. Foods rich in galactose (of arabinogalacan supplements) are: figs, grapes, peas, tomatoes, hazelnuts, beans, and pectin.

Nutrimental Thinking is needed here, in my opinion.

More details about glyconutrients/trace sugars can be found on the net and in my blog set pieces of eight. Remember only trace/micro amounts for self use and large amounts under doctor supervision.

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10/20/11 12:05 P

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Immune system and allergy and talking to a family with all of that...wish I had know to have my daughters tested for celiac and allergies when they were young...would have saved us a lot of time with pneumonia, asthma and migraines!!! Hope you are able to get the help he needs to make for a nicer growing up time and that he feels better soon! Barb

Smiles from Barb!!

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10/19/11 11:31 P

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Sounds like me when I was growing up and then some. I don't get sick as much since going on a gluten free diet. So you can try it to see how he would do.


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10/19/11 11:07 P

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If he has any type of allergy to foods such as dairy, it will not matter what form it is in. His immune system will react to it and leave him open for illness. What people neglect to understand is that dairy allergy is not like lactose intolerance. Any type will hurt in the end. Make sure he is not eating hidden allergens of any kind and is rested, not stressed, and is getting proper nutrition. The immune system is a delicate balance. Does he have Celiac?


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10/19/11 10:10 P

DEBBIE26111's SparkPage
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Yah I already know he is allergic some to dairy, soy, and the pea family,,, we had him tested many years ago. But he has been eating some cheese ect. alittle more,,think I will tell him no dairy at all for awhile and see if that helps. His doctor said aged cheese was ok,,, but i don't know anymore!!! debbie

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10/19/11 10:04 P

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My son was sick with ear infections and on antibiotics every other month until we figured out his dairy allergy. You might ask the Dr. about trying an elimination diet, one food at a time

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10/19/11 9:56 P

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Hi everyone,,,
My ds of 14,,is sick again, this time with pneumonia,,in his left lung,, took him last week when he got sick, but it never got better so now on to some different med. I also am giving him vit. supplements to help build up his immune system. The doctor (new one) asked if I ever had his blood tested for certain things (gosh can't remember what exactly) so am to take him back when he is feeling better.
I found a different doctor because the other one just kept telling me he just had a virus,,last year. It has been a long road of figuring it all out. Wow I could just tell you a long story but don't want to bore you all with it. Just wondering if anyone out there has this problem also. He gets sick so much! Sinus infection, then strep, now this:{
Enough for now. Debbie

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