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Thank you guys. When I write things, sometimes it takes a long time to create. I was typing this for almost 3 hours. I have a lot of things n my head, and to make it sound interesting ...well, it takes time. You are all well worth the effort though, and God helps me too. I give him all the credit and glory.

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Shelly -

Such a great analogy. Thanks!

: )

Kiko : )
"Be blessed, and/or be a blessing."

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7/29/11 9:23 P

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I love this post Shelly,
You are just great with explaining things

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How Does Cleaning a Stove Relates to Losing Weight?

How many of you love doing house work? Do you wake up each day excited to get started on it? Well, I don't know anyone who wants to clean their house, much less someone who gets excited about doing house work. None the less, it must be done daily, and so does cleaning your stove or oven if you use it each day.

Exercising is the same. It seems like everyone wants to lose weight, yet we must exercise to achieve it, although most people hates doing it and is never excited to do it either. But we all want a clean house, to be fit and healthy. Our participation must be involved to obtain all of these things. Now I am not telling you anything that any one does not already know, but just be patient with me, the best it yet to come!

Clean it Well

I was cleaning my stove today. Just one of the never ending chores which represents a clean kitchen. I took my wash rag and swept away the crumbs which had formed, and repeated this a few times to remove all of the crumbs. Then I went back and soaked my rag with water again to get the hardened sauce which had formed from the previous night from dinner. Rinsed my rag and then wiped the stove top again getting anything else which remained there. Then I had to remove the metal things which my pots rest on, and wiped the surface, which took several times of repeating the process to get the crumbs, and whatever was left there. (I know this seems boring, but trust me I DO have a point, & it is NOT about cleaning a stove) After you have cleaned the surface of the oven don't forget about the cracks on either side of the oven, between the oven and the counter top. This sometimes takes time, but the effort is necessary. You have to get a sharp knife and use the point of the knife between the gap between the oven and the counter. Then use a wash rag clean up what was lifted up with your knife. And at last you have a sparkling clean stove top once again.


I am talking about my stove because I was thinking about what to write about today on this team while I was cleaning my Cleaning the stove has a lot in common with losing weight.


If I walked over to my stove and gave it a quick wipe down I would be just dusting. The surface and my stove still would be dirty. Now, if you spend a hours or two working out one day and ignore doing the same at least one other day of the week, your body felt the strain which was placed on it while you exercised, but most likely if that was all you did that week to lose weight, that scale did not become a lower number.


I had to go back a few times to wipe up all the crumbs. To lose weight you have to exercise and eat healthier, better foods, reduce your serving sizes, and a few other important things as well. However, doing all of the things well will not give you the results you want without repeating the process over, and over, and over......and over and over again. Really, we have to do the right things not once a week, not once a month, we have to do the correct things all the time. (however, I am not talking about perfection)


While I was cleaning, & because my husband had forgotten to clean the stove top when he did dishes the previous night there were some hardened sauce to remove. I had to wet my rag down and apply pressure while I scrubbed. After you get into a groove with exercising you may see that after a few months of exercising, and eating better you still have those "harden" spots on your body. Your thighs, abs, and that back fat, or middle age sag, as one of my friends once called it. Just as I had to apply additional water and do some extra work to remove the hardened sauce, it is the same with our bodies. Ok, ya, you have been exercising three times a week, and you are now eating much better, and you have lost a few pounds. So why aren't those areas on your body gone? Remember, I first wrote it takes time.


Sometimes if a stove is really dirty some cleaner needs to be used. Now putting a whole bottle of any cleaner WILL NOT remove those hard areas from your body, but ADDING something to your work out will. Oven cleaner is specially made to clean the inside of your oven. No one would clean the inside of their oven with Windex. Doing the same things and expecting different results never helps you lose weight. You have to ADD SOMETHING DIFFERENT. This is especially true about your inner and outer thighs, back fat, abs, and other problem areas.


The thing with losing weight is that you always want to add and change it up. A faster way, and I feel the best way, to lower that number on the scale is to add lifting weights to your cardio workout. When you lift any amount of weight, it adds the resistance factor which helps you to form muscle when repeated over time. This additional muscle mass is burning calories while you are resting. You actually burn more calories while sitting down watching TV with additional muscle on your body. Every body is different and you may have read that spot training does not help a certain area of your body. However, I have been working out at the gym, and at home for the past 22 years and I can tell you, YES it does!


I love to exercise, and I love to lift weights even more. Before I fell this past year I was lifting weights for 17 years with my legs. A few years before joining Sparkpeople I gained weight due to having to take a steroid for a medical condition. But as I kept lifting weights after all the complications with my eyes were settled, the muscles in my legs replaced the fat in all the areas of my legs, yes even my inner and outer thighs. Then I fell, and I could not lift weights for a year with my legs. Now, I am lifting weights again and the muscle is slowly coming back. If you want to get rid of back fat start on a machines or lift free weights that targets that area while you do cardio. You see, cardio burns calories, and lifting weights forms your body. Lifting weights doesn't burn calories while you are lifting them, however, after you are done your body uses the energy from the weights you lifted and THEN burns calories.


Doing cardio and lifting weights work together to form sexy curves from muscle tone and losing fat. BOTH cardio and weight training does this the best!

I have been working out & lifting weights for a long time and I have learned a lot. It is important to do cardio at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes. You can use free weights and weight machines to form toned and strong muscles. It is important to always add longer periods of time of doing cardio, as well as increasing the amount of days per week you exercise. When you are lifting weights slowly lift more weight over time. If lifting a weight is easy than you need to add weight, if you goal is to add strength. Br careful though, add weight slowly so you do not over strain your muscles, or injure yourself. There are a few weight machines you can use that will target your leg muscles including those inner and outer thighs.

Sparkpeople has a link that will help you learn more about weight machines, and you can crate your own work out or have one made up for you. Please contact me if you need help with this. Click this link to see

Leg Extension Machine


leg press
Seated hip Abduction
leg curl
leg extension


Leg Press
-Muscles worked (quads, hamstrings, calves) and Butt (glutes) Holding weights with both hands and doing squats achieves this as well. Click this link to see how to perform this exercise:.

Seated hip abduction
-Muscles Worked: Outer thighs
watch video:

Seated Leg Curl Machine
-Muscles Worked: Hamstrings
watch video demonstration:

Seated Leg Extension Machine
-Muscles Worked: Quads
watch video demonstration:


There are some impressive exercises that you should do to remove the fat and add the muscle back to this area of your body I will list only one 'cause this has taken a long time to write, and I have things I want to do. But you can look up exercises for your back here
Remember to do cardio as well, which burns calories and fat.

I am impressed by the results you can achieve by adding this to your work out:

Muscles Worked: Shoulders, upper back
-Assisted Pull-up Machine
watch video demonstration:

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