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Thank you Sherry & Sandra for your responses. emoticon I have missed both of you. I think that most people pray and ask God for something for themselves or someone else. Then as we do this sometimes God answers that prayer, but the result is more than we could hope, dream, or ask for. I read about this happening on our team as I read posts in the General Discuss & I need pray forums. This is God giving us our hidden desires.
Sometimes we go shopping for something and we buy something that we have wanted for a long time but have put it off. The day we finally decided to buy it if we find something we like 100 times better. If we would have bought the item when we first wanted it we would have later seen the current item and would have been disappointed if we had spent the money on what we originally wanted. I believe the more we open our eyes and think about what God gives us the more we will realize just how much the guy gives us! I was lucky enough, well, blessed enough, to have a mom who always pointed out God's blessings in my life. I learned to thank Him for things as I was growing up. At first didn't even think about God after it happened, or received something. However, my mom would be there asking, did you thank God for that? I am so grateful that my mom loved God so much, and she taught us things about God which I have never learned or heard at any church I belonged to or attended.

Well it looks like I have missed typing away here about God. My spirit is alive and excited just like it always is when I ms on this team.

I have had a wonderful break. Perhaps God is calling me back. Time will tell as I wait on Him, He will let my spirit know like He always does.

Love to all of you my friends and team members! emoticon s emoticon emoticon

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The way of God is a mystery to us. Like the why and the ways we do not now.

I am not pussyfooting around. :)

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8/21/12 10:14 A

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emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Wow what an answer. Our God Is An Awesome God!!!!!!


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Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. - Psalm 37:4

What are the things you want but don't think you will ever really get? The timing never seems right though. It is beyond your reach, or you just don't think it will ever REALLY happen. Well, the bible tells us to delight in the Lord, and He will give you just what you want! But, how many of us REALLY think about that? It is much too easy & common to keep wishing, keep trying to achieve it, or get it our own way. We work harder, save more, we wait more. We keep dreaming, with the idea that, it's a dream and just a dream 'cause it will never really happen to ME.

I am a woman who loves sport cars. When I was little my Dad and I used to talk about cars before I went to bed. As I was growing up my sisters and I would always pick out the Corvettes on the road whenever we saw them. I dated a bunch of guys who owned a Corvette. Kinda strange huh? But as the years passed it kept happening- and believe me the kind of vehicle a man drove was the LAST thing on my list of requirements. Anyway, as my life progressed it became clear that I probably would not be purchasing a Corvette. So I prayed to God, I said to him, God I want a Corvette someday, but I will be happy with something else which I can afford but, God you know I am particular about things. I want it to look just as good as a Corvette does on the interior & the exterior of the car. So God, please give me a car that I will want. Give me a car I will love! Really, that was my prayer, and I said that prayer (something to that effect) three times in last 2.5 years. This prayer was most recently said just three months ago.

Several months ago my husband and I decided it was time to buy a new car. We take turns picking out a car, and this year it is my choice & my car.

I am a loyal Honda buyer. I have had a Honda ever since I my Dad bought me my first Honda Civic when I graduated from high school. Now owning two cars made by Honda I had no intention of purchasing a car from any other car manufacture.

After looking at some Hondas one night & I decided to buy a 2012 Accord coupe. When we got home we got on the computer and built an Accord coupe. You can do that if you go to a dealer's web site. It will allow you to pick out everything that is offered on the car and give you a price for it. Now, I know that an Accord is anything but a Corvette, but I chose to buy a Honda coupe instead of a sedan because Honda offered some body molding to build the car with which would make it appear to be sporty. Well, it did not take long for me to become more and more disappointed with the thought of purchasing this car as I realized that the color of the car would not be blue, the car would not have a spoiler on the back, nor plastic wood grain trim in the interior, or the type of wheels I wanted( I could not even pay extra to be put on the coupe), and the interior color would not be my choice as well, all because I wanted to buy a n Accord coupe verses an Accord sedan! Has Honda gone mad I thought! Never in my life was I more disappointed with Honda.

Although I had planned on purchasing a few packages, and several very nice upgrades to suit my comfort, and my fun factor, I was not excited as I should have been about buying a new car. This car was going to be expensive, and I knew there was something wrong. You see, I am a very excitable person. I get excited over things, almost, but not quite, like a kid in a candy store, lol. I told my husband, you know I don't want to spend all this money on a car when I am not really even looking forward that much about buying it. You see, as I said before I really wanted a blue car, and all the other things I mentioned above. The things I wanted the most I could not get if I wanted to buy a coupe instead of a sedan.

