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6/26/08 9:15 P

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Thank you all for the great ideas. The basic solution seems to be to set up everything on the weekend. I will block out time on Sunday for this.


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6/26/08 6:49 P

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I have found that eating right takes planning and is hard at first, but once you find your "go to" meals, it isn't quite as hard as it once was.

I had to find very specific meals that I put together routinely and can just grab and go. For breakfast that happens to be a Clif bar, a piece of fruit and some milk or soy milk for my coffee (we have a full kitchen at work). I pack all my lunches for the week on Sunday afternoon so that I don't hit the trap you've hit. My life is *so* busy that most times it just seems impossible, but this works. Lunch is almost always soup (either homemade or from a tetrapak - I love Pacific Naturals), crackers, snack pack of carrots, an apple, and some form of protein (2 oz of chicken breast, turkey slices, a hard boiled egg or a piece of string cheese). I could be more creative, but that takes time... which I don't have.

Good luck! Try planning earlier and packing ahead of time. It makes ALL the difference. Oh, and when I get off kilter like you do, the rest of my day follows suit. Getting it right at the beginning really makes a difference!


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6/26/08 4:02 P

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Everyone has provided great suggestions here. What I do is prepare everything I may eat during the week on Saturday or Sunday. For my carbs I cook a pot of brown rice and yams. I either place them in a big container and them distribute as needed or I place them in styrofoam containers for individual servings. Also on Sunday, before going to church I place beans in the crook pot and cook. Then I place those in individual styrofoam containers. I also cook up six of seven chicken breast. If nothing you can just through it in the oven to bake or place in crookpot. You can also make a turkey meatloaf and eat off of it throughout the week. I am also a big eater of canned tuna. There is nothing like opening up a can of tuna to throw on a salad. Also I always have cherry tomatoes and apples readily available. My refrig is stocked with cottage cheese, nonfat yogurt and cottage cheese. I also put my oatmeal in styrofoam containers and heat in the microwave at work. I also make large batches of protein pancakes and take them with me. You can also take egg beater with you to work in a container. They cook great in the microwave and include toast and peanut butter for breakfast. I also use a lot of frozen vegetables so it is easy to incorporate veggies into my food.

I think it just takes a lot of preplanning as mentioned in the Clean Eating Book. On the weekend you may need to prepare your choices of food. Also when cooking, cook in bulk so you do not run out until the next time you cook.

I usually go to the gym after work...By the time I get home, chill out, and eat it is after 9:00. Then I am on the computer for a hour; usually updating Sparks on the next day food tracker. Around 10:00 I start assembling what I am going to take to work the next day. Since I have already updated my Sparks for the next day, I print out what I am suppose to eat and then I go to the refrig/kitchen to fulfill the food list.

I hope this helps somewhat.



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6/26/08 3:45 P

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I think your experience is a very common phenomena. When I first started losing weight, I knew I would have to make changes and I set out to make healthy choices become the EASY choices. I knew I had to make it easy or it wouldn't happen.

I did two things that made it work for me. One, I invested in a small refrigerator for my office at work. I stocked it with healthy choices. I also keep protein bars, protein powder, organic rice cakes, pouches of tuna, etc in a file drawer at work. The other thing I started doing was cooking on the weekends and portioning out lunch and/or breakfast so I would not have to prep during the week. On Monday morning, I can take a week's worth of lunches in if I want. I also try to prep fresh veggies when I bring them home from the grocery store. If the pepper strips are cut and the broccoli is washed etc, it's easy to reach for them when I want a snack.

Let me tell you that I have NEVER been a morning person and up until about a year ago, I was certain that people who exercised in the morning needed some type psychiatric assistance! However, I decided to give it a try since everyone who does it seems to talk so great about it. I am now a convert, no psychiatric assistance necessary! lol I figure that I'm not really awake when I exercise early and have it done before I know what hit me. Even on the days when I don't exercise early, having the food prep done gives me a huge head start on making healthy choices.

For me, I had to get to the point where my health took precedence over other "good" things. I actually resigned a leadership position at work and did some other things to open up space in my life to address my health issues. I've never regretted it for a moment.

Good luck in finding the combination that works for you. From reading the other posts, there are some great ideas here for all of us!

