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My own post is here to help me through a difficult time my family is experiencing right now. I just wanted to bring it back today. It was up only for a few hours after I wrote it many months ago. Please keep my father in your prayers.

Through our grief we seek God's hand and He is here holding us through our pain. I praise His name as He gives us strength, courage, and comfort. I have not shared with you what happened yet, as I am searching for an old post about my father in law. I will now go back and look for it again, as I woke up early this morning.

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Abide, Worship, & Serve

Do you want to be the best you can be? Where is your relationship with God? Are you happy about the closeness you share with Him or do you desires something more?

There are three words that can make all the difference, Abide, Worship, and Serve.

Sometimes I want to share things with you and I don't know how to go about it. I mean, I find it difficult to find the correct words to explain it. When this occurs I find myself worried or concerned about what you will think about me. I know I should not, but at times I can't help it. I know I write about a lot of spiritual things and completely share my heart with you. I believe that pleases God, so when I feel that way I just remember who I am doing this all for. I am doing this for YOU and God. When I concentrate on that instead of my feelings it becomes a lot easier to do and say that things I do for you and say to you.

I woke up this morning and started talking to God. I told him to show me His ways. I asked Him how I can become the person He told me I would become. He said three words: Abide, Worship, & serve.

God told me that when I abide in Him it keeps me within Him.

Helps you to grow.

Keeps you on the correct path.

Why serve?

Serving God keeps us on the correct path. I am here as an instrument for God to use. I believe we all are an instrument for God in different in ways. What I know to be true is that God has given us each spiritual gifts. Each one of us has something special that God has been given especially JUST for you to share with others. My spiritual gifts are writing, and teaching. It took me awhile to realize them. However, if you ask God what your spiritual gifts are He will tell you. It might not be right after you have asked the question, but it may be. Everything is always in God time, and in God's ways. Have faith and believe and God WILL tell you ehat your spiritual gift/s is/are. Some of you already know what your spiritual gifts are and I invite you to start using them within your church and/or community.

Why worship?

When we worship God it helps us to grow. I believe in going to church, although I did not always regularly attend. I would make it there half a year some times, and there were periods of my life when a year or two went by without going at all. However, I always worshiped God at home. He has always been a BIG part of my life. Living my life out and in a church, which kind of life do I prefer? Going to church by far is the kind of life I want and need. Going to church completes my life in a special way. If you have the right kind church to go to it fills you up, it leaves you feeling refreshed, and it feeds you with the word or God. I am not talking about certain domination; I am talking about a certain church. If you don't go to church you might want to reconsider going, and if you are not satisfied with the church you are at leave and kind one that fill you up. It is just as important if not more to be in a spiritual filled church that feeds you, as it is in going to church.

Why abide?

When we abide in and with God it keeps us within Him. The word abide is defined as: To wait for; to be prepared for; to await; to watch for; as, I abide my time. To endure; to sustain; to submit to. To abide; to remain; to continue.

So, you say, "Ok. Shelly how do you abide In God?" We abide in God in a couple ways and it is so very easy. The hardest thing about it is making time to do it. It is only hard in the beginning. I have found three of the best ways to abide in God is by reading the bible, praying, and talking to God.

I encourage you to pray and ask Him to help you read the bible on a regular basis. I suggest asking Him to explain to you what you are reading. He is thrilled that you have made reading the bible part of your day, and he wants you to receive all that you can by doing so. There are all kinds of bibles out there, don't settle for just one type. Pray and ask God to lead you to a bible that you can understand and and one that you will enjoy. I used to struggle reading the bible. Truthfully it put me to sleep! When I wasn't falling asleep I did not understand what I was reading. God kept telling me that I needed to start reading the bible, then after a bit of time he said start reading it more, then later he said, make reading the bible as part of your daily life. I did not understand why God wanted me to read the bible. I thought, "Hey God and I are pretty close, he is my best friend, why do I need these words in my life anyway, I hear words from God when we talk?" You see the devil doesn't want us to read the bible, so he keeps us busy, worried, unmotivated, and full of lies about why we don't need to read it. Once you do start reading it he will out obstacles to jump over in order to keep reading the bible. JUMP OVER EVERY ONE, I tell you and your life will become what you know not, and God will fill you up with Him word, and with His meaning. Reading the bible can and will change your life!