I ended up giving up my choice to pick out a car, and believe me that is BIG! My husband was interested in buying a Ford Fusion. So one night we were at the dealership, and I was totally bored and almost told John I did not want to go there that night because I have always HATED Ford because back in the 70's they had built a death trap called the Pinto. My mom had one and it caused her years of expense & frustration. I swore I would NEVER NEVER buy a Ford. In fact, although John was looking at Fords he knew that was one vehicle we could not buy. So, like I said I, was there that night wishing I was anywhere else when at that moment my life changed, lol. I looked up and saw my dream car! Little did I know until the very night I LOVED Mustangs. I exclaimed to my husband, what is THAT! John informed me that it was a CA Special Mustang. I quickly walked over to it, and he followed. It had a vented hood, side scoops, and a cool spoiler on the end of the car. It was like I had died and gone to heaven, or a dream occurred and I was still really in bed instead of at a dealership. It was a hidden desire which I was not even aware of! I told my husband I wanted to buy this car. I excitedly asked John if he thought we could afford it. Needless to say my husband was shocked, but did not say anything negative. Instead he said, ya we could probably afford it. Letís go home and build you one. Although the car I built was more expensive than the one on the lot that night we could easily afford the one I built to buy.

The next few months I thought about Mustangs. I read about Mustangs. I looked up Mustang videos on Youtube. I talked about Mustangs, and I wrote about my Mustangs, and even went to a Mustang car show. I was so excited about my soon to be Mustang I barely recognized the person I had become. Never in my entire life did I think I would ever buy a Ford let alone a Mustang. They were never special to me in the past. Then it hit prayer! God put this in me. Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart. When I got on Sparkpeople knew I was going to write to you about God and what He gave me. As I started writing I looked up the verse above. Then I read on the internet about what someone had to say about this verse, and this is what I read, from Barnes' Notes on the Bible, "Delight thyself also in the - Lord. The word rendered "delight" means properly to live delicately and effeminately; then, to be tender or delicate; then, to live a life of ease or pleasure; then, to find delight or pleasure in anything. The meaning here is, that we should seek our happiness in God - in his being, his perfections, his friendship, his love. And he shall give thee the desires of thine heart - literally, the "askings," or the "requests" of thy heart. What you really "desire" will be granted to you. That is, (a) the fact that you seek your happiness in him will regulate your desires, so that you will be "disposed" to ask only those things which it will be proper for him to grant; and (b) the fact that you do find your happiness in him will be a reason why he will grant your desires. The fact that a child loves his father, and finds his happiness in doing his will, will do much to regulate his own "wishes" or "desires," and will at the same thee be a reason why the father will be disposed to comply with his requests."

I pray each day and ask the Holy Spirit to help me to do God's will. When making choices I pray and ask God to help me, even when it comes to little things sometimes. You see I have learned just how important it is to be in God's will, and I have made a dicsion to try to be in His will as much as I can about everything in my life. God knows what is best for me. He has proven to me countless times that if I follow His lead He will guide me to the best most pleasurable route. We would not go on a cruise and then try to talk the captain out of the route which was planned for everyone. But we think we know what is best for our lives and even try to talk God into having Him make our lives just like we want our lives to be and become through our prayers. Wake up, the only person in this world who REALLY knows the best for you and your life is Jesus!

I know in my heart that God laid my eyes on that car because He wanted me to buy that car. I once had a dream car all lined up for my future if the day came when John and I could afford it. Now I have bought a car which I can afford and love, yes LOVE even more than that Corvette! There is nothing on my Mustang that I could want, that I haven't bought for it. The thing I love the best, besides how the looks, well, it is part of the exterior, ok.... what I like best about my car is the glass roof.

Like I said, I have gone a bit crazy over this car, and I must say I laugh at myself, and keep John amused. For our meeting anniversary (we celebrate our meeting & wedding anniversary) I asked him for a chrome emergency cover for the Mustang's emergency brake. emoticon I am totally cracking myself up, 'cause hey I am the glittergirl, and I love all things that sparkle, NOT car parts, & accessories, lol. But I have gone to the automobile store more in the last few months for myself than I ever have....and we just bought the car a few days ago! Like I said, I have turned into a person I don't know. emoticon

But one thing that has not changed. I am praising God and I am telling everyone what God has done for me. I have told a similar story to my family and friends, and it is God who this is all about NOT my car. I love my car, but I have been worshiping God in my mind, thoughts, and actions.

Now if you have made it down this far, and have not walked away yet I will show you what my car looks like: emoticon

My car has been ordered, but when I get it I am going to put a dash kit on the interior. Although my seats are special to the 2013 CA Special Mustang, black leather seats, with sude inseets, these pictures illustrate what the dash will look like after I put the dash kit on it:

God I wanted to give something back to you for this car represents you in such a very special way. God this is your car and I will continue telling our story to others for years to come. Thank you God for giving me favor concerning the price of the car. I did my part in going to a few different dealers and talked them down to a price, but you went before me doing my leg work and set it up before the day came. I thank you for putting this joy in me, and giving me my hidden desire. I love you. In Jesus name I pray amen.

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