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3/28/07 5:18 P


I heard the tapes a few years ago, and within 5 minutes it sent shivers up my spine.
We have read "Conversations with God" 1,2 and 3.
Also "Tomorrow's God" all by Neale Donald Walsch.
I didn't realize there was a movie, so I must check that out.

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3/28/07 1:35 P

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Hi Mary

Thanks so much for the review. You know, I read about this book a couple years ago and then forgot about it! It is definitely going on my next Amazon order! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Make it a great day!

3/28/07 1:19 P

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There were 14 reviews in all, but I picked this one because it went into more detail about the content of the movie. Some of the reviewers recommended also reading the books, which I'm sure will be my next order at Amazon!


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3/28/07 1:08 P

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Thanks Mary, I havent seen the movie or read the book, actually I was going to rent the movie once but they were out, and I kinda forgot..Now after reading your review I will be looking again!

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3/28/07 1:52 A

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MSMITH-You have done it again! What a great review of the movie. I've read most if not all of the Conversation series and enjoyed them immensely. I loved the synchronistic answer to your question comment. I'll be logging into soon. Thanks for the recommendation. emoticon

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3/28/07 12:49 A

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Conversations with God has been one of my favorite books for years! I also have Friendship with God-can't wait to see the movie:)

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3/27/07 11:36 P

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I have seen the movie. I like the book better in a lot of ways but the movie was still great. And it just reaffirms all I believe.


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3/27/07 10:59 P

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After seeing the trailer and reading reviews on, I just ordered the DVD.

Here's one review that explains a lot about the movie:

Reviewer: Janet Boyer ""

"Do you *really* want to know the answers to the questions you're asking?" - God (from the movie)

In 1990, a man named Neale Donald Walsch experienced a car accident resulting in a broken neck, which propelled him into a downward spiral of job loss, poverty, and homelessness. Eventually, he began to ask existential questions that many people ask, "What is the meaning of life? Why am I here?"

In 1995, he heard a voice asking, "Have you had enough yet? Are you ready now?"

God had come calling to answer those questions--and many more. This question and answer format served as the basis for the Conversations with God series, as well as the books What God Wants and Home with God.

Conversations with God the movie dramatizes events leading up to those mystical dictations, flashing back to Neale's struggles with finding a job--and even finding food in alleyway dumpsters. Alone and with minimal personal belongings, Neale lived in a tent, scrounged soda cans for money, and pounded the pavement in the hopes of securing a stable job.

Slowly, things begin looking up when he gets a job as a weekend DJ and finds a decent place to live. But when the radio station becomes bankrupt, Neale begins to write down his frustrations and questions--and the results were an incredible gift to humanity.

The musical score was beautiful and moving, as was the cinematography. The writing was tight, with no word wasted, and the performances were truly top-notch. Henry Czerny gave an incredibly accurate portrayal as Neale--even capturing Neale's mannerisms and speech patterns. The supporting cast was also astounding--so props to the casting director, too!

At times incredible heartbreaking, Conversations with God can move you closer to your own divinity, encouraging you to realize that you're the one you've been waiting for...and that God will never leave you or forsake you.

Here are but a few wise nuggets from the movie:

"Instead of worrying about what people think about you--concentrate on what YOU think of you."

"Don't disqualify or marginalize the message because the messenger is fallible."

"What is God's most important message to humanity? `You've got me all wrong.'"

"My most common communication is through feeling. Feeling is the language of the soul. If you want to know what's true for you about something, look to how you're feeling about it."

"A life without expectations of specific results--that's freedom."

"Ask what would love do now and I'll be there always--in all ways."

"I am not concerned about your worldly success...only you are. You are not to worry about making a living. True masters are those who have chosen to make a life--not a living. Go ahead--do whatever you really love. Do nothing else! You have so little time. Why would you want to waste it doing something you don't want to do? That isn't a living--it's a DYING."

I found the Conversations with God DVD quite synchronistic. At one point, a question about personal direction popped into my head--and the phrase about worldly success answered it specifically...mere seconds later! Several times, I was moved to tears--and I was grateful for the reminder that God is as close as our breath--and that answers are readily available to our most personal questions. (Truth be told, it's more like I bawled my eyes out--especially during the last few minutes of the movie.)

It's definitely a movie to buy, especially since there are so many levels of meaning and wisdom found throughout.

Poignant, surprising, but ultimately soaring with inspiration, the Conversations with God movie arrived at the perfect time in my life. After reading several of Neale's books, it was fascinating to come to understand what he had been through prior to his revelations--and how this all-too-human vessel came to channel profound wisdom that has changed thousands of lives over the last decade.


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