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9/10/11 10:17 A

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I think I have only reached 2000 calories once. I am enjoying listening to my body to see how it works and what it functions best on. When I lost weight before, I was eating clean, working out about 2 hours a day (running and aerobics/ST) 5 days a week and still was losing weight at 3500-4000 calories a day. I was training for a half marathon. My BMI dropped to like 14-15 I forget the number. My body fat was 13%. I DO NOT WANT TO GO THAT LOW AGAIN! Sure I was very healthy but I was too skinny.

I want to keep a healthy BMI, but have a lower body fat percentage, (between 18=24%) Right now at 26%.

But I know that I do need more crabs I need to eat more rice and such, since I took bagels out since first starting my carbs are less :( :( I have protein/fat and veggies/fruit every meal, carbs are harder.

As for the friend, I am not super close. I am just worried, and I don't think they will be receptive. I've tried telling them they need to fuel they're body properly and eat more than 1000-1100 calories a day even then she said thats TON of calories, so maybe with time I guess and prayers she'll hopefully see the light and want to eat healthy, not starve herself. Thanks and I agree it is a tough question.

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9/10/11 3:15 A

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A lot of people would like your problem! Whether I eat clean or not I always want to eat more than I need and can gorge on baked potato and the like. Other people find they stop eating when they aren't hungry which is how most people around the world have always operated. A few (like you) will keep losing weight and get too thin in a way that is below 18.5 BMI etc and need for health reasons to gain weight.

What can you do? Make sure your clean eating foods are good healthy meals with enough brown carbs and protein. I try to have a handful of protein, a handful of brown carb at 3 meals a day and at lunch and dinner a handful of veg. So I suppose I go by look - what will fit into my fist or look like a fistful of protein and one of carb. Therefore 8 grains of rice or a tiny bit of fish is not going to be enough and I would tell by the look of it.

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9/9/11 9:09 P

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Tough questions... I guess if you feel satisfied and your weight is doing what its supposed to be doing, don't worry too much. If you are feeling tired, then eat more. It's really about listening to your body. I only recently stopped counting calories. I think it's an excellent idea until you are really comfortable about knowing what makes up your diet.
Now... to tell someone else. Depends if you think they will be receptive or not, I guess. Some people like to starve. I've noticed that. Maybe if they are close to you, you could simply tell them that you are concerned.... that they look like they have lost weight and your not sure that they need to... hmmm... tough one.


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9/9/11 6:11 P

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Okay I know calorie counting isn't promoted in clean eating .... I have to count though, because I will not even get 1200 if I don't count .... so I have been counting since last month, i have missed a few days and i FEEL AWFUL the days I don't, because I am not getting enough of my macros and total kcals. So how do you go about getting your needed calories for the day when you don't count!

And I have another question. How do you tell someone that they need to eat more? Like they're not even getting a 1000 calories a day and they don't like to eat/ I am just worried about their health.

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