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12/1/13 10:56 A

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My trainer introduced me to clean eating and it made a world of difference to me. She has me eating 6 times a day, about 200 calories per meal. I'm 60 and although I work out, still don't need a lot of calories. Clean eating got me dropping weight and feeling really good. I start the day out with my biggest meal which is oatmeal, cottage cheese and berries. After that I have small portions of a complex carb and a protein. Hard boiled egg + egg white + blueberries, spinach salad with chicken and very little dressing, ground turkey/veg/salsa scramble, greek yogurt + fruit...

Good luck making this work for you. Everyone is so different you'll have to experiment.

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11/29/13 7:36 A

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Agree with everyone here - the principles are great eating unprocessed food and making healthy choices - but you still have to watch your portions. Too much of a good thing can still be too much! Do what works for you and good luck. "

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9/30/13 10:57 P

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all the advice was dead on

I think in the beginning I counted calories - but as I got better at eyeing portions I stopped. If my progress stops I will go back to calorie counting because my exercise level and intensity are not changing so it would have to be my food

the one thing I can add is that you have to stick to something for 4 weeks or more to see or know if it works or not

the key word I saw throughout the threads - TWEAK - there is no one size fits all - if there were we all would be buying it

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5/31/13 7:16 P

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In order to use them, you need to figure them into your calories and nutrients for the day. I eat quinoa, but limit it to one cup. Any oil is going to be high in calories. It's just that one needs to use the right oil. Coconut oil is the rage right now. I will try it, but I will still figure it into my day. We need some oil or fats in our plan because we still need to lubricate the joints. Especially those who work out more than most of us. Any thing added to your calorie count does have to be taken in to account. With losing and trying to stay at 1200 calories I would definitely worry if I use it excessively. Nothings free. Even vegetables add up when you eat a lot of them. Actually we do need to count in order to lose. After awhile, you memorize a lot of it. And the favorites and the groupings help me a lot (nutrition food tracker) so not to make it tedious.

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5/31/13 3:42 P

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Wow, thank you all for these very helpful suggestions!! I think I had my "aha" moment when I realized that her book is much more of a guide and there's no one size fits all. Plus, she lifts weight all the time and I'm not near enough as active as her, so I doubt I should eat that much food with low activity.

I guess I was trying to get away from counting calories, but now I'm thinking it might be a good thing. I'm also paying close attention to the macronutrients as well, something I never did before! Feels good to be in control.

I was surprised to by how many calories are in a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil, even quinoa. I mean these things are talked about so liberally as add-ons to your diet that you don't need to worry about, lol. No wonder my total calories became so high!

Thank you all for your helpful advice :)

5/31/13 6:37 A

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All good advice!

Your calorie intake will depend on a LOT of things!! First and foremost if you are just starting, don't go too draconian. If you are eating 3000-4000 calories a day (which MANY people in our society do on a regular basis!!) cutting to 1800 should produce some loss initially even without any other alteration to exercise or water intake.

I would start with what Spark recommends and see how that works for you.

Good luck!

5/31/13 5:33 A

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I also think the calorie count depends where you are with your fitness. Tosca provides a few different menu plans depending on your fitness level. For me, 1600 is where I lose weight and 1800 is my usual intake, but I lift weighs and walk 10,000 steps each day. If you are building muscle, you need to add the protein to your diet which means more calories. If you are eating clean, watching your macronutrients (protein/fat/carb intake) you will build muscle. Building muscle will put on weight, but the increased muscle will look good AND burn more calories.

I agree with the other posts here - track your food intake, your calories, and macronutrients. See what happens with your weight and the way your clothes fit. Make adjustments based on your results or lack of results. It take patience and focus. You can do it!! We are here to help!!

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5/30/13 11:07 P

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I count calories and made my 'healthy' food choices to fit the number of calories I needed.
I like to eat large amounts so I worked to get the most food for the calorie 'buck'. That meant cutting down or out the high calorie foods such as sugar, fats, cheeses, breads and pastas.

As time went on and I gained more control, I added back some of these foods in moderation, but always within my calorie needs. I also became more active as I lost weight and started feeling better which helped burn calories.

You can find out the best number for your height and weight here on SP. For me, 1200 calories was the number I used for my low activity level. I didn't follow a plan, but tried to average calories to about 300 per meal and 150 for 2 snacks. If I go over on one day, I cut back a 100-200 calories per day for the next two or three days (if I know ahead I will cut back a day or two before also) to make calories average out for the week.

Another thing, which may not be the best advice, but worked for me in the beginning is to go with your routine . . . meaning, for me, was eating a late night snack (or meal) which I would reserve enough calories to indulge in a larger snack or meal (300 cal) at that time of day. As time goes on you can tweak 'your' plan as you learn better about nutrition and why they say to eat certain foods at certain times of the day. This is where SP and other similar sites can help educate you to better health and a healthy lifestyle.

Hope this helps!

Update! NO MORE Wiggle room on my weight! Still figuring out how to keep balance and stay in charge. Staying active but could step it up again.

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5/30/13 10:08 P

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I know if I went by the menu plan in Eating Clean mag. I would gain a TON! It's way more calories than an old lady with not enough exercise can handle. (me)
I don't do all the carbs in her plan anymore either.
You have to tweak it so it works for you. It's a great start in how to eat healthier, less processed junk etc.
Hang around SP you will learn SO much and find what suits you best. Good luck!

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5/30/13 7:56 P

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I am clean eating + other things. Calorie counting goes hand in hand no matter what plan you are on. You have to create your own portions. It's hard for me to follow meal plans, I just use some of her recipes, and do my own thing, and use the nutrition and calorie guide here on Sparkpeople. I couldn't tell you how much I have lost over this past couple of months, because I don't weigh in for another 20 or some odd days. I only weigh in at the Doctors. That way I don't have a scale teasing me here at home. I have lost several sizes though.

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5/30/13 7:26 P

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Hi All,

I am new to Speakpeople and I am trying to make it work for me. I really like the concept of eating clean and I read a lot of the articles from the clean eating magazine and I also read Tosca's book. The only thing though is that she doesn't like calorie counting, so I did her program for a week and barely lost a pound.

When I added up the calories that she suggests from portion sizing, it's about 1800-2200 calories / day, which I think is a little bit overboard for a beginner to fitness/eating and someone trying to lose weight (hence, the reason I joined Sparkpeople).

What are your thoughts? How many calories should one consume / day while eating whole food / unprocessed, etc.. type of meals? Also, any tips on tracking and making sure you stay in that range?

Thanks for your help.

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