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TOPIC:   Poodle Dreams 

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MARY1313's Photo SparkPoints: (34,108)
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8/9/09 9:12 P

MARY1313's SparkPage
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Oh my sweet friends! all of you. It's only been 2 months since I lost my beautiful Stella Blue. It has gotten a little bit better but I still grieve. thankfully I have my beautiful baby April.

I know that the dreams you are having about your son dieing is because of the anniversary of the beloved Lady Cocoa. I wish I could come and give you a big old southern hug and have a good cry with you and then dry our tears and play with our little babies.

We are all here for you my friend. all of us love one another and feel one another's pain, believe me.

I am going to send you an email with my number in it. You call if you need to talk okay? sometimes that helps.
Hugs to you

Mary in Alabama

If I can quit smoking, I can lose weight!

"How beautiful a day can be
When kindness touches it!" - George Elliston

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KR2165's Photo SparkPoints: (19,656)
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Posts: 2,094
8/9/09 12:48 P

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Patsy and Deb...

Yes I too feel the pain of loss of a beloved pet. I was just talking to Dee the other day about our lovely little Bonnie. She was hit by a car. Some jerk let her out of our back gate...we didn't have locks on our gates at the time and for some reason that morning I had left her out in the back yard (I never did that...I always left her in the house!!). When I returned home, the gate was wide open and she of course was gone. I looked and looked for her, walking up and down the streets calling out her name. When a construction worker from across the street approached me and pointed out to me where Bonnie was, I expected her to come running into my arms only to see her lovely hair blowing in the wind and her lifeless body lying on the sidewalk. It was the worst day of my life!!! I still to this day remember that horrible day and the inconsolable grief I felt. That was almost 5 years ago and we miss her to this day. I had to immediately go out and get another poodle as I could not go another day without one in the house. That's when my beautiful and gentle little Raider came into our lives. And then the next day...Snickers joined us. I always joke that it took two poodles to replace my one Bonnie she was so good! There really is no replacement for any family member, but I had no choice but to get Raider and Snickers. My grief was so great with my loss of Bonnie. She was the absolute best poodle we'd ever had and we did everything with her and she went everywhere with us...slept under the covers with us and gave us such joy each and every day. Not that the Texas Trio doesn't give us joy...they's just Bonnie was such a light...a special light in our lives and we will never forget her!!

Kelly...originally from Denver, CO, but now a Texas girl by choice!

Co-leader--Ladies Who Love Ink

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LADYCOCOA's Photo Posts: 619
8/8/09 10:11 P

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I to understand your human loss. As a year ago this past summer. Not only is it the time when my poodle died. Within 2 months time span. Also my dad had a major heart attack and 2 days later and the very next day my brother in law and within 2 days he died and was only 45. I guess all that is just coming together and I also dreamed my son died last night and he leaves for Basic training for the National Guard and will leave in about 6 months for Iraq.
My guess is all that together. But my little poodle I would say I feel guilty over her death as I didn't get her to the vet in time.
I truly cannot even begin to imagine losing all those family members. How traumatic. Thank you for listening and for caring.
Its amazing that we can grow to love our pets as if they were our child. But then in a since they are our children.
Thanks Patsy

If you want to succeed. Be like a duck; Above the surface, serene & calm, But below the surface,Paddle Like Crazy

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DEBBEV's Photo SparkPoints: (28,833)
Fitness Minutes: (18,116)
Posts: 4,719
8/8/09 10:06 P

DEBBEV's SparkPage
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In time it will get better. Sense of loss will get take a back seat to all the good memories. I have had dogs ever since I can remember. I still feel the loss of each one of each one. But, I have an abundance of wonderful memories.

♥ .*) -:: - *) ♥
Deb & Me Ling
Olive Branch, Ms.

Co Leader ~ Poodle Club

Treat stressful situations like a dog... If you can't eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away!

Posts: 27
8/8/09 10:01 P

L*Y*D*I*A's SparkPage
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I am so sorry you are experiencing so much pain. You must have loved your girl very much. To tell the truth, I don't have any words of wisdom. I have lost cats, but not yet my beloved pup. And my parents and two brothers. But I wanted to write to say I am hearing you and would like to help. I think so often we don't say anything because we don't know what to say. Words really don't do the job. If I were there, I'd just be with you. Does it get better? Well, loss of human family has become less wrenching. I still miss them, but the agony is not there. I would think it to be the same with four-footed family. The option is not to love or be loved, and that sounds like its own kind of death. Because this is when your loss occurred, it is going to be harder than any other time, and as you get away from this particular date, I would expect the awareness of that pain to be reduced some. A wise friend once told me that the human mind can only hold one thought at a time. It can switch between thoughts quickly, and you can do some things on autopilot while you think of other things. But you can only focus on one thing at a time. And you have control over what you will focus on. You can almost literally pick up your mind and put it on something else. Difficult? Sometimes, and at first one has to do it repeatedly because allowing the mind to wander where it will is habitual. But like most things it gets easier with practice. Like bringing back a child or pup who keeps wandering down dark alleys. So I would suggest this may be a good time to begin developing that skill. It is one that is useful for many things, including your current situation. God bless.

LADYCOCOA's Photo Posts: 619
8/8/09 9:22 P

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O.k So this month is the Anniversary of the passing of my poodle "LadyCocoa".
Last night I dreamed she was lost and I got a call to go and get her. I was so happy to find her and when I woke up I had been crying and needless to say couldn't quit. She was almost 14 years old. She passed August 26th and I miss her so much. But these past few days are the worst. Thank God I have Chloe. However my heartache this week seems unbearable. Does it ever get any better?
How will I ever get past this overwhelming feeling of the loss of her. She was indeed my heart. Her picture is on my Sparkpage.
Thanks for letting me talk about her.

If you want to succeed. Be like a duck; Above the surface, serene & calm, But below the surface,Paddle Like Crazy

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