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11/13/11 8:47 P

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Oh God I had/have bad mood swings when I eat sugar-loaded and highly processed foods. I didn't realize how bad it was until I started going back to my older cleaner lifestyle. I've ditched about 2/3 of the added sugar I used to eat and I feel so much better. But as soon as I have a high or even a moderate consumption day (of added sugar) I feel it, light headed, no energy, and worse moods.

Clean Eating is like a bad religion- full of obsession and accult thinking.

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SCUBAK Posts: 106
10/21/11 1:43 P

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Please stay on your medications.
Track your moods daily, along with your period and what you ate as well.
Keeping a journal like this can help you, along with your health care provider, narrow down specifically what/when things are affecting you.
It takes awhile to pinpoint and hit the sweet spot with meds...but once you do, it will change your life.

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10/12/11 12:00 P

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Im a crazy moody bit*h too! Ive got PMDD wich gives me about a good 10 days of feeling good and myself~
Good Luck!!


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9/27/11 5:51 P

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I am getting checked again to make sure I don't have ADD or am bipolar in a few weeks. Most likely ADD ...... my hubby thinks and my mom and counselor do

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9/27/11 4:05 P

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I don't take medicine but have regular mood swings. Since eating clean it's helped to balance my blood sugar levels as long as I eat every 2-3 hours. Check out info on keeping blood sugar in check in reference to mood. Hope this helps.

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9/11/11 8:25 P

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I didn't stop .. I just have missed a few days accidentaly and got back on it today. I don't want to stop either I just want to take something else someday if the doctors decide that I can do that .... and I LOVE exercising and getting fresh air ....

9/11/11 3:34 P

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You should not just stop your medicine even if you start eating clean. Have a look at the guidance at which has a lot of people dealing with depression on there who are also eating clean. In due course over time you may be able to come off it if your doctor agrees but I would keep up all your medicine for now until you have done a good few months of 100% clean eating and lots of exercise and fresh air.

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9/11/11 2:32 P

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I want to see a naturopath? Is that what they are. Or a nutritionist. I want to figure out how to control mood swings and depression by eating right. The clean eating is helping SOOOOO MUCH but if I miss my medicine (and don't even realize it until later ... i am noticing a pattern in moods) I HATE IT! My husband actually made a comment, asking if I took my medicine today, because I missed two days, and i am the biggest B**** right now! I am flipping out for no reason and just happy one minute pissed the next!

I don't like this feeling at all, I just want to cry. I feel so helpless at times like this. Maybe a good workout might help. Here's to hoping.

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