I prayed and asked God to help me find a bible I would understand and enjoy reading. Within a few months I was at a book store and not only found a perfect bible for me it was on sale! Isn't that just like God, giving us more than what we asked for in prayer? I bought my new bible and for the first time ever finished reading read the whole thing. I later have moved on to reading an amplified bible that Joyce Meyer has put out, and I love it even more than the other one. You see, when you pray and ask for something God sometimes keeps giving you more and more of that prayer, He loves to bless us!

I love talking to God and that is the other way I mentioned that you can abide in God. Now I stress to you that when you talk to someone a dialog is involved. There is a brief silence as you give the other person time to respond to what you have just said. Don't mix up talking with praying. Although you can talk and pray at the same time. I hope that is not too confusing, if so ask me here or contact me and I will explain. One way to grow closer and become more intimate with God is by talking to him. Think about having a relationship with someone. If you had a friend that called you up on the phone and just asked you for stuff, and only told you what they needed how close do you think you would be to that person? Oh, and let me add, this person never let your talk with them; they were too buy asking and complaining to you. Really, you could barely get a word in. Then when they did stop talking they told you they had to go. Clearly this is a one sided relationship. I want you to do something for me....think back to the last me you prayed and, and the last time you talked to God. Come on, please do this, I want you to pause and think about it RIGHT NOW. Think back to it.....what words did you use? What feelings were present? How long did you give God time to reply?

Now, hey, God is happy just to hear our prayers, and he will answer them with or without us letting him talk to us in return. Don't get me wrong; be sure you understand what i am saying. But just as you would feel better if your friend allowed you to talk with them, to share with you, and to become closer to you through a dialog, I believe God feels the same way.

You abide in God by staying with him in good times and in bad, by keeping faith in God when you don't understand when life is hard and you feel you are all alone. In you’re mind you feel even God has left you. DON'T BE FOOLED because in your heart God will remain even if YOU have left HIM!

Earlier I mentioned talking to God is different than praying. I also said that you can talk to God and pray at the same time. Below is an example of what I mean by talking to God and praying at the same time. I urge you to do both, for they will bless your life in so many wonderful ways, and you will feel close/closer to God as a result. However, keep in mind, all relationships develop with time. A relationship with God needs and deserves all of the same things your relationships in your life need: time, commitment, communication, love, and forgiveness.

Dear Jesus, thank you so much for giving me this blessing this morning. Thank you for telling me how I can become the person you want me to become. I ask that you fill each person reading this post with your plan for them. Help them to understand my words if I have not written something clearly. God, I want to serve you with all that you have put in me, and I believe many other people on this team want that too. I know that you have brought people to Missy and me, so Lord, guide them through the steps, show them your ways Jesus, and teach them the life which you want them to live! In your precious name Jesus amen.

Now, I pause and wait for God talk to me, I give Him all the time He needs. I disconnect from the world around me, go to the quite spot within me I wait and listen for that still small voice. If you want to hear from God He will speak to you. Tell him, God I want to you to talk to me. Everyone is different so he will respond to you differently. It may be through nature, from His direct words, the bible, the words from another person, a song, or a movie, and maybe other ways as well. There are no limitations to how God speaks to you. God has talked to be in all the ways above.

Dear Jesus I feel the hearts of your children that want to come to you now. I put my faith in you Lord for those with your heart, and those with deep compassion, and I willingness to hear and be heard, Lord Jesus penetrate your being within then now and complete them with you totally, let the dialog begin, in your time and in your way my love, my lord, and my keeper. In Jesus name I pray amen.

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