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10/6/11 12:18 P

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I guess I am in the minority here. I don't agree with that formula because then i would have to be under 100 lbs. i weighed 120 lbs when i graduated from high school (20 years ago). sorry, i will NEVER EVER get there again unless i never eat and exercise 5 hrs everyday at super high intensity. I am shooting for a 25-30 lbs loss, which will put me @ 130-135lbs. that may not be what the drs recommend, but that is what i believe is healthy for me and i can maintain. i couldn't even maintain 125 lbs. so, i respectfully disagree with the formula given. funsize22, go for 130 lbs, then when you can maintain that for 3 months, then go for the next 10 lbs, maintain that for 6 months, and so on until your body tells you no lower.

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10/6/11 11:04 A

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Yeah, it's tough. I'm 5 feet even. I weighed 100 lbs before I had some surgeries and so I thought that 100 lbs should be my goal weight. Now I'm down to 115 and I don't think that 100 lbs is the right goal weight. So I'm shotting for 110 and then I'll see how I feel.

Your body changes as you get older so your ideal weight is going to change as well. We all choose goal weights based on what we weighed before, but that's not always the right indicator of goal weight.

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3/2/11 9:40 P

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I like the step-down process proposed. You must FEEL healthy when you reach goal.

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3/2/11 6:27 P

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The formula you found is the one I'm familiar with. At 5' my goal was 100 lbs which I thought would be impossible when I started at 154+ so instead, I set three goals, the last being the most challenging. As I reached each one, it boosted my resolve and my commitment to attain the next one, and then the one after that...

Work your way gradually through different goals and I think you'll find the same will be true for you - whatever your "magic number" winds up to be!

Best wishes!

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3/2/11 12:10 P

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That sounds like a plan. I initially went for 116 as that was what SP recommended. Then 110, then 106 and now I am bouncing around there.

whatever you feel is easy to maintain for you emoticon

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3/2/11 11:13 A

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How about going for 120 pounds and then seeing how you look and feel. You can always adjust it along the way.

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3/2/11 10:52 A

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Hi people, new on here and slightly confused what my weight goal should be.

So I woul like to be the size I was in a photo from about a year ago. The thing is I'm not sure what weight I was because I was completely comfortable with my size and never weighed myself.

I read an article on here that says you should allow 100lbs for the first 60inches then 5lbs for each additional inch.

But that would make my ideal weight on 105lbs ?? And I dont feel I need to loose that much being 140lbs currently ?

I was going for around 120lbs? But was going to stop as soon as I felt good. LIke kind of go by size, eating healthily and exercising ? :)

What do yous think?


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