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Yes, IM-SO-WORTH-IT, your reply touched my heart in many ways, and I was referring to your post. You know what I was writing about, just talking about God and telling them, I am having a problem, and then explaining whatever your problem entales is a great way to talk about Jesus, but not having to worry about it coming off as preaching. I moved into a neighborhood and openly talked about how Jesus helped me with whatever it was (I moved to this neighborhood six years ago so I don't remember) and it was brief, but the words were effective. I didn't not go into anything elaborate. I just mentioned that God helped me through it and gave me his strength. I believe at times these simple words yet dear in meaning does just as much good or more than as a person shoving a bible down a person's throat. I mean, does this really work at all? I would not know I go about helping others become closer to God by the way I act during my trials and tribulations, as well as talking about stories in the bible which relate to what a person I am talking about it going through. It is those circumstances in your life and the way you rely on God that will bring others close, or closer to God. I tell you from experience, even Christians are helped by your example if they see you suffer through a death, or a serious illness, or whatever, and they see that you have peace within your time while you are suffering. It may even cause them to say, man, you have been through so much yet you would never know it. Or a person may say, what you went through was so server yet you handled it very well,Ē then you can say, God really helped me. I prayed for him to give me His grace and He really has."

There are times when I read the bible every day, and that may go on for several months. Then I will go and spend time every day, or a few times a week listening to a teaching CD, and spend time with God that way and only read the bible one or two times each week for maybe a month. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I am just spending time with God. If I am not reading the bible every day, and it is just like two times a week, sometimes I feel like I am slipping, and I think, man I missed reading the bible. But then you know what, the next time I read the bible I read something I needed JUST for THAT day. If I had read it two days before, or even a day before it would not have made such an impression to me. So, I feel like God keeps me at a pace just where I need to be if I am not reading the bible every day. There are some months I need to read the bible every day. But, there are other times that I worship God mainly through my prayer time, and with music, then read the bible once that week, and just talk to God throughout the day (Well, talking to God throughout the day is something I always do, but I think you know what I mean).

I appreciate you taking time to share with us. I truly believe that when we talk about stuff like this people get more out of it than just reading the bible sometimes. I will never knock reading the bible though. IF I am not reading the bible each day I make sure that it does not last like that for more than two- three weeks. It is too easy to totally get out of habit, you know what I mean? I have been there before when I was trying to make reading the bible as part of my lifestyle, like it is now. I would be reading the bible every day, and then I would have a week where I was not making time for God in my life. Then before I knew it I was only reading the bible three times a week. It did not take me long then to get to the point where I was only reading the bible once a month, or not at all. You know what, this is a spiritual journey we are on, and it is not supposed to happen overnight. Not many very spiritual people may tell you this, but God doesn't expect it to happen overnight, I mean, what really does develop over night? Yet, we as Christians think that if we are not obedient to reading the bible every day, if we are not going to church every Sunday, or doing whatever, we tell ourselves Oh, I are not good enough, or I messed up again. Whatever... I believe when we think like that, that is the devil whispering those thoughts in our ear hoping that we will just give the whole thing up completely. I think he figures if he can keep us discouraged enough & busy enough, if he can keep us feeling that we will never change then our relationship with God will never develop completely. You see, if you have this great relationship with God then you will start talking more about Him. You will start doing more things for Him, and through this process you will lead more people to Jesus.

