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7/24/13 8:38 P

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have any of you taken the supplement thyroid 5 it does contain kelp and iodine not sure if I should take it or not but I am tired of not being able to loose any weight not matter what I do I have heard that Armour has been good for people just not sure in what I should do.

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7/16/13 10:25 A

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I am giving this a try now. I have been taking it for about three days now. I have been feeling considerably less exhausted these past few days so I am hoping it will do the trick! I am on 125 mcg of levothyroxine and still gaining weight despite being a pretty hardcore runner, being exhausted, and irritable as heck!

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3/23/11 1:52 A

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I tried kelp capsules. The "crash and burn" was not something I would like to experience again so I'm staying FAR FAR away from them forevermore!

Iodine is contraindicated for Hashimoto's thyroiditis peeps...and since the majority of hypothyroid peeps are hypo for that reason...good enough for me to say it's not a good thing for most hypos!

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3/20/11 7:48 P

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I agree with all here. I am really allergic to iodine but it has to "accumulate" to a certain level and then my chest tightens, turn beat red and break out in welts and itch. I have learned that iodine is a cumulative substance and will build in the system. Kelp is loaded with iodine-some people respond well to this-most don't. My advice is not to abandon conventional meds because once your thyroid begins to go "out of whack" it is 99.9% gone for life and thyroid hormone replacement is necessary to keep your your system running right. Without it-you're putting your system in danger of alot serous imbalances.

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3/20/11 5:39 P

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The recommendation of kelp or iodine supplements comes from the logic that the hypo is caused by/ exacerbated by a lack of iodine. Iodine deficiency is increasingly rare in developed countries. Most cases of hypothyroidism are of the autoimmune variety (Hashimoto's), rather than the iodine deficiency variety. In fact, many cases of hypothyroidism are in fact from TOO MUCH iodine; i.e. Japan (whose residents consume a high quantity of seafood and sea vegetables- i.e. kelp).

The good news, I suppose, is that iodine supplements, such as kelp, have a polarizing effect on those who try them, meaning: they either agree with you or they definitely DON'T, and you will know, without question. This occurs typically in the span of a day or so, when you will develop symptoms such as chills/low temps, extreme fatigue, joint pain, a feeling of "crashing." This is essentially a worsening of your hypo and means that kelp isn't for you.

p.s. The daily requirement of iodine for an adult is 150 micrograms. This is where most docs will recommend a hypo patient keep their daily intake at/ below.
Good luck. Let us know!

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3/20/11 4:59 P

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I have Hashimoto's and increasing iodine would not improve my condition. I am very happy that Armour works for me. :-)

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3/20/11 4:36 P

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It's hard to know what to do. My information says, "Do not take an iodine supplement unless your doctor tells you to. Iodine is only effective when hypothyroidism is caused by iodine deficiency, which is rare in the developed world. And too much iodine can actually cause hypothyroidism." Please tell us if you decide to take kelp and what your results are.

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3/20/11 3:50 P

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Hi there,

I'm really tired of takng medicine that doesn't work...I've been doing alot of research and so far it seems alot of alternatives involves taking sea kelp dure to all the iodine it has in it.

Has anyone actually tried this...or found any natural alternative besides a prescription

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