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10/2/08 5:11 P

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I checked out your page to see if I could make some suggetions but realized that you are not tracking your might want to try tracking your intake for a few days to see where you actually are calorie wise!!! I would also agree that increasing your exercise would be a better option than dropping your calories!!!


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10/1/08 8:19 P

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Hi Monica,

Congratulations on eating clean for the past 4-5 weeks and for eating every 3 hours. These are key to your success. Being stuck at a plateau stinks. I've been there too. My advice about the calories would be to check out this website (I would have done it for you, but I don't know your height or age)

This gives you your maintenance, fat loss, and extreme fat loss calories. You can also click on the zig zag link and it shows you how to calorie cycle. I find that calorie cycling is the most effective way to lose weight because my body never adapts to a lower amount of calories. The concept is that you reduce your calories for a few days and then before your body gets used to it, you spike so it realizes it isn't starving. This is EXTREMELY effective. You should check out the post I made on my blog today about endomorphs. You might be one (like me) and the tips may help you. They say that endomorphs should eat 1g of protein per pound, so you should be eating at least 200g of protein per day. You should try upping your fat intake to get more calories. And by this I mean healthy fat like salmon (also a great source of protein), peanut butter, nuts, olive oil and avocado.

I think you need to eat more calories. The 1950 sounds about right for your current weight. It's NOT eating enough calories that is causing you to plateau. I had this problem and when I ate more, I lost weight... go figure.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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10/1/08 8:09 P

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I started eating clean about 3 months ago too. From what your saying, it sounds like you have the food thing under control. I'd go with more movement and see if that doesn't help. Cardio will get you to burn more calories at your workout, and strength training (building muscle) will help you burn more throughout the day. Muscle burns more calories than fat during the day, and takes up less space on your body too. If you do add both cardio and strength, it would be better to watch your measurements instead of the scale. For that matter, that's what you should be doing now anyway. If your loosing inches and feeling better that's what you need. I was losing weight just eating special k bars before I started eating that i'm pretty clean I haven't lost any either...but I'm feeling better and looking better so I'm happy.

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10/1/08 7:54 P

I need some help and input on how many calories should I consume... Bcuz I am in a plateu... I started Eating Clean 3months ago and at first it was difficult to get it right bcuz I would crave alot of the "not clean foods" and I would have them sumtimes and I was still losing weight

the past 4-5 weeks I have been VERY GOOD AT Eating Clean and its becoming NATURAL for me to make the right choices & eating every 3 hours

I havnt lost any weight in this past 4 weeks I am stuck between 233 - 235

that I havnt been exercising this past month & I kno that doing that should help but my levels of activity have been the same since I started

should I keep eating the same amount of calories?? it seems that when I was still eating food that I shouldnt and therefor eating a higher amount of calories I was losing weight

I have checked at Sparks & and they both give me I should eat an average of 1950 calories
but now that I am eating clean I cant EAT more than an average of 1500 calories a day and I Calorie Cycle so sumtimes I eat 1300 and other days I eat up to 1700

I would appreciate if anyone could help me and give me some advice.. what am I doing wrong??

I consume about 25grms of protein in every meal 5x a day
thats why I cannot eat more and I dont feel hungry and I feel full after every meal..
so I dont think I could eat more unless I eat stuff that I shouldnt eat that are higher in calories



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