I can sit here and write this all out because I too was so much like so many people in this world. I didn't talk about God all the time, well most of the time, like I do now. I felt weird when I talked about God too much. When I had a problem I prayed, but I did not feel any power or strength like I do now. Why, where was God? Did He look upon me and say, not now Shelly, I'm busy ya know! No, God was right there, He was helping me, and He was caring for me. Burt you see, that is one of the reasons it is so important to seek to grow closer to God, and to develop a relationship with God. Let's look at it this way. We have acquaintances at work, and we have friends at work. Now, when you are having a bad day and during that day both your acquaintance talks to you as well as your friend, which one normally makes you feel better when you are sad? I would imagine that your friend made you feel beater. You see, the way I look at it is this way, both people wanted to cheer you up, but you received more help from your friend than the other person because you were as closer to the other person. Now, if a person can make you feel better then how much more can our God help you and make you feel better? God, who is filled with unlimited power, strength, and grace, can and will do things for us that we canít even understand, or believe. All He wants to do is help us with our every need. It hurts God when we hurt. I believe with all my heart God even cries with us while we are in deep despair. We believe in a merciful God who will help us greatly if we only spend enough time with Him, if we only completely rely on Him, we have to believe and trust that He will, and that He is doing it. Hey, I have been in both places remember, I know the difference. I have seen the difference it has made in my life through having a deep intimate relationship with God. When something utterly horrible comes into my life I no longer sink in despair. I am not terrified when the worst of the worst circumstance bursts into my life. Not because I am a supper Christian, it is from the result of countless times of God caring me through my pain, and giving me His strength. God will help you whether you spend time with Him or not. But, you will feel His power and strength after you have taken time to become very close to Hi8m. As I said below in my other reply, this growth in your relationship happens when we talk to God. Tell Him the same things you tell your friends and family about. We need to depend on God. How will we ever see God's power if we never trust Him to do anything for us? The truth is we won't. If you never ask your friends for help, if you never rely on them, you will never be helped by them. Now, with God, He helps us through prayers from ourselves and other people. And because He is such a merciful God He helps us even if no prayers are said. But the point I am trying to make is this, you have to believe in it to see it, you have to need it to be it, and you have to ask to receive it.

Well, once again I have this burning desire to write about all of this. I was not doing to write at all when I got on here. But many times God has other plans. I was about to go to a park with my husband, lol. What's new? It is a good thing my husband has seen how I write about things, and we are kept home, and then a few days later I get an email from someone telling me I helped them by what I wrote. But, you know what? It was not me. I give God the praise because it is not me at all. If it is our desire to help others, if we are willing to put our needs behind someone elseís needs, then God can work through us. Hey, I would much rather already be in the sunshine walking through the park with my husband. But, I know all too well, the feeling of the Holy Spirit leading me to write something, and I don't want to disappoint God. He does so much for me I want to give back to Him as much as I can.

Well, that's it! I am done now. I hope all of you have had a good week end. I am going to a park called Oak Openings. It is a beautiful place, it is my favorite park!

Thank you again for sharing. By staking time sharing your thought it helps me to get o know you better.

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Thanks Shelley (Glittergirl), I think it was me you were preaching too. I turned on the computer yesterday morning for just a few minutes and spent most of the day messing around on it. My Bible sat beside me never opened. Although I did read a few uplifting verses and blogs, it's not the same as The Word. This morning I did the same thing. It's rare for me to skip my devotional time, because I do enjoy it so much. When I do skip it, there is usually something out of sync between God and myself. Just as that thought crossed my mind, I realized that I was ignoring another part of your post, that was relevant to me too. Two nights ago, I was chatting with the neighbours enjoying the sunshine, and the somehow the topic of beliefs came up. I heard myself asserting that "although, I am a Christian, and I do not hide the fact, I don't push my beliefs on anyone. Everyone has the right to their own beliefs. If they want to know more about my God, they can ask me and I will be happy to tell them. I try not to preach at people it only ticks them off." There are so many things wrong with that. It is disobedient, because God tells us to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature". Mark 16:15. (It doesn't tell us to go into the church and preach the gospel - it tells us to go into the world. And I do believe my neighbours are creatures...) Telling people I am a Christian, playing Christian music, and going to church isn't going to make them want to ask me about God. Most non-christians don't want to broach that subject, even if they are curious because they want to avoid the "sermon." So in a way, by not speaking out and telling people about what God can do not only in my life, but in theirs too, I am denying them a chance to learn about God and possibly accept Him as their personal Saviour. (Am I keeping food from the starving???) Is this not a rejection of God? No wonder I didn't feel like reading His Word.
Once again, thank-you for sharing your "tangents" with us. It was just what I needed to hear. And for anyone else reading this, I shared my confession with all of you because maybe someone out there has heard themself say the same thing to an acquaintance, and like me never really thought of the implications of that belief. I do pray that God helps me be bold when speaking with others and instead of worrying about offending them, that I would be mindful that to not speak of Him would be an offense to God. I missed a perfect opportunity the other night, and I hope I don't miss any more. Finally that if anyone out there is in that same place, that they too become bold enough to share God's message with others.


For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-control.
II Timothy 1:7

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Thank you for following the leading of the Lord and sharing what He placed on your heart.

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thank you for sharing with us. I enjoyed what you wrote. Fear plays a part of our growth as a Christian, and our walk with Christ.

