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4/22/09 11:36 A

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Thanks for all the helps - I was beginning to feel overwhelmed about how to get started!

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4/22/09 11:31 A

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I should have started with one of the cooler diets in the book and followed Tosca's weekly meal plan in the back of the book. Then I should have started venturing out into other foods to try like one of her recipes. I'm doing that now to make things easier on myself as I don't have time to really spend on preparing my foods. I'm currently eating 100% clean now.

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4/21/09 7:11 P

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Welcome to the team!

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4/21/09 6:31 P

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I agree with the folks who have already posted. Start slowly, ease into it and in no time you'll wonder why you ever ate they way you did before.

I now find I do not care for cream cheese, Jiff peanut butter (want the organic/natural stuff), etc. My tastes have changed for the better. emoticon

Good Luck. I hope the team as well as the principles brings you great things.

4/21/09 6:28 P

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I kind of jumped in by stocking up on the good stuff (fresh fruit and veggies, nuts, whole grain bread, hard cheese, eggs, soy milk, etc.) but do allow myself to still eat unclean things in moderation.

My biggest change was to stop eating pasta/rice/potatoes with dinner. Instead we eat an extra veggie or a salad or I make oven fries (regular potato for DH, sweet potato for me). Next big change was to stop frying things, and instead stir fry, pan fry in a nonstick, or bake.

Then I took a look at what I was eating before and tried to substitute things - for instance instead of Progresso bread crumbs (filled with junk) I use panko, I switched to cereals without HFCS (except for some Cracklin Oat Bran every now and again b/c I love it), instead of chili seasoning I season my own chili, I use ground turkey instead of beef a lot, etc.

I set myself up with healthy, whole snacks like cut up fruit, veggie sticks, low fat cheese sticks, whole wheat crackers, etc. And a favorite of mine is pumpkin seeds when I need to nibble.

I started eating every few hours, five or six times a day, instead of two or three bigger meals. That meant cutting portions (I eat less oatmeal now for brekkie, but know that a snack is just a few hours away), I eat my lunchtime sandwich on only once slice of bread (now whole wheat instead of white), and eat a smaller dinner (cutting out the pasta/potato/rice side made that easy).

I have brown rice sometimes, pasta every once in a while, etc. - I don't believe in saying "never again".

I have sweets, I just try to make them myself, as healthy as I can. (I made an awesome carrot cake for DH's birthday!)

This is what is working for me. Slowly, but surely.

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. ~Mary Engelbreit

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4/21/09 5:13 P

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I had to start w/ slowly filling my cupboards w/ the healthy foods and getting rid of the junk. Exchange white foods, bread, pasta, etc. for whole grains.

Soon your tastebuds adjust and sugar tastes too sweet, fat tastes too greasy etc. and you WANT to eat healthier because your energy will soar!
Doesn't take long at all to feel the difference. emoticon

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4/21/09 2:28 P

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Start with some things and work up to doing more. If you try to go all or nothing its a big change and likely to feel overwhelming. Start with the things that are close to what you already eat or do and work up to the parts that seem as though they'll be more of a challenge for you. You don't have to eat completely clean or follow all of Tosca's guidelines (I don't) in order to notice a difference.


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4/20/09 5:09 P

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Hi All! Just read Tosca's book and am planning on starting to eat clean - any advice on where to start? Do I just jump in and do it all at once, or is it better to ease myself into it somehow? If I do just jump in and do it all at once, how long before I feel better/different?


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