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2/2/11 11:09 A

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Thanks Sparks for your kind words here . Plus info.
I love all the Celiac taste of G.Free.
I consider that a real blessing.

I find it so much lighter and not as heavy in my tummy. The bread is heaver texture but I mean the lightness when I eat it.

Hubby is making the soup for us in a big pot for alot of days.Yummy. . He likes soup it but not head over heels like me on the F.Free breads. We have them all. .

He likes the soup's he has made. He is right on the ingrd reading labels and checking with me at the store. How nice is that.He washes up everything and he cleans the counter alot.

I am 49 years married to this man and he is still by my side and even makes most of the meals still. He is from nine in his family and he is the oldest. So he had a lot of helps back in Holland as a oldest but never complained. How lucky was I to have hooked him in.

I am so blessed.
Are interest's in things have always been the same as day one I met him at 16 .
To now.

I enjoy his soccer games as well. We love to be outside in the Spring and summer but in the winter to-day for 3 days is the worse storms ever. We pass.

Have a great day all.

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2/1/11 11:12 P

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2/1/11 11:07 P

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That is great news


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2/1/11 6:51 P

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Great news about your dr report. It is always nice to know that a dr will back you up 100%
Keep up the good work it will definitely pay off in the long run.
I am Celiac so do know.
I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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2/1/11 1:57 P

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Hello! I'm from Canada too. I've attached the website for CRA regarding gluten-free / medical expense:

Just remember, it's the INCREMENTAL cost that you can claim as a medical expense, not the ENTIRE cost of gluten-free products.

Best of luck!

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2/1/11 1:13 P

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Not sure of that. I'm in Canada also... I don't have celiac though.
Glad you had a good appointment!


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2/1/11 1:12 P

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Congrats on your good report and best of luck on your journey. It isn't an easy one but will be well worth it.

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BEESPARKLE Posts: 5,170
2/1/11 1:07 P

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I seen my Doctor to-day and got a good report. I told her I put myself on Gluten Free way of eating. Bread, spaghetti, sauce, I name it all out to her. Not many Doctors in my town give it the thumbs up.
They seem to send you to the Specialist so often.

When I told her. She said great. She grinned from ear to ear. She wants me to lose weight as well though as I had gain some weight in that year I just seen her in Oct of this year. So she said. Excellent G. Free.
So thumbs up. I was excited to tell her. My Doctor. is as healthy as she can be. She jogs herself. There is not a inch of fat on her. I think she would be almost 50. She looks like 40. So what a great report. She knows I am celiac but always sent me to the Specialist . So with her talking to me to-day she has turned my way of thinking 100%.

Thought I would share it. Now I read here one gal said if your Celiac you get a discount. Is that for people who are poor. Mine you after my food bill for G. Free. I will be poor.

She said for me to find out from where I get my Taxes done if I can get a rebate back. Then she will sign for me.

Can any one give me feed back on that. I am Canadian so not sure if that is for us here. Just asking.

Do you fill out a form for Celiac and is that just for health stores or any store if you saved the grocery bills. Then give to your tax person and get back rebate in the end of year.

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