I will admit while I was still in my mid-twenties I disobeyed God knowing I would be forgiven. I knew my behavior was wrong, but wanted to do it anyway. I cared more about what I wanted than what God wanted. I would sin and then within a few hours or the next day I would tell God I was sorry, just like a little kid tells their parent they are sorry for hitting their sibling, then hours later they hit their sibling again. Although I did not commit the same sin within that duration of time, sin is sin, and the duration of time which passes has little to do with a repeated sin.

Well, it took me some time to actually change my ways. I mean there was no repenting involved or anything! I would just say I'm sorry to God. I remember the day when I felt real sorrow for sinning. Just as so many other times just before I completed my sin I said to myself, "Oh, come on you can do this, you know God is going to forgive you. You know how special you are to God, He will always forgive YOU." But you see what I did not know was that was the devil talking to me and I thought I was talking to myself. The devil always wants to keep us locked in sin, and he will do anything to keep us there. Although I know this now, it still does not excuse my past sin.

The last time I sinned in that way I remember saying sorry to God just as I had always done, but that time was different. I thought to myself, you said you are sorry and yet at the same time you know the next time you want to do it you will be back at it again. This time I felt real remorse. This time I actually thought about how I was making God feel. Oh, I had repeated this sin since I was a kid, and here I was in my twenties still going it. In my heart I believe I repented that day although I was never taught how to repeat. I was very close to God, yet I had allowed my flesh to control me without much thought really. I told God I would not commit that sin again. I told Him sorry for saying all of my past phony apologies. I am happy to say I never committed that sin again!

Now, I still sin and I suspect I always will since I am a human being. However, my sins are far and few in between. I try as hard as I can not to sin. When I was a young girl it was hard at times not to sin, and now it is hard for me to sin. You see, for me it is not so much reverential fear of God which keeps me from sinning, rather the death I know I will suffer if I continue to sin.

Let me tell you I have done a lot of work killing my flesh. The last three years I have killed it with each passing year. I still have flesh to kill, I am a work in progress just like everyone else. I know what is like to die spiritually, and it is not anything I want anyone to go through.

What keeps me from deliberately sinning- although let's face we all sin deliberately at times, is this, not only is it not wanting to die spiritually, but I don't want to hurt God. All I want to do is try to make Him as happy as I can make Him.

I believe that most people do not fear God at all. I have prayed to God to help me to develop more of a reverential fear of Him. Do you know why I think that most people do not fear God at all? Because if they did you would know more people who are trying to grow closer to God. You would see more people trying to change their behavior. I know a lot of Christians in my church and when we get together they don't even talk about God! I talk about God, (and although I do not believe I am better than them or anyone else) sometimes they join in but a lot of times they just sit there and listen. You talk about people you have a relationship with, and I am not talking about gossip, I am talking about sharing how they help you. Telling other people how having them in your life changes your life. Do you ever share such things about God with your friends? If not why? You share everything else with your friends; why not talk about God with them too? And I am not talking about preaching, I am talking about sharing and describing what God does for you. Telling someone how God is helping you grow closer to Him while you are dealing with a circumstance. We need to let people know we are suffering with pain, dealing with an enormous amount of stress, and then share with them that your relationship with God has enabled you to be at peace even though you are suffering.

Hey, I know I got off the subject a bit but God has led me here so I am just going to it. I just feel that there will be someone who really needs to read those words above.

I just know how I used to live, and how I sometimes felt so alone while I was suffering. But as I become closer and closer to God I never felt alone while I was suffering. And not only that, I began to feel peace, and at times joy while I was still in the middle of my circumstance. Friends, this happens not by just going to church each Sunday, this happen by spending quality time with God. This results from talking with God, sharing with God. This happens when you make God bigger than anything else. You make God bigger than your problem. You tell yourself, this is a mess, but God will help me through it. Then you dig in deep with God. You start spending time, or more time reading the bible, you increase your prayer time, and pray for yourself, but make sure you pray for others as well. You need to say those prayers, and then after you have prayed you walk those prayers out. Know what I mean? I mean you ask God to help you, and then the next hour, nor the next day when someone asks you how you are doing with your problem you say, well, nothing has changed, but God is taking care of me through it. I know God is giving me strength; He will complete this the way it should be completed. Say whatever is real for you, but don't pray for help, and then act as through you haven't even prayed. Donít say the prayers and keep acting afraid. If you take the time to pray donít you want to feel BETTER after you have prayed? Pray for peace, and believe God will give you peace, then walk that peace out. As you strengthen your relationship with God these things will happen. You will pray and you will be strengthened. You will pray, and you will talk about how God gave you His strength.

