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Hi! I have HIT (histaime intolerance) which means I get allergic-like symptoms when I eat certain foods cause they make me histamine level go way up. i have to avoid all wheat and dairy, fish, chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, apples and almonds.... and I have to rotate 3 days rice/ 3 days corn... as well as eating beef/lamb/pork etc. only once a week. Many gluten free products contain both corn and rice flour so I have to keep looking around. On top of allof that I'm living in Spain so there is a limited amount of products I can choose from. Luckily the oranges are delicious right now and I can eat plenty of them!!!! It really needs planning to shop and cook with so many allergies. On Saturday I went to a large supermarket pen and paper in hand and looked at every item in the gluten free area... Patience and constancy will pay off. Good luck to all!!!

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I have gluten, egg, soy, milk and a TON of others... :-( but not the yeast so far. What I have found with gluten allergies for baking, the ones with the baking soda/powder recipes are the easiest to master... use a variety of flours (rice, tapioca, buckwheat, corn etc.) Mixing flours provides more of the texture that you are looking for in a replacement for regular flours. The bean flours have a stronger taste but they do add protein to a baking item. With the egg allergy, Gluten Goddess has some alternatives for eggs that you can look at on her page:
In addition, there is one I like which uses 1/3 cup tapioca flour with 1 cup water cooked in a sauce pan and stir while cooking until it gels up... also adding a little more baking soda and some vinegar to the recipe helps with the raising power that eggs generally provide. Milk is one where you can substitute the almond, coconut milks straight across and it works great (just consider what you are making coconut is sweeter and lends that sweetness to what you are cooking) Also, making your own rice milk is really easy (1 cup rice with 8 cups water in a crock pot on low either all day or while you sleep until it reaches a watery pudding texture, then put it in a blender with equal parts water and blend until the parts are all broken up, run it through a wire sieve twice. and you can add salt or vanilla or whatever you want to your rice milk from there, store in the refrigerator)
Stir fry is a quick and easy one, use your favorite veggies/meat over rice... in fact with gluten Asian style cooking provides a lot of alternatives as does Spanish and Mexican dishes... I haven't yet found a egg free gluten free bread on the market (not looking so hard right now because I am dealing with the allergist adding about 18 more to my list of 10 so I am doing what is called perimeter shopping... fresh fruits/veggies, lean meats, rice and potatoes... and slowly reintroducing combinations of things as I get brave, last attempt I learned that something I thought was ok for me was not :-( but it was a good learning experience :-) because now I know how to change it! I tend to say away from processed meats because of other allergies but I do know there are some out there that do qualify with your list.
Some of the specialty items that you might like... Enjoy Life puts out a chocolate chip that is soy, dairy, gluten and corn free (they also put out other things but I haven't looked that closely at the ingredients yet...) the health stores is where I find their products and they are spendy so I use them for special treats when I get together with others that also have food allergies... Also, So Delicious puts out both an egg free coconut nog for the holidays (soooooo good! pay attention to servings/cal. because it is really good lol). They also put out a mint chocolate coconut milk that is awesome heated. Most recipes can be adapted relatively easy.
Oh! Chewing Gum! Trident White in the teal package, wintergreen flavor is the first soy free gum I have found, since then Trident White has put out a few more flavors that are also soy free, mints and one that is a pina colada? Anyways check the ingredients... it is one of the few I know of that is gfcfsf (gluten, casien, soy free) casien is one off the milk proteins the other is whey (I have trouble with both).
Honestly, I have not found a good tasting replacement cheese that is dairy and soy free... There are two flavors, same company and I found those at the health stores only usually you will be looking for a rice vegan cheese to qualify for your allergies and make sure that it is also soy free (that is why the rice)... maybe you will like them better than I did... I also tried making my own... Even the dogs ran :-S it was bad... but a funny learning experience... not going there again though lol. This may not be an option for you since I believe the recipes call for yeast (brewers) though... not sure.
Walmart carries a Mac and cheese that is in the gluten free section that is also gfcfsf and I can actually eat it, Yay! it is made by Road's End Organics... it is the alfredo style. they also carry corn based noodles but there are also some wonderful noodles made with quinoa (a south american seed) that we have in the local grocery store... there are also rice noodles. Be careful and follow the directions for cooking or they will be mushy and not taste good... but if cooked exactly like the directions say they are a really good replacement.
There are recipes on line for a gluten free and soy free soy sauce and it is actually easy to make...
My best advice is start with the basics, lean meats, fresh fruits and veggies and then slowly start branching out with recipes... is a great place as well as the sparks recipes site for ideas... pick one and then think about substitutions... gluten free flours for gluten ones (mixed variety is best), with the egg... think about what the egg is doing in the recipe if it is adding fat, then an oil (canola, corn, olive, are some I have used). or a banana or applesauce; if the egg is providing levening then add a little more baking soda and vinegar, and if it is used as a binder then the tapioca egg substitute is a good option or combine those to be sure you cover the bases. Soy, puts you in a category where a lot of times you will just want to leave it out of the recipe depending on what it is doing, if it is a milk sub then sub a different milk sub, if it is in bean form sub a different bean, if in flour for, sub a different flour.
Oh for mayo I am going to be trying a new recipe I found for egg free mayo..., I am actually going to use the rice milk recipe for the replacement milk instead of the soy so that is worth a try.
anyways hope this helps.

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emoticon to the group,

I only have gluten issues due to Celiac but can get some of your allergies. Some of the people on the GF boards have numerous allergies. Here's a link to an active board

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Im allergic to eggs,wheat,soy,milk & yeast (both brewers & bakers) Having trouble creating meals,find it so much easier to eat quick foods. Rice cakes,sandwich meat, cornchips etc.. Need some input on this on to better things to eat.

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