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2/5/14 1:44 A

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Love it! Got mine from mymy best friend for a wedding present just over a year ago, and we use it 6 days a week! The combo we both like is a couple of handfuls of greens (mixed baby kale, baby chard, baby spinach and beet greens/tops), a banana, half an avocado (a quarter if they are huge, or it comes out like pudding LOL) and this homemade protein powder I saw on this show I am obsessed with, Steven and Chris. emoticon Sometimes I add some friend berries for change. I mix it all up with about half unsweetened almond milk and half water, and then we split it on our way out the door. This allows me to still have a small "real" breakfast at work. (My body thinks liquid meals are a joke in the satiety department.)

We already broke the main (extractor?) blade and had it replaced under warranty, which is when I found out you can get a 4-year warranty for like $15! I was all over that. LOL

It does not appear to be faulty manufacturing either. I think it's because we were tossing it in the sink half-submerged all day. I am sure it says not to do this in the manual. Oops. Now we're more careful.

I just saw they have released a DESSERT BULLET! It turns frozen fruit into ice cream -- no milk necessary, which is key for me since I am intolerant to cow's milk. Anyone know if this one is as awesome? I neeeeed it as soon as I have $60 I can afford to I've Bed Bath and Beyond (oddly, the lowest price I've seen so far).

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9/30/13 10:40 P

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I got one and my family uses it daily - I and DH do morning smoothies - more veggies, chia seeds, protein powder and a small amount of fruit - as the fruit will spike your blood sugar

My kids like the veggies and a tad more fruit and almond milk- but for them that is ok - they are active and not overweight

Sometimes if I really want somethign sweet in the evening I will mix up something with a little fruit and greek plain yogurtand ice or just a fruit and ice for a sorbet - this gives me that dessert feeling

But we just love the NB - if it broke I would replace it right away without hesitation

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9/2/13 11:08 A

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I have a nutribullet also and for the first time in my life I am getting lots of fruits in...I add spinach leaves, tons of fruit...and some protein powder and yum....I get pretty full from drinking all this. Love love love it!

Would LOVE to hear some of YOUR recipes for smoothies!

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8/28/13 9:44 P

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Love it! Have a nutriblast a day for either breakfast or a mid morning snack. Love to create and experiment with this gadget. Makes grocery shopping for fruits and vegis super fun! Feel better than ever! Its now fun getting my vegis and fruits in. Instant good for you energy :)

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8/25/13 11:53 A

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I agree with Road Toxenia that the Nutribullet rocks!
It has helped (1) my 14yr old son (who often skipped breakfast because he had no time) in eating healthier, (2) me lose 13lbs just this month, and (3) spark an interest in my 5yr old and 9 yr old, who like to help me make new and exciting smoothies...
Getting the kids excited to eat vegetables was easy, too. I got them to read the Nutribullet book and pick out a smoothy to try. Then I took them to the Farmer's Market, where they helped me pick out the ingredients. Finally, we get home and they help me make the smoothy. Of course, some of the smoothies taste better than others, but in the past month they (and I) have consumed more veggies than they have ever eaten, and that makes me happy.

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8/17/13 12:56 P

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i just purchased a nutribullet i would love to have your recipes for the peanut butter shake and the mint shake.

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8/15/13 10:19 P

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I absolutely love my Nutribullet! I start every morning with a green smoothie and some days I have an after dinner dessert one. I have come up with healthy smoothie combos that taste like an Almond Joy, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, Pina Colada, Thin Mint Cookies, Coffee-Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and a Banana Flambe! I am having so much fun with the thing, I forget I bought to get more fruit and veggies into my diet. This morning I had, strawberries, banana, tangerines, kale, walnuts and almond milk. Later today I had some orgainic honey flax cereal, bananas, almond milk and nonfat yogurt! It is a wonderful invention that has helped me lose 17lbs in a month! You wont regret getting it and Walmart, Target and Sams all sell it for under $100!


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8/12/13 12:29 P

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Just bought my first bullet this morning!

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8/2/13 10:34 P

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I have a Nutri Bullet at home and must admit that it is the most amazing product that my husband ever purchased!!! We use it daily and I must admit that I feel awesome! I have never consumed so many varieties of fruiits and vegetables in my life but my life is soooooo much better for it. I wouls suggedt it to anyone and it comes with a book with recipes! Amazing. emoticon

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7/30/13 11:34 A

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Hmmm! I gotta get one, huh?

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7/15/13 1:18 P

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I'm on my 2nd Magic Bullet and I love it!

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7/14/13 5:21 A

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I got my NutriBullet last December, I have come to use it everyday and sometimes more than once a day!! I have felt many physical and mental benefits from the daily smoothies, I don't use a lot of fruit since I have blood sugar issues, usually a half cup or so, or a half a banana, but I do use whey isolate protein powder, hemp oil, 2 tbsp flaxseeds, greens, walnuts or almonds or chia seeds (one, not all at once) . I don't drink milk, but I have put Greek Yogurt in my smoothies to up the protein (I don't eat a lot of meat) since I have a hard time meeting protein requirements according to Spark's Nutrition tracker & recommendations.

In the past few months I have said a few times to my sis and to DH that if my NB breaks, I will order a new one that day!! I feel that strongly. I also feel it has been THE most used appliance in my kitchen that I would not want to live without. I have begun to feel better, and if I go a day without I just don't feel as energized....

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12/29/12 1:20 P

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I don't have a bullet but for Christmas I just got the Ninja system...I got the middle one I believe-the one that comes with the individual cups and a large mixer part for making larger quantities of smoothies milkshakes,as long as food processing and kneading for baking.I LOVE mine so far.I've only used it a few times but it's really nice. I love drinking smoothies when I'm on the run or when I just don't feel like eating and this encourages me to do so because it's one less dish I have to wash.I would highly suggest it!

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12/27/12 1:11 P

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I LOVE mine. I've had it since June, and make a green smoothie 5-6 times per week for breakfast. Typically with 2 handfuls of mixed organic baby greens, an apple or pear, ground flax seed (the grinding blade that comes with the unit is terrific for grinding your flax seed fresh!), a small piece of either ginger or lemon, and water. I've seen a great improvement in my immunity to those nasties that get passed around the office, and my skin has gained a healthy glow. Whether it is helping my cholesterol remains to be seen... emoticon

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12/26/12 10:20 P

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Well I don't have one. My DH always wants to order me one. I just don't think I am sold on it. Maybe I am just used to seeing people use juicers so I am thinking this item won't be up to par. If you decide to get one I sure would be curious to get your opinion.

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12/25/12 10:43 A

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Does anyone have this gadget? If so, do you like it?

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