I am tired of hearing people say, ďI don't have time to read the bible." You know what, hundreds of years ago people spent more time with God and they spent more time reading the bible. Hundreds of years ago there was 24 hours within the day. Well guess what, we still have 24 hours within a day, except we have all the mordent day convinces to wash our clothes, drive us places, cook our food for us, and countless other things which save us time and energy. But, you know what HAS changed? What has changed is WHAT people spend their time doing. That is the plain simple truth.

Well, that is all I got to say. Don't ask me why I got off on that. All I can say is that I normally am not like this. But when God leads me into preaching, or telling it how it is I don't resist. Just like I typed above. I care about hurting God and I will add it that I would rather be judged harshly when someone reads this than NOT write something God put in my heart to write. If me being a bit preachy means it will help someone, or make someone think than that is what I am going to type.

I love God. I try to be perfect, but I am not. I want to be perfect so I can put a smile on Godís face every day of my life, but you know what that's not going to happen because I am human. I have gotten to the point that although I try my best, there are times I still sin. And you want to know something else, although I will never stop trying to please God, and trying not to sin, I hope I am never perfect. The reason why is because if I am become prefect I will no longer need God. I never want to take the chance of thinking I can do it all on my own.

I hate to sin, but the fact is I sinned right before I got on this web site. I read what IM-SO-WORTH-IT wrote and thought, man I might need this more than anyone else on this team.

But let me tell you another thing. Although I said I was sorry to God for what I did. I am taking a different approach to my sin. Now, although I canít remember the last time I committed this sin, I am making a promise to myself that this sin will no longer have any hold on me. I thought that I had this licked, but the "old man" came back for an appearance (sort of speak).

I am real with you because I refuse to be a phony Christian, and a plastic team leader. You are either going to see me for who I really am and accept me, or see me for who I really am and dislike me. The choice is yours, but either way here I am.

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Sometimes there is a bit of confusion regarding the word "fear." The idea of being afraid of God is not exactly right. It's more like having a healthy reverance for Him. Just like a little kid is "afraid" of the principal, or even their parents from time to time.

We are not to look at God as a "lovey-dovey, best friend always there when we want Him." But as a powerful diety that will bring judgement upon the world. Yes, God is all loving and does forgive us our sins, but without a healthy "fear" of Him, we would simply use him as a "get out of jail (hell) free card." As selfish humans, we would do want we want and then say, "forgive me" without any regard to how we pained the Lord because of our disobedience. We are His children and He wants us to obey Him, because we love Him, and to fear Him, because He is the ultimate authority on everything. God can not tolerate sin and those who choose to sin choose death. He loved us enough to provide a way to life for us. Jesus paid our price for now and for all time. God knows we are only human, and doesn't expect to be perfect. Just like a parent doesn't expect their child to behave perfectly all the time, He gives us mercy and grace and forgives us. We need to have a healthy reverance (or fear) of Him to honor Him as we should.

If we are to be confident in the Lord, we must be aware of His power, His authority, and yes "fear" Him because of it. (My Dad is bigger and stronger than yours mentality.)

I sometimes find comparing God to a parent helps me understand the reversal. (Parents give things to their child, when the child gives something to the parent, she/he says "thank-you." The child learns to receive with thanksgiving by giving.)
A child must be taught how to behave (follow directions) before they are given the responsibility of leading.
Ever watch a child learn to walk? They fall many times. Success occurs not when they stop falling (I still fall sometimes) but when they take the steps, when they let go, etc. Failure is just part of the journey to success.

I hope this helps clear things up a little.

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For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-control.
II Timothy 1:7

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I know what I am about to write is a little bit different than what the author (below) wrote but what I am about to write is about fear, and God.

I really enjoyed reading this. It is exactly what I was dealing with last week. You see, God has done a miraculous thing in my body. He has healed it in abundant ways!!! I stood up in church and shared that God has healed me in many ways, but that was all I said. Although God was happy with that, it was stating only a small ray of sun shine within the beautiful "rainbow" from God. But I stood up and shared with my church during a time which our church calls joys and concerns. It is a time when a person stands up and states a joy or a concern. During this portion of our service a member does not normally talk for more than a minute or two. After the service I talked to my minister and shared a more complete story and my pastor asked me to write it down and give it to him. I was very surprised, but pleased He took such interest to it.

