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TOPIC:   had reactions to other foods after going GF???? 

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MARGIE100%PURE's Photo Posts: 1,500
2/10/09 11:27 P

MARGIE100%PURE's SparkPage
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Hello Everyone and attention to all of you with more than gluten intolerances. I have been there done that and have the fatigue lab report to prove it. The modern MD’s of our society deliberately skirt around the subject and condition of fatigue. They avoid and refuse to tell the patients (us) the facts:
Fact 1 Adrenal fatigue is not an insurance paying condition until you are close to death, called Addison’s Disease as written in the International Code of Diseases the ICD. Hypoadrenia is one of among 10 other names.
Fact 2 There are so many man-made ‘things’ in our food that no single food is the cause of the gut, joint, and head and body pains. Cortisol testing of urine will measure this fatigue on a scale of 0-50; the average doctor will not tell you insurance does not pay for this so they avoid talking about it. Low adrenal conditions but will not cause a doctor to bat an eye until the insurance industry is willing to pay for it.
Fact 3 All diseases in the ‘insurance industry’s ICD list’ will get reviewed for payment. All conditions on that pretty list are fair game to explain to the customer/patient. Adrenal fatigue in general is not a sympathetic doctor’s favorite condition until the loss of adrenal health is permanent.
Fact 4 We must find support elsewhere. A naturopath or nutritionist of decades of training can assist you to find your best or help you limp along until you to distress all areas of your life and recharge. They help us wean off refined sugars, non-nutritive calories, and relearn how to distress and get 7-9 hours of sleep needed to recharge.
The book Adrenal Fatigue The 21st Century Stress Syndrome, written by Dr James L. Wilson was required reading when my own doctor a special endocrinologist with some facts for me to get care elsewhere. When she saw my lab results on my cortisol test, my score only 15 in a 0-50 value; she did not have to resources to care for me. I am not even at 50% energy and still can not work a full time job to earn the insurance; yet I do not fit the description of ill by my State or the Federal Government.
I too can not eat wheat, corn, oats, rye, and/or anything with sulfites with over 10 parts per million (10ppm) and also anything processed. This list of man-added stuff are some of my no-no’s; additives of MSG, citric acid, caramel coloring, rice syrup, dextrin or maltodextrin, high fructose corn syrup. Any by-product from any of these grain additives causes me some pain. These things are even found in shampoos and lotions. A trip to my old favorite fast food place or any restaurant for that matter is off limits for me. If disaster struck my community I could not eat a government boxed food. Meals-ready-to-eat an MRE is poison to me.
emoticonemoticonkeep fighting.

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Clear all paths to love thru forgiveness.
I may not recognize the significance until some time later.
Is my resistance to change really that strong?
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Awaken new ways to approach the dissolving of a problem;

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1/29/09 6:43 A

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I notice a difference between eating organic grass fed beef and regular corn fed beef now. My body is very selective. Also, I don't do well eating too many salads. I wonder if there is something on the lettuce as a preservative that causes a reaction.

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MARTHAJOY's Photo Posts: 913
1/29/09 1:00 A

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Yes, I've had reactions to other foods. It's odd, but even when I cook at home, I can no longer eat beef of any kind (makes me vomit about 2 hrs. after eating) or salads, unless they're very small (same reaction) Also, more than one cup of coffee, a problem. Dr. started me on Ranitidine; hasn't helped much. I'm careful with glutens--no soy sauce, salad dressing, etc. Never had these problems before!

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1/20/09 7:18 P

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I noticed all my food allergies got even worse after going GF.
As for gassiness and other symptoms, a doctor on Oprah said that at a certain age (40+), many women cannot tolerate ALL grains. Do even too many corn chips are probably doing me in.

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ALATNA23's Photo Posts: 45
1/20/09 1:43 P

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I'm VERY careful not to eat foods that have "modified food starch" in them. It goes a long way to keeping my stomach feeling wonderful. If I eat out and get a food with gluten in it, I know within hours. It's been 4 years now and it gets easier and easier to know what is safe and what is not. Stay the course...

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KAZZLE3's Photo Posts: 2,737
1/20/09 8:54 A

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I was diagnosed at one time for all of my food allergies so I have not had the same experience. But I have felt bad while being GF and found gluten in my shampoo & conditioner. Other research after meals I cooked and had a reaction to led me to avoid maltodextrin as I have a reaction when it is in a GF food. I also have to avoid food starch unless it is listed as corn food starch. Just trying to say that after each reaction or each time I felt a little bad after a meal I would dig deep until I could determine what caused my problems. It has been a lot of hard work.

Best of luck to you!!

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1/20/09 8:25 A

HARRYC2022's SparkPage
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I started the GF diet in August and I've had a very similar experience. My primary issues were fatigue and joint pain with very few GI issues.

After 4-6 weeks on the diet I felt super. Gradually, the joint pain and fatigue came back although they are far better than they were before going on the diet. My bowels have gone down hill. They are up and down but seldom regular.

Are you taking a probiotic? They are supposed to help. About a month ago I started Cymbalta and it knocked my remaining pain out. I've been exercising so some joint pain has returned but I'm hoping my body will adjust.

I just had my bloodwork for my 6 month follow and I see my Dr. next week so I will find out how my levels are doing.

Good Luck

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1/20/09 6:46 A

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I avoid gluten, dairy, corn, and peanuts. The best thing to do seems to be to keep a journal and get an idea of which foods are best for your body. The journal will be able to tell you which foods cause bloating or joint pain. Some people have to avoid night-shade vegetables also. One of my friends is highly reactive to sulphites, It is an individual thing. Knowledge is power!

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TRAVELIN_FOOL's Photo Posts: 763
1/20/09 1:01 A

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Hi! I started a GF diet in August after years of problems with IBS; fatigue; joint pain etc. After the first two weeks I was feeling great, better than I have in years.

Then, little by little my old symptoms and some new ones have started coming back. I have now figured out that I have to add corn to my list of things not to eat, also can't have anything with malt (especially alcohol with malt in it).

I have been pretty strict about my diet, trying to feel as good as I did at first, but I am getting discouraged. I am back to being extremely gassy, and mild IBS symptoms after each meal. So, I am beginning to wonder what else I could be reacting to --- Possibly dairy too?

Has anyone else ever had a problem like this? Could getting rid of the bulk of foods I react to have caused some of the other things that I didnt realize I was reacting to to flare up?

If I am going to feel bad even when I am eating GF it makes it VERY hard to stay motivated to stay GF (even though I felt SO good at first).

Any thoughts, suggestions, etc would be appreciated.


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