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11/17/12 4:19 A

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I just wanted to say Nell and Chell always seem to make a reply that really makes you think. I do remember Nell, when I was a kid thinking, ''I can't wait to grow up and do what I WANT to do, and NOT what someone else makes me do." Now I know where that old saying, ''watch what you wish for came from."

"Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do!"
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11/16/12 7:54 P

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having a tough day here. but doing better since going for long walk (with some "good for me" hills)

"It's not so much commitment as it is surrender."
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11/16/12 7:13 P

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I enjoy being an adult. I love being in control of my life, or as much control as life offers. Being a child means you can't have anything unless someone gives it to you and you have to do the temper tantrum thing to get it. My tantrums now are mostly about other people not doing what I think THEY should be doing. Any internal tantrums I would throw now are reflections of my unhappiness with life as it is, and the only thing they accomplish is to make me feel frustrated and stupid. God doesn't run his plans by me, alas, not about the weather or political situations, or about what the wrong food will do to my body (which He gave me, after all).

I had a friend tell me long ago to shower briefly in self pity rather than bathe in it. I remember that often. I still feel a pang when I see a dessert I can't eat or a snack I can't have, but then I move on to all the things I CAN have. Personally, what I would really like is to be 30 years old again, when I could eat lots more and still maintain my weight. And my skin was lush and tight and I didn't have spots on my hands. I sometimes think the only reason I control my weight so well is that I have found that it's the ONLY thing in my life over which I have absolute control. That one thing I can control is what keeps me from spinning out into the ether.

Remember when we were kids and desperately wanted to be adults because then we could do and have whatever we wanted? Little did we know.

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11/16/12 9:45 A

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You're grown enough to admit you are being a brat. :)

Enjoy the journey and stop rushing it. Get on plan and on track work the program and enjoy the trip...

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11/16/12 9:43 A

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Love your post!!! I don't know if i'll ever grow up emoticon

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11/16/12 8:24 A

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Ah, the elusive grown up. You know, I've never met a single person who is responsible and mature and practical and 'grown up' all the time. Not my friends, who are amazing people. Not my coworkers - though some are better at it than others. Not my lovely parents, whom I adore. Not my grandparents, who have lived through so much change and upheval and come out strong on the other side. Not even 97 year old H, who is as close as anyone to being the ideal grown up - he still hates his veggies and would love to drown everything in maple syrup. Nobody.

I have struggled with perfectionism my whole life. I come by it honestly, via my father - not that he ever pressured me to be perfect, he just expects it of himself, and I have inherited that trait. The notion that if I am not doing whatever it is "perfectly", then I am a failure, or I don't deserve whatever.

Its poison, that train of thought. I work on purging it every day - both giving up trying all together (the flip side of trying to be perfect is not trying at all), and on those feelings of failure and fraud when I do try and fall short.

I am not a "grown up". I don't know if I will ever be a "grown up". There are days when I want my mommy. When I want to scream like my two year old neice in frustration, or stomp off in a tiff like a teenager. When I give in and laze around instead of going for a walk, or have those chips I know I shouldn't, or forget to pay my speeding ticket and get my license suspended (oh, yeah, that's horribly embarrassing and not-grown-up). I have come to realize everyone has days like this. Everyone. And its okay, so long as I do my best. So long as I keep moving forward, and I don't give up.

You are not grown up yet. That's okay. Keep growing. Growth is a process and it may never end, but look at all the amazing stuff you've done to grow where you are today - and where you will grow tomorrow.

Being a "grown up" sounds boring, any way. =)

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's learning to dance in the rain.