Now, you all know how I love to write, and I love writing anything about God. While I was writing about God healing me I kept seeing myself in front of my church talking and sharing the miracle God created in my body. I rejected it though and told myself; oh God doesn't want me to do that! You see, I stand up and ask for prayer for people, and also at times stand up and share a joy. However, as soon as I stand up to talk I just want to sit right back down. I don't want any attention, no; public speaking is not for me, not even a few sentences, lol. So, no, I was not wanting to talk about this to my church simply because I almost fear public speaking. Doing the video blogs on the Spark Diet for this team was bad enough. I know this sounds silly, but there was a real fear in doing them. I believe that the devil tries to steal God's will through people by causes them to fear doing what God puts in their hearts to do. I mean think about it, there are times when you are convinced you should do something. Then you allow some time to pass, you think about how you feel about it, and what could have helped a person, what would have blessed people, wall it never happened because you just talked yourself right out of it! I realized was that I was truly helping helping people by praying in each video blog, and the things I shared with people helped them to lose weight. But I know it was not ME, it was God working through me, and I praise Him for it. Through completing the video blogs I learned that I can do it afraid if I have to. You see God made me aware that the devil did not for any reason want me praying for my team members about losing weight in a video; He did not want me to be praising God for countless people to hear. So, he put fear in my heart, and I struggled to complete those videos. But, I did go them, and as time went on it became a little bit easier each time. I prayed, and this team prayed, and many peop0le were helped

Ok, I got a bit sidetracked, lol- sorry. So, anyway, I was writing and saying that my pastor had asked me to write about the miracle God gave me. I mentioned that as I was writing I kept seeing in my mindís eye me standing in front of my church and telling them all about my miracle from God. But, through my fear I rejected it. Now, I have been around the block a few times, and I know when God wants me to do something, and you know what He was not letting me get off that easily. You know God was "patting me on the shoulder". After I completed writing about the miracle God was still telling me to talk to the congregation. He actually told me to talk in all 5 services, man that is a lot of talking! I tried to Wessel my way out of it and thought, maybe I could just send out a praise report, and type it out and send it to church members through the mail, but any church which had 5 services is a pretty big church, which would require a lot of time and a lot of mail. But, you see I would rather have done that. But, I am all about pleasing God and staying in His will. Even if it is something I do not want to be I am compelled to do it because I want to be a blessing to God. I want to praise Him even when it is hard to do so, like through public speaking, or in front of someone I just met. I will talk about God; I will praise HI even if it is a neighbor I just met yesterday. I truly believe we were out on this earth to praise God. It is talked about all through the bible in many ways. Yet, how many times in one month do you hear anyone, even Christianís praise God. Well, not to be breaking my arm to pat myself on the back, but I paisa God just about every day, any time I get a chance to. Whether I am at home or in a public store. I open my month and say it loud and clear," thank you God..."

Well, I am getting side tracked, just a little bit thouigh. I decided that I would talk in front of my contrition. I did not want to think about it, but I knew I would be doing it. Last week, or maybe it was the beginning of this week I read a post The Power Of The Tongue which
DEFIANTVEGAN typed out. As I read her post this part really got me, and I know God was saying these words right to ME,,"...See there are others who could not have handled what you went through, who would have given up facing those conditions, who wanted to die from the pain, but because of the Word God planted in you, they were able to continue the journey. The wisdom that God has given you from your testimony was not just for you, but he trusts us to speak that into people's lives. This is so they may know his power, his love, his grace, and his presence, even when it seems we are alone. We never are alone and he needs you to remind someone of that simple truth." As I finished reading those words I was like, ok God, could you make it any clearer tom me? I told Him that there was no way I would not talk to my pastor about sharing my miracle in each service. And although, I admit, I do feel a bit weird telling my pastor God wants me to share this, I have peace about everything now, You see, a member of my church asked me if I was going to share more after I stood up and stated God had healed me in many ways. That in itself was God telling me He wanted me to share more. But you know how we are when we don't really want to do something. Although I felt the Holy Spirit noug me as this person asked me this, I told myself," God is not telling me to share this with my church, Shelly, get teal." But for all I know after my pastor reads about my miracle he may ask me to share it with everybody. Whatever the case however it comes about I have peace about it. Pastor Scot knows me, and he is lead by God.

I needed to share this with the team as I read this post about fear. I agree with the author below. I also know we allow our fear to keep us out of God's will. There are many blessing hiding in fear. I know for a fact many people never experience the joy of life, many people are not living in God's plan simply because they are too afraid to walk through it. They are afraid of what people will think, or even afraid about how it may change their life.

