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5/16/13 2:45 P

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You're on Armour, which has T3, so reverse T3 or RT3, isn't as big of a deal as if you were on a T4 (levothyroxine) med.

Reason being that RT3 is made only from T4.
Armour has both T4... and T3.
Pre-formed T3, like that in Armour or Cytomel... can't be made into RT3.

Remember those enzymes, the selenium based deiodinases?
They take an iodine atom off T4 which converts it to T3 so that cells all over your body can use it. T4 is like food in the freezer. Deiodinase is the chef that thaws the foods and cooks it up into a meal for your cells by removing an iodine atom creating T3. That's also why the number at the end of the T changes.

Anyways.... there's 4 of deiodinases found in different parts of the body... and the RT3 deiodinase removes an iodine atom from the INSIDE ring of levothyroxine rather than the outer ring to make reverse T3. When this happens, the T3 can't be used.
It can't be recycled. Ever.

RT3 is one of the body's checks and balances... for times when you are fasting, sick, or if your thyroid makes too much thyroid hormone OR you're taking too much T4.

Too much thyroid hormone has a tendency to catabolize (break down) muscle tissue and organ tissue.... this is how your body defends itself from this process in times of sickness, fasting or too much thyroid hormone release.

If you do get tested for RT3, make sure you aren't fasting, or ill...because a fasting draw will show artificially elevated RT3.

Does that make sense? If not, please ask questions until you understand.

: )

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5/16/13 11:59 A

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I have never had this checked.. Is it important to have tested? I don't really understand what it is, I have been reading about it, but not really sure if it is something I should be concerned with.

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