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11/23/11 10:58 A

WELLREDHEAD - I hear you loud and clear! My mother and my grandmother are terrible food pushers. I recommend killing them with compliments. Or resort to groaning that your stomach hurts and you can't possibly fit any more in. :) Get that little voice in your head to back you up and say - you can do it! you can say no! I've also been known to take far far less on the "first round" so you can say yes to a second of something later and then say no after that just to make them happy. Last year I tried to focus on conversation and talking to people more during the meal and forced myself to put my fork down and grab my glass of water and drink that for awhile. If you still have food on your plate when everyone else is done you can chalk it up to already taking more than enough and you couldn't possibly have seconds. Good that you are thinking about it now. You've got to go in with a game plan when food pushers are around. You can do it! Would love to hear how it goes and if you stood your ground.

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11/22/11 10:35 P

My plan is "everything in moderation," same as every other day of the week... Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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11/22/11 8:57 P

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Husband, mom and I are going to our cousins. I have cardio scheduled every day this week and "giving" some extra time every day to thanksgiving. I'm going to take small portions, no seconds. I'm going to have to have mashed potatoes because homemade is something I only get once or twice a year. No butter on anything - don't need it. After this, if I'm still hungry, and only if there's something I REALLY want, something unusual, I'll have dessert. Sweets aren't my down fall, carbs are.
Is anyone else kind of childishly helpless to their own mother's food pushing? I am. I can stand up to anybody else on this planet and say, " no thank you, I am full" but my mom just won't let it go sometimes. She can be relentless, if she's in the mood to be! Any advice?

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11/22/11 2:38 P

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DH & I will be going to my aunt's house for dinner. My family tends to have fairly healthy Thanksgiving meals. No mashed potatoes, no gravy (we use straight turkey drippings for a little moisture), no green bean casserole (just steamed veggies, green salad). Even the stuffing is relatively low fat/cal -- our family recipe is a lentil stuffing with barley and a little matzoh meal instead of bread crumbs. My cousin's family keeps kosher, so there's no butter or other dairy in anything. About the only fattening things are the pumpkin pie for dessert and the marshmallows on the yams, and I never eat all that much of either.

My husband only ever eats turkey, salad, and a roll. He doesn't like stuffing or most cooked veggies or pumpkin pie, so he's always hungry soon afterwards. We usually go out to a movie after dinner and he fills up on popcorn there. We plan to see the new Muppet Movie this year.

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11/22/11 12:03 P

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Nice ideas. I have a yoga class scheduled for Thanksgiving morning and already have either a spin class or another yoga class planned for Friday morning.
We cook Thanksgiving dinner so we can really control the recipes we prepare. My philosophy is like yours - use the calories on my favorites or things I only get at this holiday and bypass the things I get during the year - like mashed potatoes.
Have fun and enjoy the holiday with your family. This is my favorite holiday as it is all about family and no gifts to buy.

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11/22/11 11:49 A

Hey all!

I thought we could use a blog about Thanksgiving and what are plans are for this week and day of and the aftermath. Would love to hear your plans and what works or doesn't work for you in the past. I have to go to 2 Thanksgivings this year - and the second one I am hosting (if I don't make it we don't eat it!). Us shorties need to keep this in mind more than most since we can't take in quite as many calories as our leggy peers.

During a past Thanksgiving and holiday season I actually lost weight and I'm planning on keeping that in my mind this week and over the next 5 weeks. You can do it too. It is all about portions and enjoying the food that goes into your mouth and not caving into peer pressure.

What has worked for me in the past is the following:

1) Don't skip breakfast. You don't need to feel like you are starving when the meal finally rolls around. Most people I know eat their big Thanksgiving meal around noonish. But if you are one that eats at night make sure you still eat healthy the rest of the day. Eat healthy lean meats, lower carbs, lots of veggies. Just an idea but consider having a greek yogurt for breakfast. thick, creamy, feels like you are spoiling yourself and you get 14 grams of protein and 120 cals.

2) I check out the plate I am given - how big is it? I then eye-ball what a smaller plate would look like and only fill that area with food. I especially like my mom's decorative ones because there is that 1/2 inch along the outside that is painted. I don't let any food touch that. If it does - I took too much. If there is a second plate I ignore it. SECOND PLATE? Does that much food really fit into my stomach? I think not!

2) Be conscious of every bite that I put onto my plate and consider trade offs. I love stuffing and will NOT give it up on thanksgiving. So instead of depriving myself of my favorite food I give up others: I don't eat the mayo-y salads or anything jello/sugar based during the meal, I take less potatoes and less gravy and don't put extra butter on anything - not on my potatoes and not on my bread. I take the whole wheat bun instead of the white bun and I look for the smallest one in the basket I don't put butter or any other spread on it. I've also been known to not take any bread because I love my stuffing. I keep my turkey portion to 3-4 ounces. I do not take green bean hotdish. I do take pickles and a small scoop of cranberry sauce. I only drink water. Maybe one small glass of white wine if I can budget it in. I offer to bring brussel sprouts or make the potatoes - this way I don't put any extra milk or butter into them. I ask how the sweet potatoes were made and if they are soaked in sugar and butter I'll pass or only take a tablespoon or two. I drink an entire glass of water during my meal and wait before taking any more food. I'll just feel miserable later if I eat seconds.

3) Don't let anyone be a food pusher to you! Say no and that you are stuffed and how wonderful everything was with a huge smile on your face. You can resist!

4) Dessert. I love pumpkin pie. I will share half a piece with my mom and we don't eat whipped topping on it. I usually talk the table into waiting until mid afternoon to have pie. More people decide they only need half a piece at that time because they feel so full and because mom and I lead the charge with saying..."oh only half a piece for me, i am soooooo full." Peer pressure reverse guilt trip all around :)

5) What is the weather like? Is it nice? Bring your walking shoes and talk someone into taking advantage of the nice weather in the afternoon and go for a little walk. Crossing my fingers that the South Dakota weather is really 50 whole degrees. Amazing for here.

6) I am working out every day this week to make up for my max calorie day on Thursday. If I can get a workout in that morning that will be bonus! Right now I'm planning on doing a 30 minute Jillian dvd that morning before we head out. Then Saturday I am planning on doing the same or going to the gym before my marathon of cooking.

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