Well, I am telling you to do it afraid if you have to. The bible tells us not to be anxious about what we will say because the Holy Spirit will speak for you just as you open your mouth! Well, I have stood up in church before, and it was basically unplanned, but I followed what God called me to do that Sunday morning. My pastor acted as though He knew God's plan when I cuddly out of the blue walked up in front of the church and basically interrupted the service and told my pastor God wanted me to share something with the church. now, I had no speech in front of me, but I talked about talked about God and shared about HIs love, and how He was working in my life, and it was not me talking it was God! Now, you would think, having done that 5 years ago I would not be anxious at all about God telling me to share my miracle, but as you read I rejected it from the beginning.

God bllesses us every day in some way or another. Are we greedy children wanting all His blessings, praying and praying for ourselves, and ALL ALONG RECEIVING BIG AND LITTLE THINGS YET WE KEEP OUR MONTHS SILENT AND WE DON''T SHARE HOW GOD HAS HELPED YOU WITH NO ONE? I DARE YOU TO GO TO WORK, STAND WITH A NIEGHBIRT AND SHARE WHAT GOD IS DOING IN YOUR LIFE!

Have you not heard your child or a friend tell someone about something you have done for them? Did it not make you feel good hearing someone praise you? I tell you what god has feelings you know. We can make God happy or sad by the things we think, and through our actions, and yes, this includes four months! God blesses me abundantly. I am grateful for the big and little things He does in my life. I will shout on a mountain top all for God. And I will share with you as long as I am here. In the near future I will be giving my pastor what I wrote re. My miracle. I will be sending out a mass team email. I encourage you, I dare you... share with others what God has done for you, the big and the little things. You will bless others in the process, and you will warm God's heart.

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Embracing Fear
by Milan Ford
Okay. I think it's time to finally let this cat out the bag. I realize that for many of you, this doesn't come as much of a surprise; but I'm going to take a chance and say it anyway for those of you (like me) who are still trying to figure this whole 'Christian life' thing out.
(Here it goes) Sometimes our God...just doesn't make much sense. Now I realize that may sound a bit strange, but allow me to give you a few examples of what I mean:
In order to receive, He tells us we must (first) learn how to give. (Luke 6:38)
In order to lead, He tells us we must (first) learn how to follow. (Mark 1:17)
In order be successful in life, we must (first) learn how to fail (John 12:24-25).
And in order to be confident, we must (first) learn you to be afraid (Proverbs 14:26)
Be afraid? Seems like strange advice coming from an all-mighty God, doesn't it? I must admit I thought it was too until I read this passage in its entirety:
In the fear of the Lord, there is strong confidence,
His children will have a place of refuge.

The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life,
It turns one away from the snares of death. (Proverbs 14:26-27)
I will never forget something I heard a long-time mentor of mine, Pastor Terrell Murphy, once say when I was still a junior in college: The Kingdom of backwards.
While FEAR is something many of us seek to avoid, I believe now more than ever before that FEAR is something God wants us at times to embrace. Although difficult for us to grasp, the measure of FAITH we have in God can be directly related to the measure of FEAR we have of Him.
For example:
How many job opportunities have you passed up because you were AFRAID of what the employer may have said...rather than being AFRAID of the God who told you to apply?

How many unfruitful relationships are you still holding on to because you are AFRAID of being alone...rather than being AFRAID of the God who has better ones in store?
(Haven't hit your row yet?) Well then how many speeding tickets have you received in the past because you were UNAFRAID of the consequences...rather than being AFRAID of the God who could have chosen to take your life in a traffic accident?

Believe it or not, FEAR is not something we always have to back away from. Sometimes, FEAR is something we need to lean more into.
FEAR is not an enemy to us who believe; but rather it is a tool of faith. A tool of confidence. And as many of us already know, a tool of wisdom. (Proverbs 1:7)
Today, let's honor God with our lives and the decisions we make. This life is too precious and ripe for a great harvest not to FEAR Him.
Proverbs 1:7 NLT - Fear of the LORD is the foundation of true knowledge,
but fools despise wisdom and discipline.
Proverbs 1:7 MSG - Start with GODóthe first step in learning is bowing down to GOD; only fools thumb their noses at such wisdom and learning.
Proverbs 1:7 KJV - The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

"This Mortal must put on immortality.....Death is swallowed up in victory" 1 Cor. 15:53-54

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