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6/26/08 3:42 P

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I agree with the other posters - packing lunches while cleaning up supper helps save time, and prepping for the morning before bed helps both save time, and keeps me from mindless nibbling at the end of the day, which is what might happen if I just sit down with a book instead of getting up and preparing myself for the next day. I also pack my gym bag, even though I stop by the house and change before the gym. That way it is all ready when I get home and I don't have to decide anything - just grab it and get dressed.

If you are too overwhelmed to start prepping the night before right now, one halfway step you can do is shop with an eye to instant lunches. I have done that during the times when I'm grading finals, preparing report cards, planning graduation, and doing all the end of year meetings and I'm working late a lot. I look for the healthiest microwave soups I can find, and I buy yogurts and individual packs of cut baby carrots and apple slices, and little bitty cans of tuna, and then I just toss my healthy selections into a bag and I'm out the door. It might not be as healthy as eating my own homemade soups, but it is a LOT healhtier than eating something from a fast food place.

HTH and hang in there!



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6/26/08 3:09 P

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It helps me when I divide veggies/fruit whatever into baggies on the weekend and throw it in the fridge so it's easier to just grab and go. Good Luck

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6/26/08 2:02 P

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I am lucky that I have a refrig, microwave, toaster, and hot plate tat work, so I grocery shop on Sunday for the week, plan out my meals, and take everything I'll need for breakfast, snacks, and lunch to work on Monday morning.

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6/26/08 1:42 P

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You can do it! I don't have kids in the house anymore, but I still have my husband :)
Seriously, I get up at 4:30 am, so I do everything the night before. Pack up my lunch, snacks, all the food I need for the day, plus pack my gym bag and get my clothes out for work. That way, I have nothing to do in the morning besides hair and makeup. You are stuck in a vicious cycle, but you can turn it around. I'm sure you'll find lots of ideas from others on this team. Good luck to you!

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6/26/08 1:37 P

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You can do it!! I have young kids too and our mornings are crazy. Here's some things I try...
when cleaning up from dinner, I get a few simple things together for breakfast, put them in a lunchbox, and put the whole thing in the fridge. Fruit, cottage cheese, whole wheat bread etc. I really like peanut butter and banana. I put some peanut butter in a little plastic container but you could just take the whole jar if you need to. It only takes a few minutes at night but seems impossible to me in the morning. This week we made scrambled eggs for dinner and I brought some leftovers for breakfast the next day. Trader Joe's has little packets of nuts and I keep those and packets of apricots in my car at all times so I have something to fill my tummy until I can get to a real meal. In theory, having the food ready keeps me from splurging on treats. Another thing I did was to look at the Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks websites and learned how many calories etc were in the drinks and foods and I made sure I knew which drinks were better than others. It's not as much fun but now I order an iced decaf with milk and splenda and that's less than 100 calories.

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6/26/08 1:34 P

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No you are not, I try and I say try to make at least a work weeks of breakfasts during the weekend. I will do up a big batch of oatmeal or red river cereal or quinoa (sp) and put in single serving containers, so I just have to grab a piece of fruit , yogurt or cottage cheese to go in the morning. Lunches still trying to get that better organized. I will if I have leftovers to pack the lunch at the same time as cleaning up after supper. Or always have bagged salad around to through left over chicken or what ever in for a quick lunch. You could do up a slow cooker of soup for the weeks lunches then just add fruit or other things to make it different each day. Good luck as I said I am still trying.


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6/26/08 1:19 P

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HELP!!! This morning I gave in to a craving and realized I am stuck in a vicious cycle. I gave in to Peet's Coffee...bought a scone and Pomegrante Tea Freddo...for a total of 760 cal. and 26 grams of fat!!! What was I thinking....I have not finished the tea, but the scone is long gone.

I realized though that it happened because I did not take time to bring food to work this morning. I am stuck in the cycle of not having enough time to do everything --- then, I make poor a scone and frozen tea drink.

I cannot make myself get up at 5:30 a.m., which leaves me short on time for breakfast and prep. Last night, my son and I got home after 8 pm...I made dinner, spent 20 min online, then crawled into bed...It was 10:30.

Did not work out, because I was tired...then did not get up at 5:00 am to workout because I was tired...


Feeling do I get to bed early enough to work out, and prep foods at night? I cannot be the only with this problem...HELP!!

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