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11/16/12 8:13 A

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I've not grown up yet either. I do the best I can and move as much as I can. I have not been buying the junk food, so it is not in the house. I still want those things though, when I see them at my one daughters or any friends house or parties. It is just SO DIFFICULT to be watching others eat and not eat. Somehow I need to make sure I bring my own Fruit and Veggies when I go to things, and I have, but it is still hard. Keep at it ladies and We can do this! We will be smaller and lighter by Christmas, Right??? I sure hope I am. Thanks for sharing and I do think this can motivate all of us. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Hugs to all, Irish Ei

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11/16/12 6:43 A

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Have you all seen that commercial where this little boy is sitting at the dinner table, a plate of broccoli in front of him and his mother says, ''your not leaving the table until you eat your broccoli." Next scene, there is this old man with a long white beard and red stripped t-shirt still sitting staring at the broccoli. That is how I feel as time, but I have to admit, I am moving more, a bit more each and every day.

"Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do!"
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11/16/12 6:14 A

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I want it all right now also, but reality is like a child I have to wait. Patience has never been my virtue. I had a great day yesterday. I stayed on track all day long. But I have to tell ya,there were moments of my talking myself out of a few things. I say a few because it was not a one time happening. We ordered in lunch from this "Safe Harbor" for kids that was doing chicken sandwich boxes to help raise money...I gave away the brownie, the chips,and kept the fruit cup and brought grapes from home. Now I have to confess after giving away the chips as I was heading to lunch I headed down the chip aisle...why? because I was just going to get a can of lays and eat just one serving. I talked myself right out of that and ate the plan. It is that old mindset of "is that going to be enough to fill me?" I hate to be hungry. But you know what? It was plenty and held me till I got home at eight and had a bowl of cereal before bed. So Joan this is a one day at a time, one meal at a time journey, not easy, not always exciting, but at the end it will be rewarding. So yup be active and learn to love it.


If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
If you can dream it, you can become it.
- William Arthur Ward

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11/16/12 5:23 A

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I understand what you're feeling, but think you are being a little hard on yourself.
You are grown up! You just need a little motivation that you aren't finding yet....but you're still working on it, which is to be commended! Be proud that you had a good week!....not easy when you are a caregiver!
I lost .2 lbs. yesterday, and yes that was discouraging, to have only lost that much. I'm trying to be happy that it was the "right direction".

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11/16/12 5:01 A

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I know what you mean, I also am a little kid who wants it and wants it now. I have learnt not to have it in the house. I am slowly growing up but it has taken me a long time, I just keep telling myself I might want it but I don't need it, so don't have it.
One day at time for me.

Rosie Perth Australia (living in Saudi Arabia)

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11/16/12 4:02 A

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Yes, I am at a grown-up age, I have grown-up responsibilities, but when it comes to that wanting it to be easy, wanting it to be RIGHT NOW!!!! I have not matured as others have. Let me explain. Yesterday I did go to my WW meeting, I did get on the scale, I did not or have not looked at my book, my leader did put a post-it note on the front of my card that read, ''keep doing what your doing." I can only hope by that I must be going in the right direction. However I digress. The meeting yesterday was our introduction to the new WW tool Activelink. AS our leader talked about it someone said, ''but you have to actually move to get it to work?" Everyone looked to see where those words came from and the sad thing was they were looking at me. I could not believe that what I was thinking actually came out of my mouth. But.....that was not all bad due to that started an entirely new discussion, about how "some of us" are just like little kids when it comes to our food and our treats. Just because I might buy this new gadget does not mean I am going to automatically become active, just because I joined WW's and made it to Lifetime does not mean I do not have to work at it every single day to stay non-paying lifetime. But......I have not worked at it every single day. For whatever reason, and I'm hoping for some input here, but for whatever reason, I still stomp my feet like a little kid until I get that whatever it is that is going to throw all my hard work overboard. This is not how a grown up acts, a grown up takes responsibility of their life, and they take control of what they put in their mouths. I cannot blame anyone, because after many years of trying to feel better about myself, trying to lose weight, I have finally taught my neighbor's NOT to bring over cookies and cakes for Bob due to Bob will never see them. So what junk is carried into this house I'm the one that does it. Not a grown-up thing to do. Back to the Activelink, bottom line is for it to work I have to work. I need to just grown up.


"Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do!"
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