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1/5/09 6:31 P

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i got this as a birthday gift from a friend of mine and i looovvvee it. my bf and his sister play with me all the time.
I would deffinately recommend it and alot of the games you can play with the balance board =)

I also just got my fitness coach, thats another one and boy can maya kick my butt! lol


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12/7/08 8:01 P

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Thanks for the review. I had a $25 Best Buy gift card last week and almost picked this up. I hadn't heard any reviews yet tho, and I LOVED the first one but wasn't as crazy about the second, so I chickened out. I picked up My Fitness Coach instead.

I think I will take your advice and just throw this on my rental list. Thanks again!


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11/20/08 1:27 P

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We just rented this yesterday, got through about 3 days worth of the mini games. I like that there are little iin between activities if you play party mode (multiplayer) but I liked it better in the second one where you just picked the level or whatever and it went through all the minigames in a row instead of you or someone else picking each one out. It felt like more fun because it was really fast paced and you got to stand for the whole thing. Other than that this is a fun game so far, and the games that use the fit board do it in an entertaining way.

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11/16/08 2:06 P

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Thanks for taking the time to right the review of Rabbids TV. I look forward to getting it! Its very helpful to know how much and how little uses the wii fit! emoticon

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11/16/08 1:05 A

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I didn't even know it was out yet I'm going to pick it up for my kids

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11/16/08 12:22 A

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I picked up the Raving Rabbids TV Party game earlier this week. It is a blast!!! The feel is much more cartoony than the #2 but that's fine, it makes it more fun.

Several of the old favorites are back - shooting bunnies with the plungers, drawing things, running by moving the nunchuk and then the Wiimote up and down as fast as possible in some games, etc.

There are some crazy new games like "Pimp My Rabbid" where you have to dress up a rabbid according to directions and watch him get pelted with vegetables if you screw it up. There is also a dancing game and a snowboarding game "Beastie Riding" or something like that where you snowboard on an upside down beastie that looks like a water buffalo or something.

Some existing games have new twists. The big one is in the target shooting games you don't just blast all the rabbids with plungers... There are rabbids in a movie and rabbids trying to mess up the movie. You get points for hitting the ones trying to mess it up, lose points if you hit the others. The Zombie movie with rabbids dressed as chickens is a riot.

Also since the game is supposed to be rabbids taking over the TV, they add new stuff with that theme. While playing any game, you will occasionally see a thing pop up that says "Advert". If you hit 1, it gets you into a micro mini-game. If you win you gets you a bonus in the regular game you are playing.

The Wii Fit board (optional) is only used in two places as far as I can tell. The first is the dancing game. You do arm motions with the Wii controller and feet motions with the board. There are also racing games where you steer by leaning. The exception is the monster tractor racing where the left and right sides of the board act like brakes and gas.

This game is definitely NOT what you'd want to play if you are looking for a real workout, but it is a lot of fun and gets you moving. If you liked the first two games, you'll like this one. If you haven't tried any of these, it is definitely worth picking up as a rental.

A couple warnings...
I went looking for a piece of info about the game and saw a page that said release date is Nov 18 so it might not be available everywhere.

There is a game called American Choppy. The first time you try it you'll think you did something wrong. Warm up the motor by rotating the Wiimote back toward yourself but don't blow then engine. I also recommend NOT playing this one with the Wii Fit board. Your butt will thank you for following that advice.

I'm not sure how long this game is. I've only had it for a couple days and already appear to be close to the ending on the regular single-player story mode. This may be a good one to wait until the price comes down or rent it.


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