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10/22/07 11:42 P

Wow! Thank you!
I did some more research and have bought some herbal tea (no problems). I am also drinking a juice of beetroot, carrot and celery each day.
I just bought the Jay Robb flush book, it looks great! but I won't do it just yet as I have paid someone for a diet/training program that ends in December.
I guess I just have to be patient.. it will take a while to reverse the damage.

Thanks for the advice!

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10/20/07 7:55 P

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Have to edit my original reponse. I absolutely agree with Morth- , if you are generally eating clean, you should not have fatty liver issues. But there could be other things hereditary that are working against you.

I'd talk to your doctor before trying any flushes.

Furthermore, I personally think less is more. If you are going for herbal cocktails for flushes, do you know your herbs? If not, I'd be cautious.

I take lots of supplements but certain herbal mixes or cocktails give me allergies and I've yet to find the I have learned to stick with what I know.

If you want to go clean, than Go CLEAN. No rocket science required here- flush with fruits and vegetables. There are so many options that fill you up (apples, apples apples) Mushrooms, greenbeans sauteed crisp over a fresh raw salad! mmmm!

My flush:

I have found that the the Jay Robb Fat flush worksgood one that really works if you stick with it for the required 3 days:

Just 3 days to a rejuvinated you. Believe it. It works. It touts instant weight loss, which is true, but that's not why I do it. I did it before vacation and after. Both times losing the weight...and feeling totally alive and healthy.

BUT again, you should ask your doctor before you try anything that may seem extreme- especially if you aren't used to it.

Again, flushes should leave you feeling leaner because you lose some body fat that is stored, as well as water retnetion. Good bye bloated tummy!

I promise you that my friends and family kept asking if I lost a bunch of weight. But it was just a few pounds (maybe 5)... Still, it was really eye opening because losing fat didn't require exercise.

And to top that off, my mind was clear, I was content, less moody. Of course, losing a few pounds and looking leaner due to less flab made me happy, too.


Here's how it works:
This flush focuses on amping up protein (way more than you need) on day one, then flushing with fruit... days two and three. This forces your body to burn stored fat and flush out water retention. out. Remember fruit his high in water and fruits will work with you on this... not against.

Fruit is a natural diuretic and many vegetables act as cleansing agents to the intestinal tract.

Not too hard to figure out WHY it works is it? You are purifying your body by eliminatingt toxic foods for a few days and replacing them with super foods.


Follow it up by Eating clean and you've got a safe healthy lifestile for with long term benefits. It's like eating oranges. Over time you build up immunities from the benefits of the vitamns...

You want a lifestyle effect here. Think long term!

:) Remember to ask your doctor before you try anything like this!

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I'm only as strong as the coffee I drink and the hair spray I use...

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10/19/07 3:01 A

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If you're really eating clean, than your liver should get better. Tosca still includes dairy and lean meats in her guidelines. Taking it further, substituting a few vegan meals low in processed ingredients and high in variety of nutrients, might help as well (increasing fiber, lowering saturated fat).

Type: fatty liver more:condition_treatment
in google search to help find more information on treatment.

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Laura :)

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10/18/07 9:34 P

Hi everyone!

I have been eating clean since May. My body fat% is very high, so I had blood tests to try and work out why I was having trouble lowering it. My thyroid, hormones, blood, heart, blood pressure etc are all good but my liver is not happy.

I have been reading up on "Liver Cleansing" and am wondering if anyone has been through this and has any suggestions of what to do or not to do?

I am being re-tested in December and am hoping that will show improvement. Doctor said things take about 6 months to show up.


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